Well… This topic just pouted into my head recently and i thought to myself… wow why havent i written about this before! XD

By now… ive gone through so many, im honestly suprised that i never know what to do when another one arises.

Though then again im not that surprised, im more of a ‘keep emotions to yourself’ type of a person. I find it very difficult to tell the person that i like that i like them. So much so that it annoys my dad, haha, seriously it does. and i tend to bottle it all up inside and let it out in storys instead. Thats why half of my oringal storys or even my fanfictions they tend to be based on my own situations and how i would like things to turn out (Besides ‘The Promise’…that one was a story ive been wanting to write for a while… that has nothing to do with me!!! xD) But the Majority of the time thats not the way things turn out and in the end they are only what they started out as. Storys.

In the end of each of my crushes, ive either told the person i like them, or a friend does… >.> yeah seriously im that shy when it comes to this stuff… then again i dont tell them to tell the person, they just tend to without me knowing lol. and at the end of each one, each and eveyone one of them and rejected me. T_T…seriously though… it hurts, and each time it made me more afriad of rejection, so now even if i like someone i refuse to say it unless, it comes out accidentally or im drunk or something.

Well… What a lovely sort of depressing first proper post on my new blog this is! xD oh well…a new and nicer post will probably be up later, with me all hyped up about something or other!

Anyways im out.



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