DJMAX Technika

DJMAX Technika is an Epic game! I’ve played it a few times.. albeit it was on easy mode and i only played it for one day xD. It was CookieDude(Josh) That introduced me to the game.

Basically the game is Quite similar to Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan as in its a touchscrean game in which you have to tap a beat along to a song.

However where as the songs in Ouendan are Covers from Japanese Jpop/Jrock songs, The Songs in Technika are Specifically Made for the game… or so i think anyway hehe. And there Korean instead of Japanese. The Artwork in Technika is Beautiful, so even if you dont wanna play it, i say still have a look just for the art work.

This is One of my fave technika Songs, Its also the first one i ever heard on the Machine! xD mainly because i watched Josh play it before hand and this was the first song he played. I also like First Kiss:

And The Clear Blue Sky:

These are my Fave songs (all of these vidos demontsrate the songs on Medium… which is the one im gonna try out next time i go to the arcade lol… easy seems to slow for me… or i just move to fast for it xD)

But because ive sownloaded the album for the Arcade version… im constantly liking new songs from it haha.

The Touch Screan version however is only an Arcade version (i really wish they would bring it out on DS or something! that would be awesome!)

They have a PSP Version… Which isnt touch screan, they have falling brick like things, Heres Ladymade Star for the PSP DJMAX Technika:

It looks Awesome and I want! 😀

Anyways… For those who want to play it and Live in England, they have an Arcade version in Trocoderos in Lester Sq/ Picadilly Circus.



One thought on “DJMAX Technika

  1. wordpress ftw…
    anyhow l only have played the DJMAX one time n i failed pretty bad… it was over in 10sec ;_;
    will give it a go next time when i’m there >__<

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