Rant: Sisters

Well this is my first rant on my new blog ^^ feels like i should get an achivement for holding out this long xD.

This rant is about my ‘Lovely’ Younger Sister. Taylor.

i would add morgan in aswell… however theres not much point as shell prb be appering in this post anyway.

Okay well Taylor. there are many things i can say about her, but the one im going with today is Loudmouth snot nosed brat. *nods* yes that sound about right. Today i was looking after my other younger siblings Morgan and Matti, As usual. Wilst sorting out the dishwasher in the afternoon, after just having picked up Matii, Morgan walks in and tells me that matti had punched her. So i walked with Morgan back into the front room and saw matti huddled over in the corner, so i walked over to him and smacked him on his back.

Now i know this may seem harsh to everyone, however on several preivous occasions i had told the pair of them that if they didnt stop this hitting and kicking each other nonsense when i left the room, they would get a smack. I had told them that if one of them hits the other, come and tell me and DO NOT hit the other back, and that i would come in and tell them off and there will be smacks handed out.

Because belive me, if there arnt any handed out they will do it again, there that type of children. -_-

so yeah back on track i macked matted on his back, it was hard but i know it wasnt hard enough to leave a mark, just to sting for a bit to teach him a lesson, however when i walked back out into the kitchen, Taylor decided to reprimand me, telling me that ‘i should hit a child that hard’ and ‘ooo yes it was that hard because i heard it from in the kitchen’ …lets get one thing straight. I hit Matti on his back, the park where i hit him can echo quite loudly , so it soulds like i hit him hard when i know for a fact that i didnt do it as hard as shes making me out to be.

so i told her like ive told her many times before, ‘dont butt in with my way of taking care of the children, i didnt ask for your oppinon’ to which she continued to give her oppinon, and i ended up getting even more irritated than i was as morgan had already wound me up early with her attitude, and she told me that im just getting irritated because she was making caked in the kitchen, which lets face it, i was irritated at that, i need to use the kitchen later to make lunch tomorrow and shes gone and used all the utensils and dirtyed up bowls that im gonna need later but there gonna have to now be washed *-_-. but i wasnt just angry at that i was still irritated with morgan, and she had the cheek to tell me ‘how can you let a 5 yr old wind you up’ for starters, morgans 6. idiot. secondly Morgan winds her up all the time so dont talk shit.

From that point on i threw the cups that i was holding (luckily they were plastic) at the window, stormed off into the front room and kicked the front room door several times…which eveidentally ended up jaring the door and half locking me in -_-. if i didnt do that i would have either threw the cups at her face and walked over and beat the shit outta her or found another way to beat the shit outta her.

No one seems to (besides mummy) understand the frustration she causes me. And when i finally get the chance to actually punch her, and then express my joy, people fucking reprimand me and tell me that things shouldnt be solved through violence. FUCK OFF! you dont live with my sister, shes not your sibling.

You. Have. No. Idea. What. Shes. Like.

Those people didnt even see my way and now ive learnt that im not gonna bother expressing anything to them, there no point. However i am greatful to the people who may not have seen things my way, however they understood my oppinons and didnt judge me because of it.

but yes writing about these things helps me big time to relive my rage and irritation towards said sibling. lets just hope it doesnt get to the point that i do end up beating the crap out of her. I mean i may be small, and people may no tthink i can do alot of damage because of that, but belive me when i say, i can pack a punch, and a kick. haha. That reminds me of the time my older cousin got me so angry that my Dad, nan and Auntie were all betting on who would win if me and him started figting, haha 3-0 to me no contest aparently xD i must looked pretty angry for even his own mum to go agisnt him lol.

Well, that enough writing for me, i think i need to have some tea or something to calm me down :/ at least i would but my sisters still in the kitchen -_- *sighs*

Give it and hour. When i make the bento’s for tomorrow then i shall make some tea.

Thanks for Listening/Reading.



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