Natsu No Uta – Summer Songs

Here are some song i think are great for the summer.
All but 1 song are Japanese or Korean :3

First up is May J ft Kimaguren with – Moshi Kimi To. The song has a good vibe and Kimaguren are known for there Summery type songs, which is why i like to listen to this song and many of there songs.

Next up was going to be one of Shanti’s songs… but as i cant remember the name of it and i cant seem to find ANY shanti Songs on the interent… that one will not be going up *sighs*

Next we have a Little song from a Game i love called Technika ❤ lol the songs Called First Kiss and its by a Korean group called BJJ

Tis a cute song and i really love playing it on Technika :3

Next up is a summer evening sorta song, like one you would listen to in your garde nafter the sun has just set… and ive already posted this song up in my previous post xD Its C N Blue with Love its a fun song to listen along to and great for the summer –

The next song is by the Artist Kimaguren, who have already appered in the first video with May J but this is one of there newer songs and according to them (via and interview with they did for J-Melo with May J) they said that this song is telling people to remember all the good and bad times they had because thats what made them who they are today 🙂 which i think makes this an even more special song 🙂

Because Worpress is Shit and wont let me post videos from any other sites besides, Youtube, Google or Daily motion… heres the Link for the song as i cant post the video >.>

Then the last one for the day – Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natte Shimattan Darou -Tohoshinki

This song has always touched me ever since the first time i head it, the lyrics are quite sad but it a nice melody to listen to in the summer sun.

And thats all the Recoomened videos for summer! look out for my other random music posts and Seasonal Recommenedations! XD



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