Neko Mimi Mini Collection!

Get your Neko Mimi Mini Pictures Here!!!! hehehe.

I spent 2 days Perfecting these!!! … almost anyhu xD Hope you all enjoy them!! Im also up for requests, if you send me a refrence pic, ill make a Neko Mimi Mini out of it! also Look out for the Comic Strips i shall be putting up soon!! theyll be in Black and White though because colouring these pics took so long… theres no way im gonna colour a comic strip unless its a special occasion xD  The first Comic Strip “A Regular Morning” is already finished however only people who follow me on twitter would have seen the preview! 😄

Anyhu hope you enjoy and feel free to use as your Avi’s .

Ones Done so Far are:

Neko Cookie @CookieDude_2332
Neko Kai @PockyKai
Neko Dark @DDotark
Neko Kriss @AMGitsKriss
Neko Matt @Mshaw_uk
Neko Gabe @iGabrielVH
Neko Jez @Jezatronextra

Were Like the Care Bears, But more Kick Ass & Cuter! Nyah~!



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