Neko Mimi Mini Collection!

Get your Neko Mimi Mini Pictures Here!!!! hehehe.

I spent 2 days Perfecting these!!! … almost anyhu xD Hope you all enjoy them!! Im also up for requests, if you send me a refrence pic, ill make a Neko Mimi Mini out of it! also Look out for the Comic Strips i shall be putting up soon!! theyll be in Black and White though because colouring these pics took so long… theres no way im gonna colour a comic strip unless its a special occasion xD  The first Comic Strip “A Regular Morning” is already finished however only people who follow me on twitter would have seen the preview! XD

Anyhu hope you enjoy and feel free to use as your Avi’s .

Ones Done so Far are:

Neko Cookie @CookieDude_2332
Neko Kai @PockyKai
Neko Dark @DDotark
Neko Kriss @AMGitsKriss
Neko Matt @Mshaw_uk
Neko Gabe @iGabrielVH
Neko Jez @Jezatronextra

Were Like the Care Bears, But more Kick Ass & Cuter! Nyah~!



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