And now Pilates…

… i seriously must be mad… Now im gonna try to take up pilates! ive had enough of my podgey belly 😦 so its time to get rid of it!!! i wanna fit into all the clothes on GODDAMN IT! *sulks*

So we are going to be following the teachings of Nicole-sensei of the youtube dojo lol.

Technically i already do some pilates… ones which i learnt fom Cartoon KAT-TUN (cant be bothered to find the clip lol look Cartoon KAT-TUN Ep 25 the (first)one with Yanagihara Kanako in it) but i only do them occasionally before i go to bed…

oh and Yes the Azunyan – “Let’s Go” Dance video is on its way… ive just gotta perfect the dace to it cause at the moment each time i do it i forget what i done… and end up mixing everything up and blaarrrgggg…. so yeah keep an eye out for it, it will be up soon, just not yet… maybe this weekend?


Random note…



wel not that soon lol but soon enough ^^



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