My Bedroom & Man Wall!

LOL well im finally gonna put a blog post up with my  bedroom on it! … everyne does that Otacool thing… but i dont think my bedroom would really qualify for it, soooo i decided to just do a blog post instead… and GOD THIS LAPTOP IS SO FUCKIN SHIT AND SLOW!!!! >.>

Anyway…. First up we have! -:
My Anime Wall! … yeah it took alot of effort to get those posters near to the top of my wall! there was aLOT of climbing invovoled xD aparently… i likw Katekyo Hitman Reborn! alot xD i seem to have more posters of that anime than any other nooowww if only i could get a poster with 182769 on it (Hibari x Tsuna x Mukuro) *Drools*

Then we have Pt 2 to my anime wall… yeah theres a Pt 2 lol all the posters didnt fit on that one wall *fail*

Lot of Gundam Seed/Destiny Characters on thi wall lol yeah i had a phase… still love Athrun too :3

Next up :-
Oh yeah ive named it.
because i win!
and the man wall is hot.
That was the Whole of the Man Wall!

This Part of the Man wall has all my Fave Actors or Singers on… Especally Seto Koji… I *heart* Seto Koji! HEs just so damn cute!
And this Part of the Man wall i like to call My Johneys & Visual Kei side ^^ because thats what it is, Tis where i have my An Cafe & Miyavi Pics, along with MY Jonheys Entertainment Boys ^^ (i only like the older Johneys boy bands, Such as KAT-TUN, NEWS & ARASHI)

Ahhhh *sighs* i love my Man wall :3

Anyways Moving on :-
Obligitory Picture of Bed lol & My Teddy Bear (Yes i have a Teddy Bear >.>) Hiei 🙂

My Desk/Mirror/Draws/Shelves for Manga, Dolls & Fiures & Doujinshi :3
Close up

Secret Hide away spot for my Sewing Machine ^^

and Lastly Ma TV, Dvds, CDs, Games , Xbox, PS2 and all the other stuff that doesnt/Cant fit anywhere else in my room! xD


Well there you have it! My Room! and MAN WALL! XD

Well ive got washing up to do so im out! :3

Catch ya later!



4 thoughts on “My Bedroom & Man Wall!

  1. woah how long did it take you to build up that Man Wall?
    Even though it’s not necessarily my thing I must admit I am impressed ^^;
    Nice to see another Friends fan who went out and bought the complete collection!

    • xD well i had a man wall back at my old house and its pretty much all the posters ive accumilated from magazines & Magazine clippings hehe. The visual-Kei bit are pics that i printed off ^^.

      and YUP! ive had to stop watching them for the moment though because im pretty sure ive memorised the entire collection word for word xD

  2. Oohh is that Hiro Mizushima and Oguri Shun I see on your wall? Lol I don’t know why that was the first thing I pointed out :p Seto Koji is like the definition of cuteness along with Tegoshi 🙂

    Btw, your wall is AMAZING 🙂

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