Catch up on Kai…uh… yeah….

Well… uh… Yeha this blog post is a Catch up on what im up to atm.

Last couple of post im pretty sure i wrote about doing some Pilates and Fancing randomly to songs…. welll i still dance randomly just not so much with the pilates…. i did try *pouts*  i probably will still try to do em but maybe ill try to do em in the afternoon instead of right before i go to bed lol.

Well for those of you who have been following me on twitter, you should know that im going to be cosplaying my Neko Mimi ^^

Shes adorable!!! :3 though i might have to change her hair to Brown, cause if i have my way, im gonna get my hair dyed at the hairdresses this friday a nice chocolate brown! :3 im hoping it doesnt cost me a fortune though… *Coughs*… ive dyed it now and gotten my fringe cut…  xD Heres a picture … With Neko Ears Nyah~!


Urm i have 2 New NekoMimi’s on there way, One for Hammy the Other for CloudIncarnate  ^^ there already drawn up they just need to be coloured in! 😀


On a Quick side note here… Me and Cookiedude really should not be allowed to talk about Beer xD We have come up with a new product for Apple to sell… The I-Beer xD  IF Cookie has the picture up tomorrow, i shall edit this post and post it up! XD if not.. im sure i can fish out a coke can and make one myself xD

IVe also just got on the Hype that is Vocaloid lol, i suppose you can blame cookie for that too xD he introduced me to the wonders of Project Diva 2nd ^^ and im addicted!


My Fave songs Atm are Melt (メルト) 

Hato (ハト) 

Double Lariat (ダブルラリアット) 

Awesome Songs and Melt is the Cute PV EVAR!!!!

Anyhu… Yeh im gonna go cause its 00:19 and im knackered and i got NekoMimi’s to colour in tomorrow.

so untill next time Nyah~



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