NekoMimi UPDATED!!!

Well Folks, As you must know if you follow me on twitter, I have made 2 new NekoMimi’s (*coughs* actually i made 3… but as Krowbar doesnt use twitter… i dont need to colour it just yet XD)


So here are the New Ones – Neko Cloud – @CloudIncarnate

Neko Hammy – @Hammy_UK (yes i made Hammy a tabby XD, i couldnt figure anything else to do with the hair xD)

Annnnd I have a Few Extras!

Neko Krow – Krowbars NekoMimi… i just have to colour her in… but im too lazy to do so atm xD

I Drew this at the Hairdressers whilst waiting for my nan, Tis My NekoMimi, Neko Kai Is a Stripy over large T-shirt!!! I had to do one with stripes 😀


And Lastly One of my 2 Fave NekoMimi’s! Mainly because there the first 2 i ever drew! XD Neko Kai & Neko Cookie!


Ahhh good times .


Well Thats all from me for this afternoon! ^^





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