[BJD Character Profile] Hayato Taguno


Name: Hayato Taguno
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Nationality: Japanese

Hair Colour: White
Eye Colour: Light Blue
Skin Tone: Creamy White

Date of Birth: 26 May

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Marital Status: In Relationship (Long distance lol)
~Parents: Mother & Father
~Siblings: Elder brother (who he does not know about) – Daisuke, Little Brother – Yuuta
~Boyfriends: Yuichi & Riku (Twins)

Occupation: Model

Personality (In Brief):
Hayato is a Happy Go lucky person, hes a tad self centered and also tends to say alot of things without meaning to, even though he always means the best. He loves to chatter away so when you see him not talking or sitting in a corner quietly thinking to himself, you know somethings wrong. He also loves dressing up in girls clothes as he says it make him look cuter. Though if you get him angry, he will throw a bitch fit. Beware of the bitch fits….

Likes: Sweets, anything Cute, Rilakkuma, Strawberry’s, Girly Clothes
Dislikes: Anything Sour, Azul, people who ridicule him for the way he is.

Character History (Optional):
Hayato grew up into a harsh Japanese household, as he was the only son, he was pushed to make sure he did everything correctly which made him a very quiet person, later on in his middle school years he met Takuya, a boy living on the streets, who still had a smile. they quickly became friends and from that day onwards he decided that if Takuya could smile under the conditions he was living in so could he. So Hayato learned to smile and become socially active. he made sure he pushed himself to the limit with these things though, therefore turned into the the Hyper Cross Dressing Hayato we all know and love today. When his mother had his little brother Yuuta, he decided above anything else he wasn’t going to let this child go through the hell he did with there parents, so, when Yuuta turned 5 and started elementary school, he took him and the recently heartbroken Takuya over the England and someone found them and took them in & taught them how to speak English and live in England, so from then on they all referred to her as ‘Master’ or ‘Shishou’.


Technical Stuff

Doll Company: Luts
Doll Sculpt: Kid Delf Ani
Wig: Commisoned hite wig by Theirif on DOA
Eyes: Default Blue eyes for Doll Family Wind
Face Up/Blushing: Done by Me
Modifications: Ear Peircings by Me


Credits to Karakal who came up with this template :D


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