[BJD Character Profile] Takuya Nakamura



Name: Takuya Nakamura
Taku-Chii, Taku, Beautiful(Only Seung)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Nationality: Japanese

Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Light Green
Skin Tone: White

Date of Birth: 13th August

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Marital Status: In Relationship

Location: London, UK
Birthplace:Asakusa,Taitō-ku, Tokyo, Japan

~Parents – Unknown
~Siblings – Osprey (‘Adopted Brother’)
~Boyfriend – Seung
~Adopted Son – Kyon
~Adopted Son – Tae Hoon

Occupation: College Student

Personality: Takuya is a fun going person, who is really into the Visual-kei & J-rock Scene. he tends to be a curious person, which Also make him a little suspicious of new people.

Likes: Seung, Osprey, Oranges, Visual-kei , J-rock, Hats.
Dislikes: Milk, Strawberry’s, Public Transport, Pins.

Character History: Being abandoned by his family when he was 2, Takuya grew up on the streets fending for himself until he was about 15, that’s when Takuya met Azul. Takuya thought they would be together forever, until Azul Dumped him a year later telling Takuya he was bored of him. Hurt and broken, Takuya moved over to the UK from Japan, where he got taken in by a young lady who taught him English and how to live in England, which led to Takuya calling her ‘Master’.


Takuya Also Has a Twitter – Twitter.com/Takuya_chii

Please Follow Him! 🙂

Technical Stuff

Doll Company: Luts
Doll Sculpt: Kid Delf An
Wig: IpleHouse Black Synth Wig (lol)
Eyes: Luts 16MM LIME
Face Up/Blushing: By Me (Kai)
Modifications: Eyes closed & Ears Peirced, Done by Me
Notes: Takuya’s Character was supposed to be slightly based on Takuya from An Cafe, However in the end that didn’t turn out the way i wanted it to , but i kept the name. However Takuya’s sculpt has changed quite a lot. at first he was my very first doll, and was a Luts KDF Ani, but when i started to play around with Face-ups, i ruined it for him, and had to changed his body & Face, whilst the KDF Ani became the character ‘Hayato’. He then changed to a DOC Tender Zen, but i found that the face was too ‘dreaming’ like, so i changed him again, now he is a KDF An, and I’m still not sure on this sculpt… but we shall see how it goes 🙂


Credits to Karakal who came up with this template 😀


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