[Fanfic] (An Cafe) Moving Away [Chapter 1]


Takuya x Courtney x Kanon

Teruki x Stephanie

Yuki x Miku


Courtney: 19 – 20

Takuya: 21

Kanon: 25

Teruki: 27 – 28

Stephanie: 19 – 20

Miku: 25

Yuki: 23 – 24

“Talking” – Japanese

“Talking” – English

‘Thinking’ – Both languages

Chapter 1

It all started when my obsession with Japan just became too much for my mum to bear anymore. She suggested on me moving to Japan, As I had already learnt Japanese. I took her up on her suggestion but I wondered how I was going to pay for an apartment all by myself. Once again my mother came up with a suggestion which I couldn’t argue with. She suggested that I find a flat that looking for roommates.

We searched the internet for about a month before something in my price range came about.  ‘ 3 bedroom flat, 2 bathrooms, one kitchen, one living room. 2 Male Room mates, easy to get along with. Looking for a roommate, no specific gender. Please contact us by email Taku90@hotmail.co.jp or Nonnon-desu@hotmail.co.jp’

So that’s just what I did, They both replied back with arrangements and where they live and when can I move in.  Packing all my things up and getting my mums help to get them shipped over I filled 1 suitcase with about 2 weeks worth of clothes, and the other with 1/4 of my manga.

The email said that the room will be ready within 2 days so I could feel free to come anytime during that week after 2 days. Mummy had already booked my flight for the Wednesday at 6am, she was sooo dropping me there though.

Getting the bus from Narita Airport to Shibuya was easy enough, Finding the apartment in Shibuya however was a different matter. “Arggghhh where the hell is it?!” I muttered in English looking around for someone who could help me. I stopped at a local convenience store. Looking around I picked up 2 packets of strawberry pocky and walked over to the cashier. The boy and the Cashier smiled sweetly at me and so I smiled back. Before he told me how much I needed to pay I asked him where the apartment that I needed to get to was “Ah… that’s just down the street to your left, and then at the end of the street turn right and you’ll find it”  he said with a soft smile, I felt myself blushing under his gaze “ano…Hai, Arigato gozaimasu” I replied to him placing the amount of yen that needed to be paid in the tray next to the register which he took and put in the cash register whishing me a nice day. I thanked him and followed the directions he gave me. Once arriving at the apartment I rung the doorbell. “Ahh….Coming!”  so I waited with my suitcases outside for a bit, I told them I was coming today around this time so hopefully they had everything ready.

The door opened and for the first time in my life….i felt the need to faint. “I must be dreaming…” I said aloud to myself in English. “ano…are you Langley-san” the boy asked me snapping me out of my dizzy spell. “ah…Hai! That’s me, but please just call me Courtney, okay?”  I said smiling at him. The boy smiled back at me and took one of my suitcases from me and lead me into the house. “ano…watashi no namae ha takuya desu, ano.. our other roommate Kanon-san is out at the moment, he should be back later though.” he said his deep yet highly cute voice making me tremble (and try to hide the fact that I was trembling) “Courtney-san, this is your room, uh I suppose once your done unpacking I can show you around the apartment?” he ask me turning back to look at me. I blushed and nodded “H..Hai that would be nice.” I said politely and smiled at him.

He smiled back and dropped my bag off in my room and left me to unpack. I noticed the room was quite big. There was a simple single bed in the middle of the room and chest of draws next to it. There was a window that looked over into the back garden. Next to the window was a chest of draws on one side and shelves on the other, and on the other side of the chest of draws there was a cupboard. Next to the entrance of the door there was a full length mirror, just like my room at home. I started unpacking all my clothes into my draws and placed the bag of materials and my sewing machine & bits into the cupboard for now. Until I could get a basket like the one I had at home placing them at the bottom of the cupboard will do. Unzipping my second bag with the ¼ of my manga in it, I started to place them on the shelves, not being able to organise them as of yet because the rest my mum was shipping over.

Placing my suitcases under my bed, I walked out of the room to find Takuya and a black haired guy with silver streaks running through his hair, sat on the sofa. ‘oh…my…god…he wasn’t kidding when he said Kanon-san lived here too. I really hope I make it through the day without fainting.’ I thought to myself. “Ano…Takuya-san, I’m finished un-packing.” I called out to get there attention.

Normal P.O.V

“Ano…Takuya-san, I’m finished un-packing” Courtney called out too the two boys on the sofa to get there attention. Turning around with the boy next to him Takuya smiled at the girl before him “you were right…” he heard a murmur next to him. Takuya chuckled softly at the comment “Ok, ill show you around the apartment. Oh and this is Kanon-san.”  Takuya said to the girl. Courtney smiled and nodded and then looked over to Kanon “Ano… its nice to meet you Kanon-san.”  She said to the man sat on the sofa next to Takuya.

“It’s nice to meet you too Courtney-kun, hope you enjoy living with us…” ‘I know I will…’ Kanon said and then thought to himself. Takuya mentally rolled his eyes at his friend. He knew what he was thinking, if that slight smirk on his face said anything. Deciding it was best if he moved Courtney away from Kanon she showed her around the apartment. “This is the kitchen, though there is a bathroom.” He kept on walking down the corridor, “this is your bedroom as you know, next to it is my bedroom, and opposite your room is Kanon’s room, at the end of the corridor there’s another bathroom with a bath/shower in it. And next to that is the airing cupboard.” Takuya finished. Courtney nodded “Un”

They walked back into the living room to find Kanon watching D.Grey-Man on TV. Noticing what was on TV, Courtney in an instant was sat next to Kanon staring intently at the Screen. Kanon turned from the TV to Courtney, then to Takuya who shrugged and sat in the arm chair “argh! Just kiss already! The sexual tension is too much!” Courtney growled out in frustration. She didn’t realise the boys could understand what she said and jumped when Takuya replied to her comment, In English. “Who needs to kiss?” Takuya asked the girl in the sofa glaring at the TV.

Courtney turned wide eyed towards Takuya “eh…nani! You understood that?”  to her surprise both boys nodded. Courtney blushed and lowered her gaze “Ano… I want Allen-kun & Kanda-kun to kiss.” She said still blushing. Both boys shrugged and nodded. Courtney raised an eyebrow at this but turned her attention back towards the screen again.

After the anime had finished Kanon decided that himself and Takuya should treat Courtney to a night out, Japanese style. Takuya suggested that they called up there friends and invite them too, that way Courtney could get to know a few more people. Even though Courtney told them not to, she still somehow ended up getting changed into more outgoing wear in her room that evening.

Sighing she changed into her checked black & red pleated mini skirt, and boots she bought down in Camden in London.  She changed her top to a stripy T-shirt with different coloured striped sleeves, then put her baby blue bunny eared hoody over the top. Quickly straightening her uneven fringe again and the back then back combing it on one side and placing her hand made ribbon clip on the other side, she placed her blond & Red hair extensions in to hang down by the side of her fringe. Then quickly putting on her black eyeliner, she picked up her self made Gaara bag and walked out of her bedroom door. Only to walk back in because she realised she had forgot her glasses.

Walking back out of her room, (glasses now on) she walked into the front room, and somehow she managed to be the first one there. She sat down on the sofa and waited for the other 2.

Suddenly remembering that she said she would call her mum when she got there, Courtney picked up her mobile, even though she knew it was going to cost her *coughhermumcough* an arm and a leg but meh she said she would so she would.

Dialling her house number she waited for someone to pick up. “Hello”

Courtney grinned “Hi Mummy, Sorry I forgot to call you to preoccupied with things.”

She could practically hear her mum rolling her eyes over the phone “I’m sure you were, everything ok? Get there fine? Find the place fine? Any good looking people you seen yet?”

“Yeah, Yes, Yes and yes, but please don’t ask me anymore on that last question, ill send you an email about it.”

“Hmmm….ok….interesting, When can I come over and visit?”

“Never” Was my automatic reply

“Awww come on now that’s not a nice way to talk to your mother.”

“I’ve spent the last 19 years trying to escape your fiendish motherly ways so I would do best to keep this distance at least for a few months or so…”

“ Right dear… well this is costing me a fortune so bugger off and find someone else to bug.”

“’Kay Cya”

“Cya” she replied and hung up the phone.

As soon as she hung up the phone there was a knock at the door. She got up and opened it. For the third time that day felt the need to faint. Steadying her thoughts she looked at the boy who started speaking “…Ano…we must have the wrong apartment.” The curly blond haired boy said. Courtney rolled her eyes, “No you probably haven’t, you must be Takuya-san and Kanon-sans Friends right?” she said smiling.

The short haired brunette’s eyes widened, “Your Courtney-san!? I thought you were a boy.” Courtney giggled at that. “Most people do when they haven’t seen me and just know my name.” she said, “ah ano… come in, I don’t think it’s good for you all to be standing out in the cold like that.” She said ushering the group of 3 in to the apartment.

After taking them inside Courtney walked off down the corridor to Kanon’s & Takuya’s rooms, she knocked on Kanon’s door first “ano…Kanon-san, are you ready yet? Your friends are here.”  She said softly though the door, she could have sworn she heard him curse “Ano, Courtney-kun, could you help me please?” she heard him call through the door, “ok, I’m coming in.” she said and walked into his room.

She smiled when she saw him trying to apply his eye liner. Kanon heard her walk in but didn’t look up, “Courtney-kun could you help me a…p..” he stopped mid sentence when he saw what Courtney was wearing. Blinking innocently at Kanon, Courtney started at him confused. “Ano Kanon-san what do you need help with? Your eyeliner?” she said trying to get him out of his daze. Kanon snapped himself out of his staring once he heard Courtney speak. “H-Hai Onegai Courtney-kun.” Courtney smiled at him and took the eyeliner from him. Quickly taking one of her clips from her hair, she placed it in his fringe pinning it back. Quickly and neatly applying the eyeliner and then brushing his fringe back into place she placed the eyeliner on the desk. “All done.” She said smiling still.

Kanon pushed down the urge to blush and stood up, his black trousers clinking with him. “ano… you said my friends where here?” he asked the girl in front of him who nodded. “i was coming to tell you and Takuya-san, I still have to tell Takuya-san.” Kanon nodded and they both walked out of the room. Courtney walked across to Takuya’s room and knocked “Takuya-san Your friends are here.” She said though the door.

Takuya came and opened the door “Ano… Co-” he stopped mid sentence when he saw Courtney in from of him it took him a lot of will power not to drool. Realising he was staring he spoke again “im coming in a second im just finishing putting a playlist onto my IPod.” Courtney cocked her head cutely to the side, “do you need any help? I make up playlist for my IPod all the time.” Takuya smiled and nodded “Sure” So Courtney helped him pick out a few songs for a decent playlist leaving out any Antic Cafe songs and pretending she didn’t notice them.

Once it was made they walked outside to everyone in the front room. “Ah Takuya-kun is ready! Lets get going then! I know some great Karaoke bars we can hit in Akiba” Miku said smiling. Everyone cheered and Courtney smiled at the friendliness of the group. “Ah Chotto! We haven’t introduced ourselves, Im Miku! The one with the relatively long brown hair is Teruki-kun! And the one with the Blond Curly WIG is Yuki-kun!…chotto….Yuki-kun why are you wearing your wig?” Miku said bouncing over to yuki.

“ano… because its warm out and my head was cold….it was like an automatic reflex to put on my wig…” Miku rolled his eyes at his ‘friend’. “Baka no Yuki-kun.” Miku said reaching up to take of the wig. “That’s what a hat is for!”  he said removing his own and putting it on Yukis head.

Combing out Yuki’s hair  with his fingers, Miku whispered into his ear “you look much cute with your real hair baka.” He said huskly into his ear, letting go of his hair.  Yuki shivered from the tone and blushed.

It took all the will power Courtney had regained not to squeal and take pictures at that moment.

Figuring out that Courtney was a Yaoi fan from the incident with D.Grey-man episode ealier today, Kanon and Takuya chuckled, Takuya walked towards Courtney and whispered into her ear “Miku apparently is the seme in the relationship” Courtney turned to Kanon and then back at Miku & Yuki then back to Kanon.

“you do realise that if you continue to tell me random facts like that I will squeal…” Courtney muttered back to him, Kanon chuckled “Hai, I know.”  Courtney pouted at the man “So mean Kanon-san!” Kanon had to bit the inside of his lip to pull down the urge to Kiss her pouting lips. Takuya, seeing the predicament his friend was in he decided to speek up “Okay Minna lets get going!” a round of “Hai!”  were heard and they all left the apartment.

Getting on the JR line to Akihabara and then following Miku to the Karaoke bar. On the way there all of the guys were asking Courtney questions. “So Courtney-chan, how old are you?”  Teruki asked with a somewhat perverted grin on his face. “Im 19, 20 this year.” Courtney answered simply. “19! Wow younger than Takuya, when’s you Tanjoubi?” Miku asked the girl who smiled brushing a piece of her hair out of her face “ 17th November, Which sucks cause it right in the middle of Christmas and Halloween so there never seem to be any decent presents coming my way” Courtney said pouting. Everyone laughed at the girls complaint to which she pouted more. “How old are you all then?” Courtney asked the boys. “Im 21, and my birthdays 9th Febuary” Takuya said smiling at the girl. Blushing slightly Courtney looked at the other guys for answers “ Im 25 and my birthdays 5th July” Kanon Said. Miku Jumped in said his birthday and age “Im also 25 and my birthday is 5th of January” He said grinning and jumping on Kanon’s back saying ‘We Match!’.  Yuki rolled his eyes at his Boyfriend. “Im 23 and im going to be 24 next week Tuesday on the 29th August” he said pulling his over hyped up boyfriend off of the irritated Otaku. “Me being the Oldest, yet I act younger that Takuya sometimes…” Teruki pretended to ignore the glare sent to him from said person. “…im 27 and going to be 28 on the 8th December” Teruki said Grinning.

Miku, Finally off of Kanon’s back turned towards Courtney with wide eyes “wait your 19….That means you cant Drink!” he said still wide eyed. Courtney couldn’t help but laugh at his face. “Miku-san, technically im allowed to drink… of course that’s in my own country anyway, but we can always find a way to smuggle drinks across.” Courtney said with a grin.

Teruki laughed “Courtney-chan, me and you are gonna get along just fine!” he said wrapping an arm around her shoulder and pulling her into skipping down the road with him, Courtney Laughed and skipped along with him. Everyone else followed at a leisurely pace, until Courtney & Teruki dragged them into skipping in one long line down the road, which was luckily empty.

Once they arrived at the karaoke bar Miku booked the room and ordered drinks to the room. Asking Courtney before one what she was drinking, already knowing the others drinks off by heart. Takuya told her to pick a song to sing whilst Miku was getting drinks “Iie Takuya-san, hehe i need at least 1 drink down me before i feel confident enough to sing.” Takuya chuckled at the girl, whilst Kanon picked out a few songs to sing. One song he chose was ‘Broken Youth’ by Nico Touches the Walls,  Takuya grinned and got up and put his selection in ‘MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM’ by L’arc~en~ciel being one of them.

Teruki put in a few songs, one being an English one, Good Charlotte, ‘Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous’ , Then Yuki put his Selection in choosing a few for him and a few that Miku like, Apparently including some An Cafe Songs in the choices and Courtney’s Second Fave An Cafe Song ‘ Cherry Saku Yuki’.

By the time Miku came in with the drinks, Teruki was randomly chosen to sing one of his songs. Courtney took her drink from Miku and drunk it down like it was water. Grinning after she finished it before anyone had started there’s, she stood and walked over to the selction machine, and put in 3 of her fave songs, ‘ I Hate This Part’ by the PussyCat Dolls, ‘POP STAR’ by Ken Hirai & ‘The Man Who Can’t Be Moved’ by the Script. Oddly enough when she got back her glass was full again, she grinned once again and gulped that down too.

After a Song by Yuki and One Also By Takuya, Courtney was chosen next Quickly grabbing the microphone from Takuya she smiled and sung along to the words whilst Dancing to the song. The song was ‘I Hate This Part’ by the Pussycat Dolls, and it had all the boys staring at her in amazement.

Once the song was finished they paused the machine, “Koto-chan can Sing!” was the first comment to come from Yuki. “Yukiki’s Right! We might just have to steal you one day when the band practices so me and you can do a duet!” Miku said grinning. Courtney blushed out of embarrassment. “Miku-san i don’t think my voice would go well with An Cafe Songs, there all mostly rockish” Courtney said then covered her mouth with a gasp.

‘SHIT! Damn my talkative self when i get tipsy!’ Courtney thougth to herself mentally wincing. Takuya looked over to Kanon who looked just as confused as him “Courtney-kun, you knew who we were?” Courtney look down in shame and nodded. “and you didn’t tell us?” Courtney shook her head. Takuya got up and lifted her eyes to meet his, “why didn’t you tell us?” he asked. Courtney felt as if she wanted to cry but refused to let them see her cry. “Because…i didn’t know who i was going to be living with when i arrived here and all the paperwork and stuff had already been sorted,it would have been too much hassle to say anything and screw up everything. But i guess that was no use now thanks to me and my big mouth…” Courtney said looking down again.

Teruki got up from his seat and whacked takuya on the forehead. “Taku-kun Stop intimidating the girl! It does matter weather shes a Cafekko or not, what matters is that we like her and we all want to have fun right?” Takuya sighed and nodded apologising to Courtney and rusling her hair, like she used to do to her little brothers and sister.

Still feeling down about the situation she put herself in, Courtney excused herself saying she needed air. She walked outside the building and took out her phone. Realizing that it was 11:00pm in Japan so it was only 2:00pm in London, she called her best friend.

Hey Courtney” a voice came over the phone brightly.

Hi Stephie” Courtney said back in a somewhat depressed voice.

“Whats wrong? Youve only been over there one day…weriously what could have gone wrong?”

“I think my room mates don’t like me anymore…”

“What makes you say that? What happened”

Courtney relayed the story to her best friend and sighed at the end of it. Especially since she knew what was coming next.

“….You live with Takuya and Kanon from An Cafe…and youve Met Teruki….i really feel the need to hang up on you now-“ -Click-

Courtney sighed and phoned her friend back

“Stephie i need help, i don’t need for you to hang the phone up on me!”

“Sorry but im overly jelous at the moment.”

“you can come visit once everythings settled”

“YES! Okay, so you think takuya and kanon hate you? I doubt that very much, i think they just didn’t want to be lied to thats all… there will probably be silence in the house for a few days, which no doubt will be your fault because of your weridness…i know you Courts, you wont talk to them for a couple of days and just make it worse for yourself… but there will somehow be some sort of incident that makes you all friends again. Don’t worry about it. Now when can i come over?”

Courtney knew what she was saying was true and cringed, she didn’t want there to be an incident before she could talk to them again…but she knew that how it was going to be. Rolling her eyes at her friends attempt to change the subject she answered “ in a month. Leave it a month and ill bring you over and we shall see what happens.”

She could practically hear her friend pouting on the other side of the phone. “oookaaayyy….. fine now goes cause i gotta get to work!”

“Cya Stephie and thanks…”

“No Problemo, Cya!”


Getting up from the ground she looked up to see Kanon staring back at her. “Feeling better now?” he said giving her a small smile. Sighing slightly “not much no, but ill see how it goes, i know you and Takuya-san must be mad at me so…” she got cut off by Takuya “Baka, were not mad at you, we were just irritated that you didn’t tell us before.” Courtney winced and put her head down in her lap Kanon looked over to Takuya and sent him a look telling him to shh “Gomen-nasai…i didn’t mean to demo i didn’t know what to do…”

“Courtney-kun, just tell us next time? Thats all we want. Now come on everyones worried and miku’s about to freak out if you don’t come back soon.” Kanon said. Courtney nodded and walked back in with the two boys.

As soon as she walked back through the door Miku practically jumped on her “Koto-chan! Are you alright? Feeling better now? You had us all worried when you didn’t come back for long!” Yuki stood up next to his boyfriend and nodded but pulling Miku away from Courtney, just to give her space too breath.

Courtney giggled slightly at Miku, “Hai Miku-san im fine i just needed to get a bit of fresh air for a while.” Then looking around the room at everyone she spoke again “Now that thats out of the way, i think i need to pick a few more songs.” She said grinning.

End Chap 1


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