[Fanfic] (An Cafe) Moving Away [Chapter 2]

Takuya x Courtney x Kanon

Teruki x Stephanie

Yuki x Miku


Courtney: 19 – 20

Takuya: 21

Kanon: 25

Teruki: 27 – 28

Stephanie:  20

Miku: 25

Yuki:  24

“Talking” – Japanese

“Talking” – English

‘Thinking’ – Both languages

Chapter 2

Kanon’s POV~

It had been about 2 months since Courtney-kun moved in with us and i could see me and Takuya were finding it harder and harder to resist doing something that could potentially ruin our relationship with the girl. I mean she works at a shop in Akiba, and this specific shop makes there employees dress in Cosplay every day, which sucks because every day we see Courtney-kun dressed as a character from an anime or manga or game and she just makes them look hot. Even the guy characters!

I mean like yesterday, she decided to dress as Yuffie from FF7 in her Advent Children outfit, it took all the will power i had not to major nose bleed right there. Takuya however did nosebleed and i had to signal to him before Courtney noticed. Baka.

Well i suppose this live that were doing in Kyoto will be good for us, we have a week away from the damn temptress and we get to play a live which in itself is awesome. And me and Takuya get to go and visit our parents. Who strangely enough live in the same neighbourhood… quite odd really.

I heard footsteps coming from behind me and i saw Courtney dressed in a pair of skinny black jeans and a plain white tank top. Raising an eyebrow i spoke “Courtney you off work today or something?” She looked over at me and smiled. “Hai, you guys are having a live in Kyoto this week right? Well my friend sneakily got tickets. To be honest i think she really wanted to come over from England to see you guys…demo…” she said sighing and shaking her head “what will i do with her really…” She sighed again…she does that waaay to often but it is quite cute. “demo… yeh so I’m going to pick her up at the airport. Teruki-kun said he’d give me a lift there and back. Which works out well as this way Stephie can faint and then she’ll be quiet for the rest of the journey!  Muwhahaha!” she grinned evilly, which was slightly scary.

I saw Takuya appear from behind her and smirked slightly, every time one of us surprises her in some way she always seems blush, its quite adorable. Laughing when she jumped & blushed when Takuya hugged her from behind, I spoke. “So wait… your coming to the live?” she grinned at me and i inwardly flinched. Just when i thought my hormones would be at peace for a while… “Yupo! I told Miku-kun & Yuki-kun, and they told me to stay at the same hotel as you guys, which i turned down because unfortunately i don’t earn as much as you guys…” she pouted and i saw Takuya bite his lip. “but then Miku-kun went and phoned up your parents, Kanon-kun and asked them if me and Stephie could stay there. I told him not too but no one ever listens too meee!” again she pouted and this time i bit my lip.

My eyes widened once I took in what she had said. She was staying at my parents house…. Oh god… this cannot get any worse… “so I’m staying at your parents house, Kanon-kun, and apparently having dinner with Takuya-kun parents one night…I’m not sure how that happened but I randomly got a phone call from Miku saying that I was going for dinner with your parents Takuya-kun.”  She said with a look of confusion.

Okay it got slightly better…at least now I wasn’t the only one who was going to be embarrassed.

End Kanon’s PoV

Takuya’s Pov.

I felt my eyes widen and my arms around Courtney’s waist slacken. My parents wanted to meet her and her friend too… oh god this just could just not be happening… I’m so gonna kill Miku when I next see him. “Kai… do you really have to?” Courtney seemed to roll her eyes at me and I sighed knowing I couldn’t get out of this one. “Yes i do, Takuya-kun, it would be rude to phone up and say ‘sorry I cant come anymore, I have other plans’ plus this way I can ask embarrassing questions about you as well as Kanon-kun!” I hung my head on her shoulder defeated I saw Kanon’s pleading face across from me then saw him sigh in defeat too.

I felt Courtney chuckle from beneath me “you guys look so pathetic. Come on get over it, no one could get more embarrassed then I have in the past, you guys should count yourselves lucky you don’t have parent like mine, who naturally seek out to destroy your sanity.” That was somewhat harsh…I’m not sure I want to meet Courtney’s parents now… they sound a tad scary…

“Kai…urm…wasn’t that a bit harsh on your parents?” I asked still wondering. She turned around to look at me wide eyed “Are you kidding me, I was being nice about them!” she said sounding surprised that I thought that was harsh. Then the beginning to escapism floated though the air. I laughed when I saw Courtney pull out her phone with a blush “Hi Teruki-kun, Yupo ill come down now! Ja”  I felt slightly jealous that Teruki was going to have Courtney to himself for practically most of the day. But then I told myself I was being stupid.

Courtney unattached herself from me and then grabbed her little KH bag, which she had made herself, and ran to the door, “Ja Guys, ill see you a bit later, if not ill see you at the live!”  she ran back over to me and gave me a hug and then over to Kanon and kind of fell on top of him in a half hug, as he was sitting down, which evidentially he laughed at. I would so love to know what goes on inside his head.

End Takuya’s POV

Normal POV

After she said her good byes Courtney rushed out the door and down to Teruki’s parked car.  Climbing in the car she noticed Teruki’s car had star print seats, that were not in there last time she was in the car. “Teru-kun…ano…why do you have star car seats?” Teruki laughed at the question. “I lent Miku my car for a week…and this is how it came back, and im just too lazy to change it.” Courtney giggled and raised an eyebrow “that’s a lie, Teru-kun is never too lazy, except when drunk, you just like it this way hehehe” Teruki laughed but didn’t deny it.

On the drive to the Airport, Courtney plugged in her IPod into the speakers and put on Miyavi, ‘iitoshi hito’ Both her and Teruki sung along to the song. They went through many other songs before arriving at Narita airport. Arriving at the terminal, Courtney was about to get out of the car. But then she looked back over to Teruki, “Teru-kun…you wanna come?”  he shrugged his shoulders “sure why not, though you do realise that if there are any reporters or anything like that around, your gonna get immediately assumed to be my girlfriend.” Courtney giggled “that should be fun, even better when Stephie comes too” ‘after all she’s the one that wants to be your girlfriend’ she thought to herself with a smirk.

So Teruki parked up the car and they both got out, and walked to the arrivals. They checked to see if her flight had landed, which it had… and by her calculations they should be coming out around nowish.

When Courtney spotted the red/brown haired girl and practically screamed out her name. Stephanie grinned when she saw her friend and ran towards her, bag in tow. “Courts! YAY! Missed you babes!” Courtney glomped Stephie with one giant hug “missed ya too hun!” Stephanie blinked at her accent “you been here less than 3 months and you’ve got a slightly Japanese accent” “COOL!” she said with a grin and a thumbs up “I’ve always wanted an accent that was not like my old boring one! Hehe” then Courtney remembered Teruki behind her.

“Oh yeh Stephie I want you to meet someone…” she pulled Teruki from behind her and grinned when she was Stephanie’s eyes widen. “Stephie, this is Teru-kun, Teru-kun this is Stephie” Courtney looked at Stephanie’s shocked face and burst into laughter, then she turned to Teruki and saw him blushing which made her crack up even more.  “oh…shit… I cant breath…you guys are just too funny.” She patted both of her friends shoulders to wake them from there dazes. “Stephie you can stare at Teruki more when we get to the car, and Teruki, you can blush some more when you notice her looking at you in the car, just please try not to crash it.” Stephanie and Teruki both blushed at what the girl said and wacked her.

Courtney Giggled and grabbed there hands and pulled them towards the car park “come on guys, nows not the time to be flustered, Teru-kun’s gotta get to the Studio in 3 hours and it takes us an hour to get home, and then i gota grab my stuff for so we can catch the bullet train in time.”  Courtney said, smiling.

“Courtney-chan… i dont have to be at the studio for another 5 hours, and your train comes and hour before…remember i said i was gonna drop you off at the station? You sure your not just having Non-chan & Takuya-chi withdrawals?” Teruki said snickering. Stephaine picked up bits of what he was saying and giggled too.

Courtney blushed and muttered about ‘stupid old men’ sulking on the way back to the car. The journey back home was full of Teruki and Stephanie trying to conversate with each other, using there limited knowledge of the others language, and most of the time Courtney had to Translate, which she found humouros at times when Stephanie blurted out things that she didnt mean to say but Courtney translated those into the conversation aswell.

When they arrived at the apartment, Courtney opened the door to let Stephanie in, Teruki had rushed off to his Apartment to pack, only to find it empty inside “Tadaima?”  she saw a note on the TV ‘Kai-chan, Kanon-san is taking me down to Akiba, to grab a few manga’s to read on the way to Kyoto. He said he bring you back the new copy of Shounen jump with the new chap of D.Grey-man in it. But yeh we prob wont see you untill the live, so well see ya there i suppose….? Ja ne, Takuya & Kanon.’  “Gah! So unfair, i wanna say bye to them in person not via note…” Courtney muttered to herself. “Huh?” Stephanie asked “i said gah! So unfair i wanted to say bye to them in person not via note… but alas, no one can take Non-kun from his Anime, and I’m getting Shounen jump outta it too!” Courtney said.

Stephanie shook her head at her friend and reminded her that she had to finish packing and getting ready.  About 2 hours had passed when Courtney’s Phone rang playing Cherry Saku Yuki, “Hiya Miku-kun, Wassup?”

Mou Coco-chan, I wanted to surprise you! How did you know it was me?” Miku said making Courtney giggle.

“Everyone one has there own special phone tune, yours is Cherry Saku Yukii, mind you only you and Teru-kun have An Café songs as your ring tones hehe, Yuki’s is Snow White by D, Non-kun’s is Kimi ni negai wo by Miyavi, and Taku-kun’s is Lost Heaven by L’arc~en~Ciel. Oh and Teru-kun’s is Escapism hehe. Anyhu…wassup?”

hmmm…I might have to do that now, Yukiki’s always pretending to be someone else on the phone. Cause I dun usually look at the number before I answer…anyhu, urm… you know how you said that one day it would be cool if you could sing live on stage with an café?”

At that question Courtney felt the butterflies in her tummy, she had a feeling she knew what was coming next. “yeah….why?”

Ano…well I asked Manager-san, and he said that you could come and sing a few songs with me on stage at the Kyoto gig, and maybe even one on your own? Ne ne, what do you think Coco-chan?” Miku asked.

Courtney felt excited but at the same time highly nervous. “Ano.. Miku-kun im not sure, I mean I really want to but I’m really nervous at the same time.”

Ongai Courtney, I would love for you to sing with me and the guys, I promise you that once your up there singing you’ll just feel the rush of the music and youll forget all about your nervousness.”

“Hai Hai okay Miku-kun ill do it… just tell me what songs and I’ll practice them…”

Yay! Honto Arigatou Coco-chan!, ill get back to you with the songs, is there any in particular that you would wanna sing alone?

Courtney thought for a moment then smiled “Orange Dream For Miku-kun”

On the other end of the phone Miku smiled a soft sad smile “so you know huh?” he said quietly.

“Hai, I asked Non-kun, because I was worried everytime someone brought up Bou’s Name, Miku-kun would go quiet and sad, and Yuki-kun would also look worriedly at you, Miku-kun, you need to let others help you through the pain, especially Yuki-kun. That’s why I want to sing this song for you.”

Hai, okay, I know, if Coco-chan gets the confidence to sing that song in front of the crowd at Kyoto, then ill do as she says and let Yukiki and everyone to help me though this.

“Mi-kun you should open up anyways, but okay, ill make sure ill sing! for Miku & Yuki’s Sake.”

Hai Coco-chan, Arigatou Gosamasu.”

“No problem Mi-kun, now im sure you guys have to get ready, and if you see Teru-san, tell ‘m to hurry up hehe.”

Ah Teruki-kun’s left about 10 minutes ago, he should be with you soon.”

“Honto? Okay, then I shall see you later, and don’t forget to tell me the songs.”

Hai Coco-chan, Ja


“What the heck was that discussion all about?”

Courtney nearly jumped out of her skin when she heard Teruki’s voice behind her. “Teru-kun, When the heck did you get here!?”  Teruki grinned at the girl “about 5 minutes ago, now what was that conversation about, did Miku-kun tell you about the thing he wanted you to do?”  Courtney nodded “Hai he hasn’t told me what songs, but ive promised him ill get up and sing Orange Dream for him, if I do this then Miku-kun said he will open up to us to let us know what hes feeling.” She said

Teruki nodded and sighed “he shouldn’t need a reason to do that but, meh if he didn’t give you that reason you probably would have backed out singing “ Courtney blushed and punched Teruki’s shoulder. “Mou Teru-kun so mean!” Teruki laughed and then looked Stephanie who was rolling her eyes “You guys do know Im still here right…even though I cant really understand what your saying.” Courtney giggled and Teruki looked like he wanted to know what she said, which Courtney translated for him.  He chucked and nodded. “yup yup Stephie we know your still here. Hm… I think we should get going now as the train leaves in half hour and it takes like 15 mins to get there. “ Courtney said  “Come on Teru-kun lets get going! The soon we leave the sooner I can ask embarrassing questions.” Courtney grinned evilly. “oh boy do I feel sorry for Non-chan & Takuya-chi…” Teruki said shaking his head, “come on Courtney-chan lets get going.”  He said to Courtney and then looked over at Stephanie “um…shall we go…stephanie-chan?” Teruki said in english, his accent heavy making Stephanie blush. “Hai Teruki-kun” Stephanie said back in Japanese.

Courtney cooed over by the door “Kawaii!”  the 2 other occupients of the room glared at her which she laughed at and walked out of the door with orange suitcase in tow., then running back in the house saying quickly in English & Japanese that she forgot something.  Teruki raised an eyebrow at the carry case that Courtney came back out with. “Courtney-chan, you play guitar?”  Courtney nodded, “im gonna have to get you to keep Miku-kun quiet, me don’t want taku-kun & non-kun to find out that im doing a few songs with Miku-kun & one on my own, me want it to be a surprise hehe” Teruki rolled his eyes but nodded

The group walked out the door and got into the car, Courtney sat in the back this time to allow Teruki & Stephanie to try and converse with each other more. Once they were at the station, Courtney got out the car and took all the luggage out leaving her guitar in the boot and reminding Teruki to give it to miku.

Saying there goodbyes to Teruki, both of the girls boarded the bullet train to Kyoto. The train ride itself was boring both of them falling asleep listening to Courtney’s Ipod. Once arriving at the station they looked around for a sign with there names on it, as miku said that kanon’s family would be waiting for them at the station.

They looked around and saw a little boy around the age of 9 with his mother holding a sign with both there names on it. They both smiled at the cute scene and walked over to the lady & where son. Courtney spoke up, “Konnichwa, Watashi no namae wa Langley Courtney Desu, this is my friend Ward Stephanie, you must be, Sano-san?” the lady smiled at the both of them and nodded. “Hai, but please just call me Hinata okay? Oh and this down here is my second and youngest son, Ryuuchi. “

Courtney grinned and translated it all into English for Stephanie, which Hinata took note of. Courtney looked down at the younger boy with an emo fringe with blond highlights and she nearly squealed at the fact he looked like a mini Kanon. She stood infront of Ryuuchi taking note that he was nearly as tall as he, to which he pouted about in her head. “Ryuuchi-kun, you must really love you brother don’t you?” the little boy blushed and nodded Courtney smiled “Do you like Anime and Manga too?” Ryuuchi nodded his head furiously making Courtney giggle. “That’s good then, now my present for you wouldn’t have gone to waste. Your brother lives with me you see and he told me all about you, so yesterday I bought this for you, your Aniki said it was your favourite anime at the moment. Which is good ‘cause its mine too.” Courtney said grinning and bringing out a plushies of Lavi & Tyki from D.Grey-man.

Ryuuchi gasped and thanked Courtney over and over again giving her a hug. To which she smiled gently at, and ruffled his hair. Kanon had told her that those two where his brothers favourite characters, and not to corrupt him anymore than he already is with Yaoi, to which she giggled at.

Standing up and looking at Hinata Courtney smiled taking something else out of her bag “Hinata-san, this is for you. Non-kun said that you would like it.” She said grinning and handing the Yaoi Doujinshi to the lady, who evidentially squealed and hugged the book and then Courtney & Stephanie. Hinata suggested they get a move on so they could go home and have some dinner.

On the ride back home, Hinata asked all sorts of questions to the girls, and spoke mostly in English so Stephanie could understand. Ryuuchi also knew English, quite a lot for a 10 year old, (he had told them how old he was when Stephanie asked.) and chose to speak it when he found out that Stephanie didn’t know all that much Japanese.

Once they arrived at the Shinya Home, Courtney and Stephanie took there suitcases out of the car and were led into the house. Both of them taking off there shoes when they entered, they were the shown the guest rooms they would be sleeping in. “Stephanie-san you shall be staying in this room here, and Courtney-san you shall be in this one” Hinata said smiling, Courtney stepped inside her allocated room and immediately knew that this was Kanon’s old bedroom.

Courtney grinned and looked around at the anime infested room, and practically jumped to Kanon’s figurine collections. “Gah! That’s the blasted Sora & Riku Models I’ve wanted for ages!!!“ She got her phone out and typed in Kanons Mobile Number.

Moshi Moshi

“Gah! You Ass Wipe I cant believe you lied to meee!!!!”

Itai! Seriously do you have to shout down the phone Courtney-kun!?

“When you lie Non-kun then Yes!”

What the heck did I lie about you insane woman?

“im not insane im special! Anyhow…. You lied about you having the Sora & Ri-mu Figurines!”

… did Okaa-san put you in my room?

“Hai and loving the Yaoi Collection, and the Hidden Hentai an Yuri I see too” Courtney said down the phone snickering.

Kanon didn’t even reply and Courtney thought he had hung up the phone “urh…non-kun?”


“ano…are you angry at me?”

Iie, just irritated with Okaa-san”

“okay…urm I promise not to snoop around anymore, please don’t be mad….”


“Yuki-kun? Ano where did Non-kun go?”

he just handed the phone to me and walked off…”

“…Okay…Kuso…I should have just not bothered to call” Courtney said with a sigh.

“nene, Courtney-chan, don’t worry about it, I think Kanon-sans just a bit….ur frustrated not because of you or his okaa-san but urm how do I express this…?”

“Yuki what are you talking about?” Courtney asked slightly confused and with a raised eyebrow that Yuki couldn’t see.

hes…sexually frustrated….” Yuki whispered down the phone

Courtney blushed and laughed “Aww bless tell him to go into a private corner look at some porn and jack off?”

She didn’t even get a reply just laughter and lot off it. Then she heard a knock on the door “Yuki-kun I gotta go…. Ill call Non-kun back later have fun!”

Ja..ahaha ne..haha”


Hanging up the phone giggling she walked to the door, only to find Ryuuchi standing there, “Hey Ryuu-kun whats up?” Ryuuchi blushed at the nickname and wandered into the room, “ano Okaa-san said dinners ready. I already went to go ask Stephanie-san but shes passed out on her bed.” Courtney giggled at this “shes probably just tired from the jet lag, she only flew into japan today.” Ryuuchi nodded and then led the way to the kitchen.

At dinner they dicussed lots of things and of course Courtney had to ask the embarrassing question about Kanon, which Hinata was more than happy to answer. Halfway through dinner Kanons Father came home, at first glance he looked like a really strict parent but it turns out that he was a very funny and sweet person. “Shinobou-san, what do you do for a living?” Kanon’s father, Shinobou smiled over at the girl “well… I work for Square Enix, I’m an accountant but never the less I I things for discount from the company so I don’t really mind.” He said  with a big grin on his face “HONTO?!” Courtney said rather loudly making Ryuuchi jump then laugh at the girls excited expression. “Hai” was the mans response with a smile. “Sugoi…Non-kun is sooo lucky!”  she said making the table laugh. The rest of diner went smoothly and after dinner Courtney excused herself to go and practice the songs Miku had txted her half way through dinner.  She got to her bedroom and started to practice the songs and practice playing them on Kanon’s Guitar, who knew Kanon knew how to play Guitar as well as bass?

Once finished Courtney Laid back on the bed and took in the scent of Kanon, drifting off into a light sleep. After sleeping for about 2 hours she was woken up by ‘Kimi Ni Negai wo’ drifting through her barriers of sleep. She looked at the time and noticed it was only 10pm and answered her phone “Hiya Non-kun…” she said still half asleep. “Ano…Courtney-kun did i wake you?” Courtney shook her head even though the bassist couldn’t see it “Na i was only in a light sleep, tis cool…Anyhu whats up? did Yuki give you my idea?” she asked snickering afterwards.

urm…what idea?he didn’t say anything when he gave my phone back to me he was just laughing

“ahahahaha excellent, go and ask him ahahahaha”

ok…ay…then…. Oi Yuki! What was this idea Courtney-kun had for me?

Courtney herself cracked up laughing when she heard Yuki laugh and then explain.

uh hi Courtney-chan, Kanon-san is trying to kill Yuki-san… should I ask why?

“Ah Taku-Kun! Did you know that Non-kun is Sexually frustrated? Yuki told me and then I said he need to find some porn and jack off which is probably the reason Non-kun is trying to kill Yuki-kun!” Courtney said and then broke out into a fit of giggles she couldn’t tell but Takuya was blushing  as well as laughing on the other end. “Poor Kanon-san, at least I know how he feels…” Takuya said without thinking

“Eh! Taku-kun is sexually frustrated too! Do I have to repeat my advice to you too?”

“Iie… please don’t…”

“oh ok…hmm Takuya, changing the subject completely, are you gonna be happy and smile at the Kyoto gig?”

Frowning on his side of the phone Takuya spoke “what do you mean?

Courtney sighed “well all the gigs of yours that I’ve been to or seen, besides the Summer Dive Tour gig in

Yokohoma, you never seem to look like your happy, your always either frowning or not smiling.”

do I really do that?

“Hai, take 2008 London gig for example [1] I was there and right in front of you but I swear you never smiled once, after the gig me and Stephanie were wondering weather you were bored or something.”

okay then, ill try and be happy for the Kyoto gig.

“don’t try to be happy…try to have fun! That’s what being  in a band is all about, besides the long ass practice sessions but mostly its about having fun!” Courtney said with a smile on her side of the phone.

hehe okay ill try and have fun. Oh and by the way at the London gig, were you one of the girls who, when I said ‘ I love you’ into the crowd, screamed ‘Aishiteru Takuya-kun’.

“ahahaha, oh believe me when I say I was screaming the loudest, and trying to get your attention the most I’m so jealous that Stephanie got to the front of the crowd.”

Takuya blushed on his side of the phone “ano…nande?

“Cause Taku-kun is my favourite of the band…demo… now you and Non-kun are my favourites hehehe”

Again Takuya blushed and stored this information in the back of his head for later use…mainly to torment Kanon.  “Ano Courtney-chan, I have to go now…Kanon-san has Yuki-san pinned under him and Miku-san is threatening to sue Kanon-san for Sexual harassment…

“ahahahahahaha hai hai, go ill see you when I see you hehehehehe Ja ne Taku-kun!”

Ja ne Courtney-chan

After hanging up the phone Courtney giggled once again at the mental image and then drifted off into sleep.

The next day Courtney and Stephanie had a guided tour around Kyoto courtesy of Hinata & Takuya’s Mother, Nadeshiko. Ryuuchi Also came along, with Nadeshiko’s son, aka Takuya’s brother, Tsuna who was quite Shy Compaired to Ryuuchi. Ryuuchi & Tsuna were both in the same class at school but according to Ryuuchi, Tsuna doesn’t want him to be seen with him, because he feels that Ryuuchi’s popularity will be messed up if he makes friends with the geek, Which in all honesty Tsuna was not.

Courtney smiled when she saw the looks Tsuna would give Ryuuchi and vice versa. She nudged Stephanie and told her too.”So Courtney-chan where do you work?” Courtney looked over at Nadeshiko and smiled, “Well im really into Cosplay and Anime & Manga, so i found a place that lets me work with all of that together, hehe, i work at a Manga & Anime Store in Akihabara where you have to Cosplay for work. It’s quite cool and ive met quite a few nice friends there.” Courtney said with a smile. Nadeshiko giggled “sounds like lots of fun, do you make your own outfits?” Courtney nodded “Hai, Fashion Textiles is my hobby, i wanted to go back to collage to learn it, but my Okaasan wouldn’t let me, which upset me alot, but my step mother explained to me that it was because of money, it would be impractical for me to go back and study, so instead i saved up enough money and came over here. And to be honest i think it was the best choice ive ever made in my life.” Courtney said with a smile.

Ah so where do you girls want to go and eat?” Hinata asked in English. “urm… what would you recommend Hinata-san?” Stephanie asked the lady “well theres a really nice ramen place in the middle of town” Hinata said looking at Nadeshiko as if she needed a confirmation. “ah yes, minna’s Ramen. The name sounds really urm…orignal? hehehe but it really has some delicious ramen.” Stephanie giggled and smiled “Ok then lets go with that then!” she said. Hinata and Nadeshiko nodded and walked in the direction of the shop, whilst Stephanie walked besides Ryuuchi starting up a nice conversation, Courtney fell back with Tsuna who was behind everyone else. “Hey Tsuna-kun, you ok? You seem down…” the brunet, hazel eyed boy looked up at the girl next too him in surprise, then sighed “Ano…Courtney-san…have you ever been in love, but the person you like doesn’t realise it and ends up telling you because there your close friend, that they like someone else.” The boy asked looking up at the girl looking as if he was about to cry.

Courtney smiled sadly at the boy, “Unforntualy I have, it was when I was back in High school, I was in ‘love’ with one of my best friends, we called him Jelly, though his real name was Jerell, anyways, I always gave away hints to the boy that I liked him, he never seemed to realise that I did however. And because of this I was talking to him online one night and I asked him if there was anyone he like, he said yes, and with a bit more prying I found out that it was my best friend Stephanie. And Yes I do mean that Stephanie over there. I cried over it for ages, but then I realised that I wasn’t really in love with him, and it was just another one of my Long crushes. The advice I give to you Tsuna, is if you really like the guy, Tell him, did you ask who it was he liked?” he watched the boy shake his head the get a puzzled look on his face “how did you know I was talking about a guy?”

Courtney giggled, “im not silly Tsuna-kun, I see the way you look at Ryu-kun, Don’t worry I wont tell, but you need to tell him, you wont know unless you try, I mean, you didn’t ask him who he likes so you never know…it could be you.”  Tsuna smiled softly and nodded “your right Courtney-san, i don’t know until i try. But i still have too build up my nerve for something like this so…it might take me a while to say it.” Courtney sighed softly and nodded reluctantly “demo Tsuna-kun, just remember…the longer you wait, your nerves wont neccicaraly go away, ‘Kay? But if you ever need any help, im always here alright?” Tsuna nodded and Courtney smiled when she could see the determination on his face. “shall we catch up to the others now… it seems weve fallen behind quite a bit hehehe.” Courtney said. Tsuna nodded and took Courtneys hand when they started to run.

Once they had eaten, they all headed back to the sano residence to relax for a bit, Courtney and Stephanie hung around downstairs for a while until, Courtney excused herself to go and practice in Kanon’s room. A couple of hours later she had changed into one of Takuya’s t-shirts that she had borrowed as a nightee from him, and she was cross legged on Kanons bed playing Disgaea on her psp. Having her head phones in she didn’t notice the doorbell ring, or the knock on the door. She did however notice when the door opened to reveal Kanon & Takuya grinning at her.

Courtneys eyes widened and took out her head phones and put her psp down on the bed, getting up to go over and hug them, not noticing she was still only wearing Takuya’s T-shirt and some underwear. Unfortunately for the guys, they did notice what she was wearing and struggled to keep the perverted images from there heads. Giving each of the guys a hug Courtney grinned, “so what you two doing here then? Oooo didja meet stephie?” she asked dragging them to sit next to her on Kanon’s bed.

Kanon & Takuya were having a difficult time to erase the perverted thoughts from there minds, and sitting on the bed with Courtney too didn’t make things any better. “well we thought we’d come round and see our parents, you know whilst were over here and all.” Takuya said. Courtney pouted and looked up at him “Mou…so you didn’t come to see me?” Kanon nearly snickered at the position Takuya had been put in, but decided to help him out instead. “Of course we came to see you Courtney-kun, and to your other question yes we did meet Stephanie, though with the way Teruki continues to talk about her i don’t think we needed too…” Courtney laughed and fell back onto the bed because she was laughing too much, giving the boys a full view of her underwear.

Kanon & Takuya looked at each other and went to pull her back up before they both did something they regretted, but were stopped when Courtney leaned up on her elbows and spoke to them “Sooooo did you guys take my advice? Ya know the one you tried to kill Yuki-kun over Non-kun?” Both boys blushed and glared softly at the girl “Kotoni…” both boys said her name in Japanese, making the girl shiver and blush.

Kanon moved first and crawled to where Courtney’s head was from where she was laying down, then Takuya moved to sit on top of her. The looked at each other and then grinned each taking one of her sides both boys tickled the girl until she was in tear because she was crying so hard. “ahahahahahaha Non-kun Takuya-kun please ahahahahaha stoooppppp ahahahahahaa i give i giveeeeee ahahahaha” she ended up reverting to English because she couldn’t think straight from all the tickling.

Both boys chuckled and let go of her though their hands lingered a little longer than necessary, which Courtney didn’t comment on as she didn’t really notice. Courtney giggled slightly whilst sitting up “so i take that as a no comment. Hehehehe, oooo did you guys know that i know who each of your brothers like?” she asked, “Nee…Courtney-chan, how would we know that you know who our brothers like? But on another note…..who do they like, Tsunayoshi Doesn’t tend to tell me things like that…” Takuya said slightly pouting. Courtney giggled & poked Takuya’s pouting face.

“hehe, don’t feel so put out Takuya-kun, there are just certain things siblings feel they can’t tell their other siblings. I get it from my little brothers & sisters all the time.” Courtney said smiling. Kanon rested his head on Courtney’s shoulder “so who do they like? Each other?” Kanon said shrugging it off not realising he got the answer dead on. “Ano….Hai….you sure you guys didn’t know? That was rather coincidental…” Courtney said scratching her head with a confused look on her face. Both boys eyes widened, “MAJI!?” they asked in surprise.

“Hai, but your both not allowed to say anything, Tsu-kun’s in denial that Ryu-kun doesn’t like him, Apparently Ryu-kun said that he like’s someone to Tsu-kun, and I’m 99.9% sure that he meant Tsu-kun but alas from what i can see Tsu-kun has confidence problems, which honestly i don’t know why he’s a very adorable boy. Whilst Ryu-kun’s being to vague about it, he really needs to just go and tell Tsu-kun but i think that like most people he’s afraid of rejection…” Courtney said sighing at the end. “It’s really quite sad in a way you just want to hug them and tell em it will be alright…” Kanon & Takuya, after listening to the story Had the biggest urge to go and knock some sense into their brothers, but had an equally strong feeling that Courtney would beat the crap out of them if they did.

Sighing but then coming out of her trance Courtney smiled at both boys tugging at the piece of sliver hair that was drifting down her shoulder from Kanon’s fringe. “Nee…are you guys staying round tonight? Or going back to the hotel…though then again i don’t know where you guys would sleep….though Non-kun you bed is a double bed i suppose we could all fit in it?” Courtney said grinning, making Kanon Raise an eyebrow at Takuya as if to say ‘shall we take her up on her offer?’ Also making Takuya raise an eyebrow as if to say ‘why not?’ “Maybe we’ll stay if we get to share the bed with you nee?”

Courtney blushed heavily and muttered with a smile “okay then…” the boys looked at her in surprise. “But you have to call Teru-kun or he’s going to be panicking that you didn’t come back…” she said giggling at the though of Teruki running about, phoning up the police about a missing child. They both nodded and Kanon took out his phone to make the phone call. “Ok I’m going downstairs to tell Hinata-san & Shinobu-san that you’re both staying.” Courtney said standing up and walking over to her suitcase to find some trousers to put on. Kanon just happened to turn around when she bent over and grinned and nudged Takuya.

Takuya turned and face the direction Kanon was pointing at and grinned along with him. “Ano…Courtney-kun….We can see your underwear….” Takuya said grinning at her. Courtney blushed but didn’t get up and just ignored him. Once she found her trousers she put them on and turned around to the too boys and stuck her tongue out at the boys, which earned another comment from Takuya “don’t do that unless your gonna use it.” Courtney blushed and whispered out “maybe i will…” and walked out the door not knowing that the boys heard her.

Courtney walked down the stairs and saw Hinata & Shinobu cuddled on the sofa which she smiled at. “Ano… Sumimasen, demo would it be okay for Kanon-kun & Takuya-kun to stay the night tonight?” Hinata & Shinobu turned to face her they both grinned and nodded saying they’ll bring up blankets later. Courtney smiled and walked back upstairs grinning.

When she walked back into the room she saw Takuya playing a few melodies on the guitar and Kanon Having a Cigarette outside the window. She sat down on the bed, and took her trousers back off, which evidentially made Kanon choke on his cigarette smoke & Takuya stop playing guitar. Courtney looked at the both of them and giggled “what? I’m more comfortable without pants hehe.” She said throwing her trousers to the side of the room by her suitcase. “Oh yeh, I forgot, Hinata-san said that you guys can stay, she’s going to bring up blankets a bit later.” The boys nodded.

“Ano Non-kun, do you have any movies to watch?” Kanon nodded in the direction of his movie shelf. Her eyes widened when she saw a film she had been wanting to watch for a while now, however it was on the top shelf…where she couldn’t reach “kuso…” she said stretching up still trying to reach it. She felt a body behind her, and noticed it was Kanon by the smell of cigarette that followed. “Which one are you trying to reach Courtney-kun?” she felt him whisper into her ear. She had to lean back into his chest to stop herself from falling from her jellified legs. “A…ano…Gake no Ue no Ponyo… Onigai” When he felt her lean back into him he had to hold in a groan, but when he heard her tiny stuttered whisper he let out a small moan. He nodded and reached up for the film, and got it down for her.

“Arigato, Non-kun…” she said Kanon nodded and walked back to his spot on the bed by the window, Not looking at Takuya who he knew would be grinning, with a ‘I heard you moan’ face on. Grin was short lived, when Courtney bent over, pretty much in front of him to put the DVD into the DVD player and play it. He bit his lip and he heard Kanon chuckling besides him.

Courtney, oblivious to the 2 Hormonal guys behind her, turned around and plonked herself in between the 2 boys. Before the movie started, she poked Kanon to stop smoking and close the window. Sighing he did as she asked and sat so he had his legs out in front of him.

Seeing this Courtney grinned and moved, to sit in between his legs and rested her head against his chest. “Nee, Nee Taku-kun, Come sit!” she said giggling from Kanon’s lap patting the space between her legs.  Takuya blushed but never the less, got up and sat between Courtney’s legs.

And that’s the position Hinata found them asleep in when she came up with blankets. She raised an eyebrow, she had a feeling that Courtney liked both her son and Nadeshiko’s but she never thought that both of them liked her back. She giggled and then quickly ran out the room to grab her camera then came back in and took a few pictures, to show Nadeshiko tomorrow. She placed the blankets over them to the best of her ability without waking them up or suffocating Takuya.

She giggled again and took one last picture before leaving the room.

“Nadeshiko’s gonna love these.”

End chapter 2


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