[Fanfic] (Kingdom Hearts) Dont Worry…Be Happy! [Chapter 2]

Don’t Worry…Be Happy!

Chapter 2

After spending the rest of the night in his sister’s room, at about 3am Roxas moved back into his own room. He had two days to prepare to the two week camping trip with everyone, and at the moment he didn’t know if he wanted to go or not.

Roxas sighed and walked over to his dresser, changing into his White and black chequered pyjama pants. Then walking back over to his bed he flopped down, climbing under the covers he fell asleep, to try and sleep things off, hoping he could make his mind up in the morning.

The next morning Sora woke up at the break of dawn…as usual and ran into his sister’s room first, Jumping on her bed screaming her name. Sora noticed about 30 minutes later when Cai walked into her bedroom in a towel that she wasn’t in her bed, which evidently made Cai crack up with laughter.

Pouting Sora moved to go and wake up Roxas, until Cai told him not to. “Why? He sleeps way to much as it is!” Sora exclaimed. Putting on a stern face Cai shook her head. Sora Sighed and turned downstairs towards the kitchen.

Looking towards his Dad, who once again was reading the paper, he rolled his eyes. “Dad seriously… don’t you have anything better to do in the mornings?” Kiyoshi glanced up at his son raising an eyebrow. “You think of something for me to do in the mornings and I’ll do it, for now though I think ill continue with my paper.” He said boredly as if he heard it everyday.

Rolling his eyes once more Sora sighed and sat down across from his dad. Sorano entered the kitchen with a plate full of toast in one hand and butter in a bowl in the other. Placing them down on the table, she pulled out a blunt knife for the butter from her apron pockets.

Looking towards her somewhat gloomy son she frowned. “What’s wrong Sora?” she asked him softly. Looking up at his mother, his usual bright blue eyes gone, and replaced with dull blue ones. “Mama, I think I’m the only one excited about this trip, Cai seems a bit depressed, and well Roxas, well Cai told me not to go and wake him up this morning so something must be wrong with him.” Sora put his head in his arms on the table sighing.

Walking over to her child, she lifted his head from his arms and into her chest for a hug. “Sora, You and I both know that both Cai and Roxas, More often Roxas than Cai, have there ‘Emo’…that’s what you kids are calling it today right?” Seeing Sora giggle and nod she continued “Yes they have there ‘emo’ Moments now and again, and we can’t stop that, but you’re the optimist of the three of you, so you’ve got to be there to cheer them up. So if you loose your optimism then I don’t know what I would do, I can’t have 3 ‘emo’ children.” She said giggling, which in turn made Sora giggle too.

Looking up into his mothers bright blue eyes, Sora smiled brightly “Okay then! I shall help them from there gloom and be the optimistic person everyone seems to love me for.” He said grinning.

Smiling at her son she ruffled his already messy hair and pushed him towards the stairs, “go and help them, and tell them to hurry and pack, you have to get going in an hour or so.” She said pointing towards the clock.

Nodding Sora did a military salute to his mum and ran upstairs laughing. Knocking on his sisters door first, he heard a faint come in. Walking in he nearly tripped over the random towel in front of the door. Looking down and the towel he kicked it sticking his tongue out at it.

Looking at her brother with amusement laced in her eyes Cai jumped up over to him and picked up the towel, hanging it up on the back of her door. “What’s up bro?” she asked him.

Looking at his sister Sora grinned seeing that she was wearing the T-shirt he bout her last Christmas, he had it specially made it quoted something she said to him when he told her she about to do something stupid ‘My common sense tells me not to do these things but my mind always has ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ Playing in the background’ He giggled remembering that day.

Raising an eyebrow at her zoned out brother Cai waved a hand in front of his face, receiving nothing but a blank stare and a giggle she rolled her eyes and whacked him upside the head. “Owchies…! What was that for?” he asked his insane sister.

“You just zoned out on me that’s why I hit you. Anyways what did ya come in here for?” She asked again. His mouth turned into the shape of an ‘o’ “I’m here to tell you mum start packing we need to get going. Riku, Raigne, Axel & Axels new boyfriend are gonna be here soon, were meeting the rest down there.” Sora explained, watching his sister face frown when he mentioned axels new boyfriend.

Coming out of her thoughts about this ‘Yukio’ she looked up at her older brother and smiled “Okies I was just in the middle of packing before I decided that id better have a shower first.” Sora nodded then took on a serious face ” Cai you know if anything’s bothering you…you can tell me right?” Cai turned around from her clothes collecting, and smiled slowly at her brother “yes Sora I know but this ones not my problem to tell…its Roxas. But Sora don’t ask him straight out what’s wrong because you and me both know he won’t spill.” She said seriously. Sora nodded and saluted his sister.

Busting out with laughter Cai tried to salute him back but ended up tumbling on the floor, from tripping over a random pair of socks strewn across her bedroom floor.

Laughing back at his sisters messy room, Sora strolled out of the door over to his twins bedroom door. Without knocking he barged in only to find his brother bent over zipping up his bag. Looking surprised he ran over to his brother and glomped him.

Letting out a girly scream Roxas’s eyes widened then covered his mouth realizing what just came out. Turning back towards Sora he glared. “SORA! DON’T FLIPPIN DO THAT!” he screamed at his brother.

Giggling Sora grinned at the boy below him “you nearly finished with your packing? Riku, Raigne, Axel and that boyfriend of his are gonna be here any minute.” Roxas nodded his eyes not shown as his bangs covered them. Looking at his blond twin Sora sighed “Roxas, you know as well as Cai I’m always here to, if you need someone to depend on.” Roxas nodded at his brother and got out from underneath him and finished packing quickly.

Looking over to Sora who was stood next to the door, he put on a smile and spoke “go and get Cai and get this trip on the road!” he said with fake enthusiasm. Sighing again Sora ignored his brothers tone and just opted to get his sister.

Walking out of the room he walked back over to his little sisters room, where he saw her trying to zip up the overly packed rucksack. Laughing he helped her and the lifted it up to see how heavy it was. “Cai! WHAT THE HELL IS IN HERE!” he asked, sceptical as to why the bag was so heavy.

Cai grinned up at her big brother “Nothing much….anyways let go take out bags downstairs and wait for the rest. And while were waiting you can tell me who the heck is coming on this trip!” she said hopping down the hall way with her bag on her back, and Sora wondering if her back was made of steel.

Seeing Roxas waiting for them in the living room, sat next to his tiny, compared to Cai’s anyways, bag. Roxas’s eyes widened when he saw the size of Cai’s bag. ” CAI! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME WITH THAT CHUNKY ASS THING!” he yelled in shock. Grinning like a mad man Cai took her bag off her back with little effort and dropped it on the floor with a huge bang, next to her green beanbag chair.

Hearing the bang, both Sorano and Kiyoshi came running in, “What happened?” Sorano said panicked. Roxas rolled his eye at his parents “it was just Cai and her overly packed/sized enormous humungous bag!” Sora said a tad over dramatically.

Sighing in relief Kiyoshi and Sorano walked back into the kitchen. Turning her head away from where her parents were standing over to Sora, Cai asked the question she had been wondering for a while now.

“So Sora who is coming on this little camping trip?” tiling his head to the side slightly as if to say he was thinking Sora punched his fist into the palm of his other hand and then did the finger point for when an idea has come to you “Weeeeeeelll my dear sister, there’s is me, you, Roxas, Riku, Axel, Raigne, this Yukio guy, urm… dem, Zexi, Kai, Nami, 2 of Zexi’s cousins both of who are bringing there girlfriends.” He said.

Nodding Cai and Roxas both jumped when the door bell rang. Roxas Grimaced knowing who it was, Sora moved over to sit next to Roxas, knowing by the look on his face he would want some comfort. Cai plopped down on her bean bag, waiting for there guests to come in.

Raigne was the first to enter, then came in Riku, Axel and the boy they supposed was Yukio, who was possessively holding Axel’s arm. Getting up for her bean bag chair, Cai marched over to Riku first, as she had a bone to pick with him “DOODE! We were supposed to have our father and son talk yesterday and you just left me in the dust! Asshole!” she said whacking him round the head, then advancing on the wide eyed Axel.

Glaring Full force at him she punched him in the stomach and then slapped him round the face., “Axel Hikari….” She started in a very low tone, “you have a lot of explaining to do!” she said in a threateningly low voice.

The suddenly being pushed backwards harshly, Cai glared up at the boy who was previously attached to Axel’s arm, “Lemme guess, Yukio right? Well now I defiantly don’t like you.” Cai said waltzing back over to her bean bag chair and sitting down putting in her headphones and tuning out everyone with her music.

Raigne Ran over to Cai grabbing another bean bag she sat down behind her pulling her into her arms. Axel looked down at the in shame, he knew that he had a lot of explaining to do, after what he told her before she left for boarding school, she must be angry, let alone confused.

Riku and Sora were looking at each wondering what to do, whilst Roxas decided he had had enough silence and spoke up. “Everyone got there things? If so lets get going before were late to meet the others.” He said getting up from the sofa, walking over to Cai and dragging her and Raigne up.

Picking up there bags on the way out they all walked out into the car, and as Roxas previously offered to drive he got in the drivers seat whilst Raigne got in the back with Cai in the middle. The others came out a while later, with Riku and Sora grabbing the far back seats, leaving the spare back seat & front seat to either Axel or Yukio, Axel Knowing it would be better for Yukio’s health if he sat in the front sat in the middle seat whilst turning around to glare at Riku & Sora, who stuck there tongues out at him.

Yukio Whined that the ‘crazy woman’ aka Cai was taking his seat but a near slap round the face from Cai was enough to change his mind, and sit in the front.

With all bags bag and goodbyes to parents said, they set off to the wooded campsite area about 2 hours away. Riku and Sora had fallen asleep with there heads resting on one another. Cai & Raigne were singing along to Peach by Otsuka Ai then pretty much screaming Vicinity of obscenity by system of a down. Axel did have to wonder at that point how the hell Riku and Sora slept through all of that.

Roxas was tuning out the overly talkative and highly obsessive boy next to him, he irritated him to no end and in the end he just decided to turn the music up until he couldn’t hear him anymore.

Axel sighed he knew for no he was safe from both Cai’s and Roxas’s wrath but how long would he be able to avoid it?

2 hours of singing and loud music later, they all arrived at the campsite. Noticing a VW Bright yellow and blue camper van they immediately knew that Demyx & Zexion were there. When Roxas pulled up beside the Camper, he noticed a Dark red convertible. “Guys Kai, & Nami are here as well as Dem Zexi and there extra tag along.” Also noticing Kairi’s Car and Demyx Camper, Cai speedily got out the car searching for the other blond she always sought comfort in.

Noticing the Mullet head trying to help his boyfriend (unsuccessfully might I add) put up there tent, she ran over and tackled him. Zexion saw her coming and held onto the tent so it wouldn’t fall down anymore than it already had.

“Owch! Cai you could be a little more gentle when…what’s wrong?” he asked seeing the sad look on Cai’s face. Looking up at her Blond friend she tried to smiled, “Ill Tell you later now you have to help Zexi fix the tent! Zexi comes first I come later!” Demyx’s eyes burrowed in confusion, 2 Years ago Cai would have said that line the other way around, that she came first and Zexion later, he had to wonder what happened in the boarding school to make her turn this way.

He nodded at the girl and got up to help his boyfriend with the tent, watching her go to sit at the base of a tree. Turning towards his boyfriend he sighed, knowing there was nothing he could do at the moment, he would just have to wait until she told him.

Roxas got out the car once everyone else had, he walked over to an empty unoccupied space to start setting up his tent, when a shadow loomed over him. Placing his bag on the floor he turned around, to see axel with his beautiful emerald eyes staring down at him with a soft look in his eyes.

Turing back around, not really wanting to see the elder boy at the particular moment. Axel fought the urge to sigh “Roxas can you just look at me please? I want to talk to you.” Roxas didn’t even reply, instead he just got up and walked off telling himself that he would build the tent later, at the moment he needed to get away from Axel.

Walking over to his sister on to find her staring wide eyed at someone. Once he got to her side he looked to where she was staring. Standing in front of her was a girl with long brown hair tied up into a high ponytail with a thick yellow ribbon, she had long bangs cascading down her face.

“Cai, what a pleasant surprise.” She said smiling softly, but Roxas could tell that it was a fake smile. He turned to look at his sister and saw that she had her eyes closed and her head down so that he bangs were covering her face. “Why are you here Lucrecia?” she asked the girl slowly.

Smiling all too sweetly to be real, Lucrecia answered “Vin-kuns cousin invited me along when he invited Vin-kun.” Roxas cringed at the nickname, and watched the way his sister tensed at the name. who the hell was this ‘vin-kun’? and why was he making Cai behave this way?

His questions were soon answered when a guy with long raven hair came out of Demyx Camper. “Lucrecia, where are the…Cai?” he completely forgot what he was about to say when he saw the blond in the clearing.

Not even bothering to look up Cai turned around and walked away, Roxas following closely behind, determined to know who that guy was and what he had done to his sister.

Cai finally stopped by the tree where Roxas had parked the car. She sat down at the base of the tree and started silently crying. He walked over to her and brought her to him and hugged her. “What’s his name and can I please kick his ass?” Roxas asked in a lame attempt to make her laugh. It worked though, letting out a small giggle Cai answered her older brother “His names Vincent Valentine and I half want you to beat the shit outta him and half don’t, so ill do with the latter, but you can beat the shit outta that slut Lucrecia.” She muttered bitterly.

Roxas chuckled “got the feeling you didn’t like her.” He said stroking her head gently. “So you talked to Axel yet? Or at least punched him?” Cai asked her brother in a muffled voice as she was still hugging him, trying to change the topic. Roxas Glared at his sister for changing the topic but never the less answered.

“He came over and started to talk to me, but Ignored him and walked off.” Cai frowned into Roxas’s shirt “Aniki, you need to at least let him apologise for being an asshole.” Roxas rolled his eyes “if I do that, then you let that Vincent dude apologise to you.” he pointed out, knowing that Cai was just as stubborn as him and wouldn’t do it.

Scowling at her older brother she shook her head. “No, I don’t want to hear an apology from him….” Roxas shook his head, “That’s a lie Cai. Anyways I do believe that Demyx is running over here like a madman, so brace yourself.” Roxas said spotting the blond mullet boy charging towards them.

Demyx practically grabbed Cai off of Roxas and ran off with her screaming something about his ‘Ochibi’ (1) telling him what was going on now. Roxas chuckled at his friend’s oddness; Cai Raigne and Demyx were the only ones out of the group who could be randomly insane when they wanted.

Walking over to the spot where he placed his bag and tent things, Roxas was mildly shocked to find that the tent was put up already. Figuring that Sora or Riku must have put it up, as there tent was up already, Roxas shrugged and crawled inside the tent to lay out his sleeping bag and things.

Only to find it occupied by one obnoxious red head that would not leave him alone. Hearing someone crawl into the tent Axel lifted his head up, to see Roxas with his eye twitching. “Axel…what are you doing in my tent.” Roxas asked in a voice that said ‘if you don’t get out of my tent in 5 seconds, I’m going to stab you with the pen I have in my pocket.’ Axel winced at the tone, but stood his ground “I put up your tent for you then waited around so I could talk to you, I know you don’t want to talk to me, but I really want to talk to you.” The red head said in a serious tone.

Roxas glared at Axel turning around to leave “Axel, what makes you think I even want to hear you talk?” he started “you hurt me so much Axel! You really think that going out with me for three years, then breaking up with me because I was too scared to sleep with you, then getting a new boyfriend the next week, is going to make me give you the right to talk to you? Why the fuck should I let you.” Roxas bit out his fringe now covering his eyes “leave now.” Roxas said in a low voice. Axel grimaced but left the tent only to turn his head back slightly and whisper “I made a mistake Roxas, and I’m sorry but please at least talk to me, even if it always ends up in an argument, I want to hear your voice talking to me again…” once he finished he walked away from the tent, leaving Roxas to let the held in tears to fall.

Collapsing to the ground Roxas curled up into his on rolled sleeping bag and sobbed silently.

Chapter 2 Fin

(1) – ive suddenly become obbessed with Prince of Tennis, maybe its because Shirota Yu plays Tezuka in the Live action Jdrama movice thing XD but yeh im also obsessed with Shirota Yu and Toma Ikuta…ahem… anyways…


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