[Fanfic] (Kingdom Hearts) Dont Worry…Be Happy! [Chapter 3]

Don’t Worry…Be Happy

Chapter 3

After explaining to Demyx what happened over the 2 years she spent away Cai sighed and walked back to camp with Demyx. “Demi, I feel to do a skit!” looking down at his younger friend in amusement, Demyx had a feeling of dread wash over him “ What kinda skit?” he asked not sure if he wanted to know the answer or not. “jumping around screaming at both Axel and Vincent the Avril Lavigne’s song Girlfriend hehehe” she said grinning up at her friend.

Raising an eye brow, as if not expect that answer Demyx looked around “As long as we get Zexi in a mini-skirt I’m game!” Getting a fit of giggles Cai calmed down then replied back “hehehe, we have to ask Raigne for the skirt but I’m sure its possible, we gotta drag Raigne in to this and Roxy, I’m sure he feels the need to shout at both Yukio & Axel.” She said grinning, “Cause I sure as hell wanna push that bitch down a well!…although I know I cant do that, but the thought of doing it is fun!” Cai said grinning like a madman.

Grinning also at the prospect of seeing his boyfriend in a mini-skirt, Demyx punched his fist in the air with a ‘Whoop!’ “Okay, I shall grab the CD player, and Zexi, you grab the mini-skirt, CD, Roxy and Raigne! Now lets get to it!” the both grinned and high fived each other laughing and running off to do there set tasks.

After crying so much Roxas walked off to find Zexion to ask if he could use Demyx’s sink in his camper van. He found him sat down talking to the ‘Vincent’ guy Cai was crying over. Walking over to them, Roxas asked Zexion if he could use the sink. Zexion nodded ushering him into to the camper; mind you that was after he took the time to tell him he looked like crap.

Grumbling his thanks and a muttered ‘bastard’ under his breath Roxas walked moved into the van and washed his face. Walking back out he noticed his sister and Demyx walking back from there chat. Although the grin on Cai’s face unnerved him, she was up to something.

Cai Grabbed her brothers arm and pulled him over to the side of the little group, when they were far enough out not to be heard Cai explained the plan to him. “NO! Cai no fucking way! No! Absolutely not! I won’t do it!” Cai looked sad “is it because of the skirt? Cause you don’t have to ware one…” Glaring at his sister Roxas started to shout again “NO! Its NOT because of the fucking skirt! Its because I don’t particularly want to go dancing around my ex about how I hate his ‘girlfriend’! GODDAMN IT CAI! DIDN’T YOU BEING IN THAT SCHOOL TEACH YOU TO LISTEN TO OTHER PEOPLES FEELINGS FOR A CHANGE!?” Roxas screamed in anger, then his eyes widening upon realisation on what he just said. Seeing the tears well up in his sister’s eyes and her taking a step back, Roxas made a move to reach for her and apologise “Cai…” “Don’t Roxas… your right. I’m sorry I was inconsiderate of your feelings.” She said quietly looking towards the ground then turning around and running back to camp.

Wincing in guilt at making his sister cry, Roxas walked back to camp, seeing Demyx’s confused look from the crying girl in his arms to his guilty face Roxas decided it would be better for him to go and find Sora and the others.

Spotting his twin with Riku & Kairi, Roxas walked over to them. Sitting down next to Kairi Roxas brought his knees up to his chin and listened to there conversation. “So…what exactly are we gonna do for the next two weeks? I mean, this emo kid next to me isn’t talking to Axel and Axels leech of a boyfriend, and there seems to be something wrong with Cai whenever she see that Vincent guy. And now by the looks of emo boy’s guilty face and Cai’s tear covered one, I’d say they had a fight or something.”  Kairi said rolling her eyes at the glare she received from Roxas every time she called him ‘emo’.

Looking at his twin with a frown on his face, Sora spoke “Roxas… what did you say to Cai to make her cry?” Roxas mumbled something not looking at his brother. Just about hearing what his twin said to him Sora’s eyes widened “WHAT! Of all things you could have said to her Roxas you choose that one! The hell?! That’s it I’m not talking to you until you apologise to her.” Sora said turning to face the other direction from Roxas in a somewhat childish way,  but never the less effective.

Roxas grimaced, Now his own twin wasn’t talking to him? What a great trip this was turning out to be already. Sighing Roxas got up from his seat besides Kairi, and walked over to Zexion, who now had a sleeping Cai in his arms.

Zexion looked up at him “shes tired from today’s events, let her sleep and then talk to her in the later.” Zexion stated leaving no room for argument. Roxas nodded but took a seat besides Zexion looking across at the Raven haired boy staring at his sister. “Vincent was it? Do you mind telling me why it was that my sister ran away from you this afternoon?” Roxas said already knowing the answer but wanted to see if he would give him one too.

Vincent turned his head towards the blond boy, frowning “if she wanted you to know she would have told you, it’s not my story to tell.”  Roxas rolled his eyes, oh this boy was so much like his cousin.

Sighing he looked up at the sky only to have his vision obscured by a Short black haired girl. “Whatcha dooooin?” She said grinning from above him. Turning his head ever slightly towards Zexion “Why oh Why in gods name did you invite her along?” Zexion just shrugged “ For my entertainment I guess?” he said smirking slightly and the partial glare Roxas was giving him. “Cus’ that was cold. I’m not your source of amusement and Roxie you are one Evil Mofo! All I do is come over and ask ya whatcha up to but Nooooooo you have to be cold like your emo twin over there. Heartless bastards….[1]” The Girl said muttering the last bit to herself.

Rolling his eyes at the overly dramatic girl, Patted the girls head “Yuffie, what do you want?” he asked the girl. Yuffie pouted pulling do her hooded short-sleeved jacket. “I came over to see how my little buddy Cai’s doing. But she’s asleep so I can’t ask.” Roxas raised an eyebrow at the girl “you know Cai? She was away in boarding school when we met you how do you know her?”  Roxas asked the girl.

Yuffie sighed and answered “Well, before the month I came down here, I was at Cai’s boarding school, in fact I was her room mate. I was the one to comfort her, when my jerkwad of a brother broke up with her for his tramp of a girlfriend.” Yuffie said glaring at Vincent who Glared just as hard back “Lucrecia is not a tramp!” Vincent growled out. Yuffie’s eye twitched “oh we are not going through this argument again Vinny! Because I’m stating facts and you know it, you just cant deal with the truth now shut up, and sit there and accept it! Cai was the greatest thing to ever happen to you and then just because you ex girlfriend who you were in love with comes back telling you she’s pregnant and doesn’t know what to do you immediately take her back, dumping Cai to the side as if she was nothing! Its not even your child she’s carrying for christ sakes!” Yuffie said loudly in frustration.

Vincent looked away from everyone, especially from the now awake Cai who was staring at him with wide eyes. Cai looked to the side to her brother who’s eye was twitching in irritation as well as Yuffie’s. “Vincent.” Cai spoke up, her tone of voice asking him to turn around and look at her, which he didn’t. so she got up and kneeled in front of him so she could see his face.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t know the reason you too got back together, so I didn’t know what to believe but now that I know I’m sorry for not just shutting up and accepting it. I’m really really sorry! I’ll give you my blessing and get over you.” Cai said honestly, practically knocking everyone off there feet.

“Cai! What the hell are you apologising for you did nothing wrong?!” Yuffie shouted. “She was wrong and she knows it that’s why she’s apologising! She was rude and inconsiderate to other people’s feelings and she forgot the most important detail, that Vincent Loves me! Not her!” Lucrecia Sneered as she entered the area. Yuffie got up, ready to punch the crap out of Lucrecia until Roxas and Zexion grabbed her arms and pulled her back “LEMME GO!! I GONNA KILL THAT BITCH!”  Yuffie screamed flailing about in Roxas and Zexion’s arms, trying to get free.

Vincent looked down at Cai coldly, hiding his emotions from her view. “I’m glad you understand.” He stated, getting up and walking over to Lucrecia and taking her away from the group. Once they were out of there shock Roxas and Yuffie went to run and attack them both. It took all of Zexion’s will power and strength to hold them back from doing so.

Cai smiled a sad smile, then looked over at her friends and brother. “I’m fine don’t worry.” Yuffie looked over at her friend with worried eyes “Cai…” Cai tried to smile as best as she could and shrugged “hey, there’s nothing I can do, he’s with her for a good enough reason, if he’s protecting an innocent unborn child’s life then I can forgive him right?” she said with tears falling slowly down her cheeks.

Roxas looked at the broken girl in front of him, he didn’t know what to do. Cai had always been there for him when he had been depressing over Axel, but now that the table had turned and Cai was the broken one, he had no clue on how to handle the situation.

Cai turned away from the group to find her tent, Roxas thought about stopping her, but he was afraid, what if he stopped her then talked to her but said something wrong or completely out of order like earlier and made her hate him? He thought it would be best to leave it for now.

Leaving Zexion with Yuffie to try to stop her from killing both Lucrecia and her brother, Roxas walked back over to the now larger group of Riku, Sora, Kairi, Axel and his annoying boyfriend Yukio. “Hey Roxas, What the hell happened over there?” Riku asked the blond. Roxas sighed and took a seat next to his twin, “Well…” he started and then he proceeded to tell them what happened.

Once he finished the tale, Yukio sighed “I think she did the right thing.” He said gaining a shocked look from everyone besides Axel, even though Axel did raise an eyebrow as if to question him. “I mean, I’m guessing Cai’s completely against abortion unless it’s a valid reason like the child would have some disability that would make it unhappy for the rest of its life? So she thinks Lucrecia is doing the right thing by having the baby and that Vincent is there supporting her because Lucrecia can’t do it on her own and she respects that decision. If she got in the way she would just upset herself for not being able to give a child 2 parents.” Yukio explained.

Roxas looked over at Yukio with an unreadable expression on his face. After a while he smiled slightly to himself ‘maybe this guy isn’t as bad I as I first thought he would be, which sucks…. Cause now I can’t hate him….’ Roxas thought grimly, his smile falling of his face and being replaced with a grimace.

Looking around at the group with a sigh noticing no one was going to check on Cai, Roxas moved to go check on her, but a hand stopped him from doing so. Following the hand to its owner, Roxas found his twin looking sternly at him “you have someone you need to talk to, though there not in this direction. Talk to him and tell him how you feel. If you don’t then he just gonna keep on bugging you about it so you might as well.” Sora said rolling his eyes.

Roxas frowned “ I don’t wanna talk to him, and if I do then who’s gonna talk to Cai?” Rolling his eyes once again at his brother Sora answered “She does have 2 brothers you know, I’m just as capable of talking to her as you are.” Hearing a snort from behind him Sora turned around to see Riku hiding his snickering behind his hand, Sora glared at him “Stop snickering or I’m not gonna talk to you for the rest of the trip! I’ll leave you to suffer the wrath of Kai, Nami and Raigne alone!” he said with his eye twitching.

Riku immediately stopped snickering and looked panicked. Grinning at his handy work of turning his best friend into a panicked manic Sora turned back to Roxas. “You need to talk to him Roxas…otherwise this trip is so not gonna be as fun as I planned!”  Roxas rolled his eyes, but sighed in acceptance. “fine! Ill go and talk to him, but please go and check on Cai?” Sora nodded and pushed his twin in the direction of Axel.

Smiling to himself Sora grabbed Riku’s arm and dragged him in the direction Cai’s tent. “Come on Riku, Lets go and cheer up Cai.” He said smiling to his best friend, unknowingly to him making Riku blush at the cute smile.

Roxas walked over to Axel and Yukio, Mentally wincing at the fact that Axel had his arm around Yukio whilst Yukio was cuddled into Axels chest.  Coughing to make himself known, Roxas mentally smirked when Axel let go of Yukio. “Roxas…” Axel said wondering why Roxas would actually willingly come to talk to him.

“Axel, I know I’ve been rude to you, when I should have just come and spoken to you instead, and for that I’m sorry, but that doesn’t change the fact that I’m still pissed at you. I mean… you break up with me after 3 years of dating just because I wasn’t ready…I thought you loved me Axel… but then I found out that you had a new boyfriend after about a week of breaking up with me, and that just tore me apart even more…this is why I don’t want you to talk to me, because all ill get are apologises, but sorry’s wont fix a broken heart.” Roxas said sadly. He refused to cry, not anymore, he wouldn’t spill anymore tears for him.


[1] XD oh the irony


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