[Original] The Beauty and the Geek [Chapter 1]

Authoress Notes:- Please excuse the Typos and bad grammar and what not. I was just quickly typing this up from my notebook, and really couldn’t be bothered to go over it and re-edit everything. I will go back over it eventually, just not yet. Keep your eye out for my other new story – “Just Tell Him” should be up soon.

Beauty and the Geek.

Chapter 1

“Cece, get u damn it!!!” a womans voice bellowed from the bottom of the stairs. The said girl, who was still in bed turned over groaning and slid herself out of bed.

She got up and got dressed into her school uniform sighing. Brushing through her hair to get rid of all the tangles, which was almost impossible with her curly hair. She picked up a nearby comb and threw it at the bed across the room from her.

“Takuya, get up. Your gonna be late for work!” a deep groan rose from the covers. “You’re a fine one to talk imouto.” Cece smiled. “That maybe so, but it only takes me 2 minutes to get ready, whilst it takes you 30.”

Multicoloured hair popped out from under the mass of sheets, and a hand rand through it. “che…” Takuya grumbled and got up out of his bed.

Cece chuckled at her elder brothers mussed up bed hair and walked out of the room and downstairs into the kitchen. She grabbed the bento she made the night before from the fridge and packed it in her bag.

Saying her goodbyes to her mother and father she left the house, After shouting goodbye to her brother of course.

“Cece-chan!” Turning into the direction she head her name being called she saw a girl with purple streaked brown hair and swirly red eyes. She knew they were contacts, and really wanted a pair.

“Suko-chan! Ohayo!” Cece replied back with a smile, waving at her friend walking out of her gate. Looking around Cece frowned wonder where her other friend was. “Ne…Suko-chan…Where Tsuna-kun?”

Suko Snickered and smirked, “He headed to school early. Most probably so he could dlirt somemore with Mr. Tall, Dark and handsome, Ito-sensei.” Cece Giggled along with her friend. “hmmm your probably right. Oooo have you noticed that Ito-sensei seems to glance at Tsuna a lot more than anyone else in class?” Suko nodded at her friend.

“Talking about Tall, Dark and Handsome Men. Hows Takuya doing?” Suko said with a love stricken face. Cece’s eye twitched. She knew her friend had a huge crush on her elder brother, but it still creaped her out.

“Hes fine. But I gave you his number so that tou could ask him these things yourself and not creap me out anymore remember?!” Cece question her friend, eye still twitching.

Suko giggled at her friend, then she seemed to notice that they had arrived at school. “You think Junpei will take the hint today that you don’t like him?” Cece sighed walking into the building “We can only hope.”

Ever since Cece had transferred to Himehana Gakuen, She had been harassed everyday by one guy and his lackys.

Yamamoto Junpei.

He was, to put it bluntly, an asshole who thinks the world revolves around himself. He also thinks that he can get any girl in the school to go out with him.

Unfortunatly for Cece, as soon as she entered the classroom, his next ‘target’ was her. But unfortunately for Junpei, Cece took one look at him and knew what type of person he was. However that didn’t stop Junpei from Trying.

Every. Single. Day.

Funnily enough though, Junpei had a twin brother. His Twin, Yamamato Tatsuya, was nothing like him, he was probably the exsact opposite. A quiet, neardy looking guy. No one talked to him because of his apperence and he teneded to freak people out a lot.

No one besides Cece that is… or she would talk to him if Junpei didn’t interrupt her everytime she was about to.

Cece had become intruged by his cold and silent disposition. But she started to find herself increasingly attracted to this slient boy and she didn’t know why. But because of this, she really wanted to talk to him.

What she didn’t know was that she would finally get her chane to talk to him very, VERY soon.


“So class can you please decide on who is going to deal with all the cultural festival stuff. Please raise your hand if you want to be leader.” No one raised there hand. Utter silence entered the classroom. “No one then hmmm? Anyone want to suggest anyone?” Ito-sensei said with a sigh, rubbing his temples with his middle fingers.

“ I think Shadow boy Tatsuya should be in charge as he never seems to do anything else.” Junpei said with a smirk. Tatsuya looked  like he was going to protest, but the word didn’t seem to come out, so he chose to keep quiet instead.

“Fine Tatsuya-kun will be incharge. Is anyone going to help him? Or am I gonna have to start picking people out?” Cece quickly looked around the classroom to see everyone besides Suko, Tsuna and Tatsuya with a scowl on there face, Which she grinned at. “Ito-sensei! Ill Work with Yamamoto-san to orginise the cultural festival.” She said trying to mask her joy.

“Okay Cece-Chan and Tatsuya-kun are officallt the cultural festival comittiee.  For class 1B” Ito-Sensei  said writing names upon the black board.

For the rest of the lesson the class picked out what there class room would be doing for the festival. According to Ito-sensei no one had chosen to do a maid/butler cafter yet, so the class decided to use that idea, Especially since they had the home economic room right next door to there homeroom.

They decided to bake all that needed to be baked the day before, and refrigderate them until needed the next day. They also deciddd on tea and coffee of different flavours. Cece’s Mother was a fashion designer and had her own studio and clothes making parlor, so she told the class to leave the outfits to her. She said that the clothes theme would be classic sweet/gothic Lolita for both boys and girls outfits.

Luckily for the class, both Cece and Tatsuya were top of the class when it came to baking. So they were left in charge of instructing everyone on the day.

After the lesson had ended, Cece grinned, Intending to get up and go and finally talk to Tatsuya. However once again Junpei blocked her path. “Why did you put your hand up to help that looser? You should be seen with someone like me, Not him.” Cece saw Tatsuya’s head droop lower as he walked past his brother, who was currently insulting him.

Feeling his depression, Cece lost her cool. “ Junpei, Ive had enough of you insulting everyone. Get over yourself! First of all, im never going to date you. I think you’re an arrogant, selfish pig who has no respect for anyone around him! How in Kami-sama’s name can you talk about your onii-san like that? Honestly who the hell do you think you are?!” cece glared harshly at Junpei and not waiting for an answer, barged past the gobstricken boy and stormed off. Suko, Tsuna and surprisingly Tatsuya chased after her.

Cece Stomped her way up to the room, knowing that no one would be there. The three following her walked onto te room top, Suko and tsuna only just noticing that Tatsuya was following them. They grinned and pushed the boy forwards to talk to the frustrated girl.

Starled at being pushed, Tatsuya paniced when he lost his balance, but he quickly regained his composture and walked over to Cece.

Cece hearing footsteps turned around, eyes widening when she saw tatsuya. “Ano… Nakamura-san…Why did you stick up for me?” Tatsuya asked the girl infront of him, very curious to her her answer.

Still slightly angry, Cece took in a deep breath to try and calm herself down before talking. “ I hate the way junpei talks about you Yamamoto-san. I mean hes your brother, I don’t understand how anyone could be that cruel to there siblings… when I was growning up my brother did nothing but treat me like the over protective broter her is…” Cece annocunce looking highly confused.

Tatsuya looked down to the ground, his hair falling infront of his face, hiding his sad expression “Demo…that is how its always been for me. Junpei was the first born of us twins. Because of this he was always treated as if he was more special than me, which led to him trating me the way he does. Not much else to it…It sort of regular to me now…” He explained.

Cece looked unconvinced. She walked up close to him and put her hand under his chin, lifting his head up so she could meet his eyes. “ If that’s true… then why do you look so sad?”

Tatsuya looked away from her eyes and brought his hands up to remove hers from his face. “Ano…Thank you for your concern…Demo…. I don’t deserve it.”

Suk and Tsuna looked saddened by this sentence. They both knew that Cece really wanted to be his friend, which meant they both knew that she would do anything and everything in her power to make that happen.

“Yamamoto-san…” Cece didn’t say anymore, She just huggled him. Which took him by surprise. “ I don’t care what anyone says to you! I want to get to know you, and I have done for a while now… so please let me…Let me be your friend. Let me be someone whose not afraid to stick up for you even when you are yourself. Let me be someone who will sit with you and listen to your troubles. Let me be your friend.” She said to him.

Tatsuya could only stand there and wonder why this girl… someone as beautiful and intelligent as her would wan to be someone like his friend. HE honestly wasn’t sure if it wasa good idea or not but he nodded into her embrace, still not accepting, nor ejecting the hug, he replied “ I honestly don’t know why you would want to be Nakamura-san demo…Hai….Ill let you be my friend….”

End Chapter 1


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