[Original] The Promise (Chapter 1)

The Promise

Chapter 1

“Nyima Wait up!” Katie shouted to her friend, who was currently running down the hallway.  “Nyima STOP, your gonna fricking bash into someone!” she shouted again when her friend nearly bashed into someone.

Nyima continued to ignore her friend, the tear in her eyes staining her vision. Katie noticed the person Nyima was about to bump into and yelled out to him “ HEY! J! Grab Nyima!” Jamie looked up just in time to see Nyima coming towards him. He did as Katie said and stopped her in her path by grabbing her waist and pulling her into a hug.

Katie caught up after a while and was huffing and puffing as she tried to explain what happened to Jamie “*huff huff* she saw Sky and Jennifer together, and as Jennifer caught sight of Nyima she does what she usually does.” Katie said sighing at the misfortune of her friend.

Jamie nodded and growled “What the fuck is wrong with him! Doesn’t he know what that bitch is doing! I swear im’ gonna-” he looked down when he felt a tug on his shirt. Nyima’s Tear stained golden orbs looked up at him “please don’t do anything, its not his fault, please J” Nyima said Whimpering.

Jamie Sighed “But Nyima, He’s too blind to see that, that bitch is manipulating him! He’s too blind to see that someone that loves him dearly is wasting away in front of his eyes.” He said back to the Silver Haired girl in his arms.

Nyima looked at him her eyes told him that she understood but her mouth told otherwise “Jamie, I know, but He doesn’t, and…and I just don’t want to see him hurt.” Her ears twitching in the direction her heard foots steps coming from.

The other two heard the footsteps too and looked in that direction.  A young male inu youkai with black hair and emerald eyes came into view with a young female inu youkai attach to his arm, her blond hair tied behind her in a ponytail and her brown eyes staring up at the other inu youkai.

“oh great” Nyima whispered to herself. Jamie and Katie, knowing who it was too growled in response to her whisper. Nyima sighed and place an illusion over them, so the people walking up the hallway didn’t recognise who they were.

Katie glanced down at her friend, knowing what she had just done and shook her head.  “hey are you three ok?” the male inu youkai asked Nyima, Jamie and Katie “Come on Sky can we just get to class, I don’t want to get my new skirt dirty buy helping out some losers in the hallway.” The female inu youkai said to the boy, whose arm she was currently clinging to.

Katie and Jamie glared up at her Nyima not even bothering to look up, to scared she might start to cry again, so she stayed put in Jamie’s arms and buried her head in his chest.

Katie go to her feet, her illusion making her a kitsune youkai who were known for there height (which funnily enough Nyima some how managed not to receive, although she was naturally a kitsune.)

“Listen here missy. I will not have you talking like that about me and my friends. I don’t care if your boyfriends here or not ill still rip you to shreds.” Katie said glaring in the direction of the girl.

Sky Glared back at Katie “You might not care if her boyfriends here or not but I do, so if you would, please shut the hell up.” He said still glaring at her. Katie was taken back by this and looked confused at his attitude towards her but sighed at looked down at the girl in Jamie’s arms.  ‘Nyima please just drop the illusions, if he’s gonna start to get rude to me I want him to see who he’s getting rude too.’ Katie told her friend telepathicly.

Nyima sighed and did as her friend requested. Sky looked quizzically at Katie who was standing in front of him now. “Katie what the hell? Why did you have an illusion up, and Jamie what are you doing here?” He said looking from one person to another, his eyes finally resting on the girl in Jamies arms.

“We had illusions on because she wished us too.” Katie explained pointing to Nyima in Jamies arms.  “But who is she?” Sky asked puzzled as to why he hadn’t met this girl before.

Nyima let out a sob from Jamie’s arms and got up.  She turned her head and glared through her tears at him. “first you have that bitch with you, then you forget your best friend, what’s the fuck is next Sky?!” with that said she ran down the hallway to her next class.

The girl next to Sky Growled at Nyima and chased after her only to be grabbed on the arm harshly by Jamie “I Do not suggest you do that Jennifer” he said glaring at the girl in grip.

Jennifer glared up in to Jamie’s Stormy blue eyes and spoke up again “And what the fuck you gonna do about it if I do?” she spat out at Jamie who was still glaring at her. Jamie sighed knowing he had morals not to hit girls, and knowing he couldn’t do anything.

Jennifer smirked up at him “that’s what I thought now let me the hell go!” once she said this, Jamie still refused to let her go. Jennifer growled and went to scratch at Jamie face, until a hand stopped her.

“J may not do anything to you but I will! You don’t go around hurting my friends!” A girl from behind Jennifer said darkly.

Sky was confused as to what was going on. “Ok Nikisha, Jamie let go of Jennifer’s arms! And then will someone explain to me why the fuck is everyone ganging up on her!” Sky exclaimed to everyone in frustration.

Nikisha looked over at him with a look that was blatantly saying ‘are-you-stupid-or-what?’ “Dude listen I’m only gonna say this once, as you should know I don’t repeat myself. That so-called demon HATES and I mean HATES Nye with passion. She will do anything and everything to keep your mind off her and keep you away from her. Now you should know that Nyima is your bestest friend and that she loves you dearly” ‘just not as you think she does’ she though “and that this is breaking her heart for you to ignore her really Sky how the hell are we supposed to feel towards the girl that’s making our friends life a misery?” Nikisha finished up turning her back and walking away.

Sky’s expression changed from one that was confused to one of anger. “What the fuck, does she really expect me to be around her 24-7? I have a life you know!” Sky growled out in anger.

Jamie looked up at him with an expression that told him ‘if-you-continue-dude-im-gonna deck-you’ “Sky, shut the hell up right there, when did Nikisha ever say that Nyima wanted you around 24-7? She said that you’ve been hanging around that one 24-7 and haven’t even spared a glance at Nyima, you haven’t said hello to her in 2 weeks, you decline her offers for you to come round her house to hang out. Hell you don’t even talk to us anymore! So don’t start blaming this shit on Nyima when its not her fault! ITS YOURS!!!!” Jamie let out all the frustration he had been holding, and punched the wall next to him.

Katie getting nervous, knowing that if she didn’t do something to get Jamie away from Sky, there was going to be a fight. So doing the logical thing that anyone would have done she grabbed Jamie’s arm and ran down the hall, Leaving Sky there speechless.

They got to the classroom that they were evidently late for and apologised to the teacher and took there seats. Katie looked around the classroom looking for Nyima but couldn’t see her. Getting worried she mentally asked her sister Raven. ‘Rave, has Nye come in the classroom yet?’ <No she hasn’t entered yet, why what happened?> Raven asked back to her sister.

‘We bumped into Sky and Jennifer, Nuff said.’ This comment made Raven growl through there mind link and Jump up outta her seat. ‘ I know where shell be, im gonna go to her.’ Katie nodded through the mind link and cut it off.

“Miss Nishi is there something wrong?” The teacher asked, obviously annoyed that Raven had interrupted her classroom. “Yes miss I forgot I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon and I need too leave now.” The teacher being one of those teachers that didn’t ask questions about doctor matters, nodded her head and let her go.

Raven walked out the door and ran to the bathroom. As soon as she entered the scent of sick and tears reached her nose. She walked over to the window and opened it so that her own nose and her friends wouldn’t suffer. “Nyima what stall are you in?” she called out to her friend.

“In *Bleach* …i..n H…er..e” Raven picked the lock so that the door opened so she could get to her friend. She took her friends hair and moved it out of her face and held it behind her back, rubbing circles on her back.

Once Nyima had finished throwing up she walked over to the sink and washed her face. Raven looked at her in sympathy. “You ok girl? Morning sickness being a bastard again?” Nyima nodded and smiled faintly. “WOW! Your smiling! That’s gotta be the first time in weeks I’ve seen you smile.” Raven said smiling. Nyima flashed another smile at this and giggled.

Not wanting to ruin the moment but knowing she couldn’t do nothing but, Raven spoke “So what did he say this time to make you come in here instead of class?” Nyima Sighed knowing there was no way to avoid this.

“He forgot that I exsited. I was sat curled up in Jamie’s arms and he asked who I was… I think I might not even bother telling him about the baby, I mean if he forgets who I am then well what’s the point?”   Nyima explained sighing once more.

Raven looked outraged. “If I were you I would do the exact same thing. But Nye, you know you have to tell him. I mean once you get bigger he’s gonna notice anyways…I’m surprised he hasn’t smelt the change in you scent yet. I mean the guys have but they haven’t got a clue what it means. Although for him to notice your scent he would have to be around you more often…Ah forget it fuck him is what I say! He’s a bastard! He used to be one of my close friends but seriously if he was he would have taken our advice in the first place.” Raven said with a sigh.

Nyima sighed once again and spoke up again “Rave I’m gonna go to the park tell teach I didn’t come into school this morning please?” she said looking into her friends eyes.

Raven giggled “I would but she thinks that I’m at the doctors hehehehe” Nyima rolled her eyes and motioned for her friend to come.

They both jumped out the window, from the third floor might I add, and past there classroom too, taping the window as they pasted making everyone turn.

Once they got on the ground they jumped over the fence and moved towards the park. “hmmm…So where you wanna go, we’ve got the whole day off, we can go and buy baby clothes or summing heh heh” Raven said scratching the back of her head.

Nyima thought about it for a second and then shook her head smiling lightly “if we did that without the girls they would kill us both hehehe” Nyima said with a giggle.

Raven giggled too “hmmm so how bout we just go and play on the swings eh?” Nyima nodded her head like a hyper little kid who just got told they were going to the candy store.

With Raven laughing her ass off at Nyima’s antics they walked to the childrens playpark. They both took a swing each and started to move there legs back and forth, after they pushed off that is.

“so when do ya think the boys will notice?” Raven said. Nyima thought about it and then srugeed “I dunno but I do think that Jamie will be the first to recognise the scent as I was huddled up in his arms for a looooooong time this morning.”  She said.

Raven nodded not wanting to be a pain she swung in peaceful silence. “Hmmmm Rave, has drake asked you out yet?”  Raven blushed at Nyima’s question and shook her head.

Nyima grinned “You want me to talk to him?”  Raven Shook her head again “nope, prob not the best idea, I think ill keep my feeling bottled up just at bit longer, if he doesn’t notice me then, what can I say, ive tried my best”  Raven shrugged slowing down with her swinging.

Nyima nodded looking down at her tiny bump “3 &1/2  months to go…”she muttered to herself. Raven looked over at her “Kitsune’s are damn lucky! You only get 3 &1/2 months of pregnancy, Wolves get 5months!”  she said pouting.

Nyima let out a laugh “hmm Rave whats the time?” Raven looked at her watch “damn its 12 already.”  Nyima nodded and sighed. “buhad bump bump bum dada buhna what the fuck duuuuuuude this is a ringtone…ah yeah-” “hello?” Nyima picked up her phone with raven laughing about the random ringtone she got Jamie and Jamie’s twin brother Kyle to record for her.

“Nyima! Where the hell are you! Kyle’s gonna fucking kill Sky!” Jamie’s worried voice came from the other side. Nyima’s eyes widened “NANI!!! Jamie where are you, are you guys still in school?!”   Nyima asked in desperation. Raven looked at her friend worried as Nyima’s phone was always on so loud she could hear every bit of the conversation.

“No were near the park! Get your ass over here and talk some sense into him! Im his twin and hes not even fucking listening to me, so I want you to try, you’re the only other person who he listens to!” Jamie panicked voice replied.

“ok me and Raven are on our way! Just try and keep him calm and away from sky’s house!” Nyima said. “I’ll try but-AH OWCH! KYLE YOU ASSHOLE GET BACK HERE!” Jamie Shouted when Kyle had bit into his arm to get outta his grip lock.

Nyima hung up her phone and dragged Raven with her and started running to the front of the park. Once they reached there they saw Jamie on the floor licking his arm, and no sign of Kyle. “Raven stay with Jamie, I’ve gotta catch up to Kyle before he does something stupid.”  Raven nodded and squatted down with Jamie.

Nyima Ran off in the direction of Sky’s house. When she got there she saw Kyle Shouting his head off At Sky. “ WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TREATING HER LIKE THAT SKY! SHES BEEN YOUR BEST FRIEND FOR GOD KNOWS HOW LONG AND YOU THROW HER TO THE SIDE LIKE SOME OLD TOY YOU DON’T WANT TO PLAY WITH ANYMORE!”  Kyle shouted in Sky’s face. “HEY YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO COME AND TELL ME SHIT AT MY FRONT DOOR. YOU HAVE NO CLUE ON WHAT IVE BEEN TREATING NYIMA LIKE!” Sky yelled back. Kyle gave a low warning growl. Nyima ran and jumped on Kyle’s Back knowing he was about to attack Sky.

Kyle turned around ready to attack the person who dared jump on his back until he heard a little “kyle stop it” “Nyima?” “yes its me” Nyima said. She felt herself being pushed off kyles back and then being helped up. She breifley looked over at Sky only to look away again with hurt in her eyes. “ Kyle please im not worth all of this, especially if he doesn’t remember me, just leave it ok, ill be fine, and maybe one day ill forget him like he did me.” Nyima said knowing that no matter how hard she tried she wouldn’t be able to forget about Sky.

Sky saw the hurt in her eyes when she looked at him and heard the hurt in her voice when she spoke. Even though her words hurt him and hit him like a knife though the heart, he couldn’t blame her, what she said is exactly what he did and he was ashamed off it but he knew that no matter how hard he tried he wouldn’t be able to gain back the friendship he cherished between them.

“Nyima i…I’m sor-” “DON’T SAY IT!” Nyima shouted at Sky, “of all the things you can say to me don’t say that, because I know you don’t mean it, you wouldn’t have said the things you did, you wouldn’t have done the things you did and you wouldn’t have hurt me so much if you meant it, so don’t tell me you sorry, because sorry really…isn’t enough…” Nyima said, with a croak in her voice, but no matter how hard she tried, no matter how hard she wanted, she just couldn’t cry, she was out of tears.

“Nyima…” Sky started but couldn’t finish, he saw the anger the sorrow and the hurt all at once in her eyes. “Sky, don’t. Goodbye.” Nyima stated as she left the front of his house, Kyle glaring daggers at Sky and following her.

Sky looked there retreating backs, sighed and looked down “what have I done…?”

End chapter 1


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