[Original] The Promise (Chapter 2)

The Promise

Chapter 2


[“Nyima i…I’m sor-” “DON’T SAY IT!” Nyima shouted at Sky, “of all the things you can say to me don’t say that, because I know you don’t mean it, you wouldn’t have said the things you did, you wouldn’t have done the things you did and you wouldn’t have hurt me so much if you meant it, so don’t tell me you sorry, because sorry really…isn’t enough…” Nyima said, with a croak in her voice, but no matter how hard she tried, no matter how hard she wanted, she just couldn’t cry, she was out of tears.

“Nyima…” Sky started but couldn’t finish, he saw the anger the sorrow and the hurt all at once in her eyes. “Sky, don’t. Goodbye.” Nyima stated as she left the front of his house, Kyle glaring daggers at Sky and following her.

Sky looked there retreating backs, sighed and looked down “what have I done…?”

Nyima and Kyle Walked together back to the park entrance in awkward silence. Kyle looked over at Nyima with an ashamed look on his face. “Nyima I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t have done what I did but I couldn’t help it, Jamie told me what happened and I just got so angry…” Kyle Stopped in mid sentence when Nyima turned towards him.

The look in Nyima’s eyes was one of pure sadness. She sat down on the middle of the pavement they were walking on, sighing, she told Kyle to sit down with her. Once he did so, Nyima turned to look at him again, she smiled a sad smile and began to talk “ Kyle, I know what you said was because you care about me and for that I’m grateful, but please, no more, I cant take anymore, I’ve lost my best friend to some sort of whore & had my heart broken on the very same day, I appreciate everyone’s concern for me, I really do but…I just cant take anymore Kyle, I can’t…no more…no more.”  Nyima said closing her eyes and putting her head in her knees.

Kyle Brought Nyima into his arms and rocked her gently, whilst Nyima put her head into the crook of his neck. Whilst doing this his nose picked up a strange scent that was familiar to him. He sniffed to get a stronger smell of the scent and noticed it was coming from Nyima’s abdomen, he moved his head down to her stomach and sniffed again.

Nyima looked down at Kyle whose head had slipped down to her stomach. Confused as to what he was doing she asked him, “Kyle what are you doing?” He sat up looking Nyima straight in the eyes “Your pregnant with his baby aren’t you?” Kyle said simply.

Nyima looked away and sighed. “Nyima face me. I’m not gonna shout at you or anything I jus’ wanna know why you didn’t tell me and how the heck did it happen?”  Kyle said softly.

Nyima turned around and faced him “I’m sorry Kyle, I didn’t tell anyone apart from the girls & my parents, because it would be kinda weird if I jus blurted out to you guys ‘oh and by the way I’m pregnant with Sky’s baby’” Nyima said giggling when Kyle nodded with a funky look on his face. “well that still doesn’t explain how you got pregnant.” Kyle said with a raised eyebrow “ Welllll Kyle let me tell you a little story about the ‘birds and the bees’ when a man and a woman have se-” “ewwwwww nooooooooo I didn’t mean that and you know I didn’t!” Kyle said looking completely grossed out.  Nyima Laughed and got up from Kyle’s lap and helped him get up too “ that’s a story for another time.” She said smiling.

Kyle Pouted but understood. They kept on there path towards the park entrance. Once they got there they saw Jamie and Raven sitting under a tree sleeping in the shade from the sun (yes it was a sunny day) Nyima and Kyle cooed over the cuteness of them “they would make a good couple if it wasn’t for the fact that they like separate people” Nyima nodded to that.

They walked over to the but before they woke them up Nyima spoke “kyle you better apologize to Jamie, you bit kinda hard into his arm and im pretty sure he wasn’t all that pleased.” Kyle hung his head in shame and nodded, Nyima patted his back and woke up the two sleepy heads.

“hey Jamie, Raven wake up” she said shaking there shoulders. Jamie woke up first opening his eyes blinking cutely “uh…kaasan?” he said sleeply, Nyima giggled “No silly its me.” She said softly. Jamie binked once again brushing the chocolate brown hair out of his eyes “oh hiya Nyima, did you get Kyle back in time?” Nyima nodded. “you two have a good nap?” She asked Jamie and the now fully awake Raven. They both let out a little laugh and nodded.

Kyle looked down at jamies arm, noticing the bite mark he felt a pang of guilt run though him. “Uh Jamie….i’m sorry for what I did to you…I didn’t mean it…i’m really really really really really rea-” “KYLE!” “Sorry, yeah really sorry…hopefully you can forgive me for being stupid and hurting you?” Kyle said with Raven and Nyima interrupting him in the middle but continuing.

Jamie smiled and got up from his position on the floor and gave his twin a hug. “I forgive you, I know why you did it dude, but if you do it again just remember I shall kick ur butt” Jamie said sticking his tongue out at his brother.

Kyle laughed and replied “yeah yeah like you could” this comment evidently got them into an arm wrestling competition, which Nyima and Raven rolled there eyes at. “Do dad um hu ha meow woof oin-” “yello?” Nyima said answering her phone.

Raven was standing next to her laughing and shaking her head at Nyima’s random phone tunes. “Huh oh hiya Katie, Wassup?” Raven stopped laughing after hearing her sister’s name.

“dude calm down were in the park by the green tree” Kyle and Jamie had stopped fighting to listen to the conversation only to start laughing at Nyima’s description of where they were.  “What? I know theres loads of green trees in the park…………..so?………….no im talking about the greeeeeeeeen treeeeeeeeee………….ah what ever youll be able to see us as soon as you come into the park……yeah yeah cya hun…..bai!” Nyima finished the conversation and hung up her phone putting it in her pocket, and then sat down on the grass bringing Raven with her.

“Hey Nyima?” Nyima looked over at Jamie “yup” Jamie’s smiling face made you just want to squige his cheeks “why did you describe this tree as the green tree? All the tress in the park are green.” Nyima grinned “but this is the only one with a green base too!” Jamie looked back at the ‘green covered tree’ and made a face “ewwww don’t tell me ive bee laying on mold all this time?”

Nyima laughed and nodded “’fraid so!”  Jamie pulled a face and wiped himself down. “Heeeeeeeeeey!” a yell was heard over in the distance. Nyima turned around from her chat with Jamie, and saw Katie, Nikisha & 2 other girls walk over.

“hiya ya guys!” Jamie smiled and said to the 4 girls who sat down onto the grass next to them. “hey Jamie…uh Jamie why have you got green stuff on the back of you t-shirt?” Marina asked.

“I slept on a mouldy tree….” Jamie said glaring at the tree and then at Nyima who was laughing her ass of again. Marina giggled brushing a piece of light green hair out of her aquamarine eyes.

“hey guys….Blond Bitch at 10 O’clock Goons included…” Raven said. Nyima sighed “oh great…just what I need after a day like today. Is she walking this way or going somewhere else?” She asked.

Raven looked back at the group of girls and noticed they were walking in the direction of sky’s house. “ Na from the looks of it there walking towards Sky’s house. Prob for some sorta hang out thing…stupid girl I cant believe she thinks she can just turn up with a bunch of her friends to hang around sky’s house. That’s just rude!” Raven said huffing.

Nichole looked over at her friend though her long dirty blond fringe “Rave, ever think that she may have asked him first?” her bright blue eyes twinkling with amusement.

Raven pouted “no…” she looked back over at the group of girls walking to the exit/entrance of the park. One of them seemed to notice them all sitting down and pointed it out to Jennifer. “uh…oh….” Kyle raised his eyebrow at Raven “Uh…oh what?” he asked.

Raven Pointed to the group of girls walking towards them.  “Ah crap…Nye u think you can put an illusion on yourself?” Kyle said motioning towards the girls walking towards them. Nyima nodded and quickly changed her appearance, Her Silver hair turned Light Brown and Her eyes turned bright blue.  She was lucky she was hidden out of the eyesight of the girls.

Kyle and Jamie Laughed at the appearance she chose. She looked like a younger version of there mum.

Once the Group of girls finally reached them, Jennifer stared at them as if they had just killed her mother. “Where the hell is that fucking tramp? She thinks that she can insult me and then just get away with it! And I know you know where she is so tell me!” She spat out at the group in front of her.

Nichole Grinned evilly “Now Now, Jennifer, Temper Temper, You should know that that’s not the way to ask someone where someone is, and you forgot the magic word.” Nyima, Kyle, Raven and Jamie Laughed there asses off at Nichole’s antics, whilst Marina, Katie and Nikisha just Giggled.

Jennifer Growled and Called her girls and stomped away, believing that it wasn’t worth her ‘precious time’ to stay around and talk to the ‘losers’.

Dropping her illusion, Nyima sighed she knew that this pregnancy was gonna be hard but she just never realized how difficult it could be. Kyle Sighed and looked up to the sky. He frowned and sniffed the air then looked back at the guys. “Guys it’s gonna rain soon, we can either go round my house, or we can all go home?” He said to them noting the fresh scent of moistured clouds in the air.

They agreed to go round Kyle’s and Jamie’s house, Except Nyima who said she just wanted to go home for the day and she felt tired. The others nodded and walked away in the direction of Kyle’s and Jamie’s house whilst Nyima walked in the direction of her own.

Lost in her own thoughts she didn’t see the person walking straight in front of her. “oof!” she exclaimed when she bumped into the person in front of her. She looked up at the hand that was being offered to her to help her up, and took it.

The Inu youkai female in front of her had long dark red hair and bright shining Emerald eyes and was carrying groceries. Her eyes winded when she noticed who it was. “Kyoto-san I’m so sorry I wasn’t looking where I was going.” Nyima sputtered out.

Kyoto smiled at the young Kitsune female “its quite alright Nyima-chan. I haven’t seen you in quite a while, how have you been?” She asked in a soft tone.

Nyima’s face scrunched up “well… not all that good to be honest, but I’m coping. Yourself?” Kyoto’s face lost its smile imidatley and frowned. “ Nyima your always a cheerful person something must be up for you not to be that good. I want you to tell me whats on your mind, but here would not be the best of places, Please come back to my house with me and tell me all about your problems there, your like a daughter to me and I don’t like to see you this way.” She said seriously.

You see Kyoto Ito Is a trained therapist, and also Sky Mother. So Nyima was torn between accepting the invite because she really wanted to talk to an adult besides her own parents about her problems, and denying the offer because sky and Jennifer would be there.

Nyima Slowly nodded. Knowing that Kyoto was as stubborn as a rock and wouldn’t take no for an answer anyways, and above all she loved this woman like her own mother and she wanted to spend some time with her because she hadn’t seen her in quite a while.

Kyoto smiled and took the young Kitsune girls hand in hers and gave her a shopping bag to carry whilst she took the other, then walked towards her house. “Kyoto-san can I call my mum when we get there, she might get worried if she doesn’t know where I am… I kind of skipped out on school today.” Nyima said looking down to the floor feeling ashamed.

Kyoto Frowned again ‘she’s skipping out on school too, this problem must be bigger than I thought it was.’ “ Sure hunny, of course you can.” She said to the young girl, not asking about her skipping school just yet.

Nyima Smiled a small smile, and they continued there walk in silence. Once they arrived at the front door Kyoto Searched her bag for her keys. She slapped her forehead when she noticed that they weren’t in there and rang the doorbell. Nyima giggled at the woman’s forgetfulness and Kyoto smiled and her, happy to here a giggle come out of the girls mouth.

When the door opened  Sky had Jennifer wrapped around his waist and peering over his shoulder to see who was at the door, she glared when she saw Nyima but then she saw Kyoto She put on a fake smile. “Kyoto-chan! Its so nice to see you again!” She exclaimed in fake kindness.

Kyoto Frowned, Sky never mentioned anything about this girl coming over, and why the hell was she using her name as if they’ve known each other forever. Kyoto also noticed the glare she gave Nyima. ‘this could be one of the reasons why Nyima’s unhappy.’ “Good after noon Sky, Hisha-san, oh and Hisha-san its Ito-san to you.” Kyoto said frowning. “ Come on in Nyima-chan, lets go into the kitchen and put the groceries away.” Kyoto said smiling to the girl besides her.

Sky being speechless, not expecting his mother to come home with Nyima, just stood there eyes wide and silent. Kyoto raising an eyebrow at her son who wasn’t moving, spoke up “Sky-kun, could you please move out of the way so me and Nyima-chan can get through the door.” Sky just nodded and moved out of the way, and as Jennifer was still attached to his waist she moved too.

Walking into the kitchen, Nyima placed the shopping bag on the counter and started to unpack everything. Knowing where everything went, as she used to go shopping with Kyoto as a child, along with Sky.

Kyoto looked over at the child smiling at the fact she was so familiar to where everything went.


“Kyoto-san! Where does this one go.” A 7 year old Nyima asked a younger Kyoto. Kyoto smiled “in that cupboard dear.” Nyima nodded and tip toed to try and reach the cupboard. She pouted when she couldn’t reach it and sighed.

Sky laughed when he saw his friends predicament and walked over to her “need help Nye?” Nyima nodded pouting. Sky smiled and walked in front of Nyima smiling and crouching down. “get on my back and you should be able to reach.” Grinning Nyima nodded and got on Sky’s back taking the macaroni and cheese mix with her. Sky wrapped his arms around the back of Nyima’s legs and stood up. “Yay! I can reach now!” Nyima said smiling, whilst placing the macaroni and cheese mix in the cupboard.

Smiling at the scene in front of her Kyoto giggled and continued placing things in the upper shelves of the cupboards where she knew the children couldn’t reach.

.::End Flashback::.

Giggling at the memory she continued to unpack the groceries. Remembering that Nyima asked if she could phone home she looked over at the girl who was still unpacking “Nyima Why don’t you go and call home ill unpack the rest. Then we can talk.” Kyoto said smiling at the child.

Nodding Nyima walked to the phone out in the hallway on a table in front of the front door. Dialling her home phone number she waited for someone to answer.

“Hello Hiwa residence, Hinata Hiwa Speaking.” A female voice came from the other end

“Hi mum its Nyima.” Nyima said softly.

“Nyima! WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN ALL DAY!!! Your teacher called home to ask why you weren’t in today!” Nyima cringed at her mother tone.

“Sorry mum, just something happened with Him and I then I was sick and I really didn’t feel like school I couldn’t deal with it, but raven was with me so I wasn’t by myself. She said that she had a doctors appointment so she could stay with me.” Nyima quickly explained.

She could practically see her mum frowning on the other end. “Tell me about it when you get home, Where are you now.” Her mother asked

“At Kyoto-sans house, she bumped into me on the street asked how I was, knowing I couldn’t lie to her I said the truth so she asked me to come back home with her and tell her all about it, so here I am.” Nyima said sighing.

“Ok well if you end up staying round make sure you tell me, even though I know its doubtful I also know how stubborn Kyoto can be. So, you be good and help with the washing up and other things if there Is any to be done.” Her mum said sternly.

Chuckling at her mum, Nyima smiled “Of course I will mum, I always do.”

“Ok I shall see you later sweetie. Love you.”

“Love you too, Mum, Cya.”



Nyima hung up the phone, not knowing that sky had picked up the phone in his room, listening to the conversation…



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