[Original] The Promise (Chapter 3)

The Promise

Chapter 3


“Hello Hiwa residence, Hinata Hiwa Speaking.” A female voice came from the other end

“Hi mum its Nyima.” Nyima said softly.

“Nyima! WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN ALL DAY!!! Your teacher called home to ask why you weren’t in today!” Nyima cringed at her mother tone.

“Sorry mum, just something happened with Him and I then I was sick and I really didn’t feel like school I couldn’t deal with it, but raven was with me so I wasn’t by myself. She said that she had a doctors appointment so she could stay with me.” Nyima quickly explained.

She could practically see her mum frowning on the other end. “Tell me about it when you get home, Where are you now.” Her mother asked

“At Kyoto-sans house, she bumped into me on the street asked how I was, knowing I couldn’t lie to her I said the truth so she asked me to come back home with her and tell her all about it, so here I am.” Nyima said sighing.

“Ok well if you end up staying round make sure you tell me, even though I know its doubtful I also know how stubborn Kyoto can be. So, you be good and help with the washing up and other things if there Is any to be done.” Her mum said sternly.

Chuckling at her mum, Nyima smiled “Of course I will mum, I always do.”

“Ok I shall see you later sweetie. Love you.”

“Love you too, Mum, Cya.”



Nyima hung up the phone, not knowing that sky had picked up the phone in his room, listening to the conversation…

Once Nyima hung up the phone, she felt a hand on her shoulder; she turned around to see angry dull blue eyes staring at her. “What the hell do you think you’re doing here?!” Jennifer growled out.

“Kyoto-san invited me over to catch up on things.” Nyima answered. Jennifer’s nails dug into Nyima’s shoulder and her grip became tighter. Nyima held the cringe in, she didn’t want to show weakness. “Don’t use her name so familiarly as if you’ve known her for ages!” Jennifer spat out.

Even though her shoulder was in pain from Jennifer’s grip Nyima rolled her eyes “Well I have known her since I was born so if that doesn’t count for ages then I don’t know what does.” Nyima said somewhat sarcastically.

Jennifer let out a warning growl “Don’t lie to me I cant sense when your lying” Nyima let out a snort, “Obviously you cant or you would know I’m telling the truth, if you don’t believe me, why don’t you just go and ask Sky. I’ve known him since I was born too.” She said rolling her eyes once again.

Jennifer let out another low growl. “why don’t you just go home you little whore, you and I both know that you only came over her to suck up to Sky’s mum so that you can take him away from me.” Nyima had to let out a giggle at that one, could this girls stupidity get any worse?

“Oh my god, you figured me out! I must leave this country for ever. Man Jennifer how stupid can you get your just comparing me to yourself. I came over because Kyoto-san invited me over to catch up on things, I have no need to suck up to Kyoto-san because it would be pointless, and as for me taking away sky from you, well he’s made it very clear that he doesn’t want anything to do with me so why would I try to take him away.” Nyima said laughing in bitterness.

Grabbing Jennifer’s hand and ripping it away from her shoulder. “If you’ll excuse me I still have some shopping to unpack.” Nyima said walking into the kitchen, not knowing that Kyoto and Sky both saw and heard the whole thing.

When she walked into the kitchen, Kyoto was already at her shoulder with a wet cloth and bandage. “I knew that girl was trouble from the first day I met her…how dare she come in here and treat you like that! Who the hell does that girl think she is?!” Kyoto grumbled whilst tending to Nyima’s wound.  Nyima giggled, even though the situation wasn’t really a situation where you should giggle, she just found Kyoto’s grumbling to be funny.

Once Kyoto had finished wrapping up her wound she brought the Kitsune girl into the front room. “Wait in here for me; we shall talk in a second. I just have to kick that girl out of the house, if she thinks she’s staying round or coming back round here she’s got another thing coming!” Kyoto said frowning.

Nyima sighed and took off her shoes, placed them to the side of the sofa and curled up into a ball, waiting for Kyoto to return and keep her company.

Kyoto knocked on Sky’s bedroom door waiting for an answer. “Come in” Sky’s voice came from inside.  Kyoto walked inside to find Jennifer sitting in Sky’s lap and kissing his neck. She mentally cringed. “Sky I think its time for you friend to be going, but before she does I would like to have a word with her. Alone.” Sky frowned but nodded, not going to talk back to his mother. “Why don’t you go downstairs and keep Nyima-chan company?”  Sky mentally cringed but nodded to his mother once again.

Walking out of his room and shutting the door behind him, Sky walked downstairs ‘Maybe now that she cant walk away, she could hear me out and listen to what I have to say. Not that it will change anything…I hurt her…I hurt her badly and that can’t be changed.’ He thought walking into the living room.

Nyima looked up to see who had come into the front room, seeing who it was she put her head back down again. “What do you want sky?” came the mumble from Nyima.

Sky walked over to her, bringing the bean bag from the corner of the room over so that he could sit in front of her and talk to her. Sitting down on the bean bag he looked up at the curled up girl in front of him. “Mum told me to come down here and keep me company whilst she talks to Jennifer, no doubt to shout at her for earlier…” he said frowning.

Nyima brought her head up just enough so you could see her eyes. She saw that he was telling the truth, but noticed he wasn’t telling all of it. Lifting her whole head up she asked “and the rest? I know there’s got to be another reason, because I know you must not want to talk to me after this afternoon.”

Sky looked Nyima straight in the eyes “I wanted you to here me out, and listen to what I have to say, as you have no where to run off to and no Kyle here to try and kill me, I want to talk to you about what’s been happening the past month.” Nyima sighed and frowned. “Well you started to date Jennifer about a week after my birthday, then you started to ignore me, then you started to forget that I existed and then you actually forgot that I existed. And whilst all this was happening I was just hurting more and more, I mean sure I still had everyone else there for me but what good was that when all I wanted was to be noticed by my best friend, the one who I grew up with since I was a baby, the one who I though knew everything about me and would never leave me…especially for someone like Jennifer…” Nyima ended felling as if she wanted to cry but knowing she couldn’t.

Sky sighed and got up from his bean bag, only to sit down next to her. “Nyima look at me, I want to talk to your face not your side.”  Nyima turned towards the Inu demon and looked in straight in the eyes. Sky kept her gaze as he spoke “Nyima I know you told me that you didn’t want me to say it, but you know that its all I can say, I’m so sorry! I’m a fucking idiot for not doing anything, I knew something was missing every day I woke up, I just never realized what it was, and I didn’t realize that the more time I spent with Jennifer the further away I was becoming from you. I know you must hate me for the pain I’ve put you though, but please, just…” Sky stopped there.

He didn’t know what else to say to the female in front of him. He had loved this Kitsune female ever since he was little, not just as a friend but in the way one would love there Mate. But he had been foolish and asked out Jennifer, forgetting about Nyima and his love, just for a trophy girlfriend. Just to be popular. Was it worth it? No. You know the saying you never know how much you really miss someone until there gone. Well To him Nyima had been gone, and still was unless she decided to let him back into her life, but god how he missed her.

Nyima breathed in a shaky breath. “Sky…you hurt me…you hurt me so fucking much, you have no idea the hell I’ve been though, and you hurt me even more because of certain circumstances. But I’ve known you so long that I cant shut you out of my life forever, I don’t want to do that, but as long as ur around that…. Jennifer, I just drift farther and farther away from you. And the sad thing about it is that you know it.  She wont allow you to hang around me, She hates me sky, I want to be your best friend, I want to hang out like we used to but, you and I both know that that’s not possible with her around. I’m not telling you to brake up with her, because well you might be in love with her or something, and even though I’ll be put though more pain, if you want to be with her, then stay with her and forget about me. I want to say “break up with her and come back to me”, I want to say that “our friend ship is worth more than a relationship with her”, but I can’t…. I’m not that heartless…I take your feelings into consideration before mine…” She finished off.

Sky not knowing what to do brought the young Kitsune into his arms. Nyima tensed up at the sudden intrusion of her personal space, she honestly didn’t know weather she wanted to hug Sky or push him off her. She stayed tense and didn’t make a move to hug him back, but she didn’t move to push him away.

Sky was expecting this reaction, but he didn’t care, he missed her, her missed hugging her, he missed talking to her, he missed laughing with her, he missed all of it.

Kyoto had just finished chucking out the inu demoness who dared to call her son her boyfriend. She walked silently into the front room and came across her son hugging Nyima. Nyima herself looked stiff and her scent was one that radiated sadness, longing and loneliness, whilst her sons scent radiated sorrow.

‘Her depression must be something to do with sky, as well as that girl.’ Kyoto thought to herself. ‘I might have to keep sky down with me so I can talk to both of them. But before that I’m going to call up Hinata-chan and ask her if Nyima-chan can stay round.’ She thought smiling.

Walking over to the phone, Kyoto Dialed the Hiwa Residences Home number.

“Yello” Was the answer she received, Kyoto Giggled when she heard Hinata in the background shouting ‘Kai!!! Answer the phone properly!’

“Hello Kai, It Kyoto, Could you put your mother on the phone please.” She asked though her giggles.

“Sure ill get her one sec” Kai said, She heard a should of ‘Mum, Kyoto-san’s on the phone for you!’ after that.

The next voice that came on to the line was Hinata’s “Hello Kyoto-chan, How are you?”

Smiling down the phone Kyoto replied “Just great Hinata-chan, I am worried about your daughter though; she seems to be very depressed as of late.”

A sigh was heard from the other end. “I know, it all started with her birthday… but I don’t want to tell you about that, its not my  business to tell, I shall let Nyima explain to you, but I do advise you not to talk about what she needs to tell you in front of Sky. Sky cannot know yet, I’m afraid it might hurt Nyima even more if he knows.” Hinata said over the phone in a sad tone.

Kyoto frowned on her end of the line. “Hinata…what’s wrong with Nyima…. You know that girl is like a daughter to me, I need to know, and I know you know as you are her mother and you’re my best friend. What’s wrong with her Hinata?” She said in a firm tone.

Another sigh was heard on the end of the line. “She’s….she’s Pregnant Kyoto.” Was all that was said by Hinata.

A look of surprise came over Kyoto’s face, “Who’s the father?”

“Guess…It all links with her depression, so guess.”





“Hinata-chan, what should we do? Her depression is not good for the baby…and to top it all off she hasn’t told sky yet…oh this is one heck of a problem.”  Kyoto said sighing and rubbing her forehead.

“Kyoto-chan, Is it ok if Nyima Stays round at your house tonight, I think it mite help her a bit.” Hinata asked.

Smiling once again Kyoto replied “Yes Hinata-chan She’s more than welcome to stay, that’s was what I was originally calling about.” She said with a little giggle.

Giggling on the other end of the phone, Hinata smiled “Ok then Kyoto-chan, I better be going, Shima and Kai are getting hungry and are begging me to cook for them, Honestly they should learn how to cook for themselves.” She said with a pout.

Laughing, Kyoto spoke once more “Okay Hinata-chan, you go and cook for your husband and son hehehe” she said though laughter.

“That I will do and I will see some point during this week for coffee, ill tell you what day tomorrow.” Hinata said smiling.

Kyoto continued to laugh, her friend didn’t care if she was busy or anything, she just would make plans and if you didn’t turn up you would get the guilt trip from her, “ Okay Hinata-chan ill see you at some point during the week. Bai Bai”

“Bai Bai”

After that conversation was finished she hung up the phone and walked into the living room only to find that Sky wasn’t there anymore.

Walking over to Nyima who was sitting on the sofa with her legs up on the side watching the TV she sat down next to her. “Where did Sky go Nyima-chan?” Nyima turned to face the woman who she saw as a second mother figure and smiled “gone up to his room to think about some things. So what did you want to talk to me about Kyoto-san?”

Smiling and bringing the young Kitsune into her arms she smiled “I now know why you are so deep in depression. Your mother told me about you’re…shall we say condition…” Nyima’s eyes widened. “Kyoto-san please don’t tell Sky please don’t… I don’t want him to know yet, ill tell him in my own time please just don’t tell him.” Nyima mumbled into Kyoto’s shirt.

Smiling Kyoto whispered in the young child’s ear “Don’t worry hunny, I’m not gonna tell him, but I will tell you this much, you must tell him soon, or he will find out by himself when he notices that your getting bigger, and your scent will change as it becomes more noticeable.” Kyoto said stroking the girls head in a comforting manner.

Nyima stayed quite, she knew that once she got bigger Sky would notice, especially when her scent did change. It had already changed enough to the point where if you put your head by her stomach you would be able to smell that she was pregnant, as Kyle did.

“Nyima-chan, tell me, besides the pregnancy, what’s been bothering you so much that its made you this depressed?” Kyoto asked.

Kyoto missed the cheerful random girl that used to visit her all the time. The girl in front of her now, wasn’t Nyima, It was sad to see her this way.

Nyima looked up into Kyoto’s comforting eyes. Here own eyes filled wit sorrow and hurt. “Oh Kyoto-san, everything’s going wrong. Sky’s going out with that…That girl…He forgot about me Kyoto-san, he forgot about me, and our friendship. He ignored me…just for that girl. He says he’s sorry but I don’t know what to believe. I’m scared, Kyoto-san I’m scared. I don’t know what to do, I know that my mood is not good for the baby but I don’t know how to get out of it…I’m just so scared.” Nyima said, her voice lowering to a whisper.

Growling at her son’s idiocy, Kyoto spoke calmly to the girl in front of her “Nyima, Hunny don’t be scared, you’ve got everyone around you to help you though this you’ve got your parents, you’ve got me and I’m assuming you’ve got your girl-friends too. And don’t you worry about sky he just needs some time to think about what’s more important, popularity or a little kitsune girl that’s been with him from day one. I’m sure hell come around soon. Give him time, and then once he comes around, tell him about the baby, unless he already knows by then of course.” Kyoto finished off.

And at that, Nyima smiled…a True Smile.



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