[Artist Review] Yuya Matsushita

Matsushita Yuya

Well where to start…

I only recently descovered him on JpopAsia, and my gawd! I never really knew that Japanese Music sort of Delved into the RnB side of things… i mean ive heard some songs by other artists that sort of sound RnB-ish lol but never Fully.

but Matsushita-sans Music has that sort of Ne-yo Tone to it… I mean if you listen to Ne-yo’ first Album, (not his others cause he sort of changed into Dancy music after his first album) and then listen to Matsushita-sans songs, they have that same sort of vibe.

And i think its really cool that he dos his own rapping as well as Singing. In a way he remind me of Tanaka Koki from KAT-TUN, Both of them can Rap and Sing really well.

Im a little dissapointed that Matsushita-sans Newist Album – I Am Me, was cancelled. I was very much looking forward to listening to the songs from that. :/ Not only was it Cancelled, but they dont seem to have a new release date for it either. 😦

On another note, Ive just recently (as in about 1 hour ago) found out that Matsushita-san was in a musical of Kuroshitsuji, as Sebby-chan! (Sebastian Michaels)

[insert fangirl squeel here]

But other than that, Im looking forward to any new relased from Matsushita-san and hope to keep listening to him in the future.

Please Check him out if you have the time!! Here are some of His PV’s

Trust Me

Koe ni naranakute




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