[Music Review] Kaeru Basho – Aoyama Thelma

Wow Haitus much? lol hmmm this is the first of 3 Music reviews i shall be doing today.

Kaeru Basho~


This is a reivew for the song Kaeru Basho by Aoyama Thelma.

The Song will be relesed tommorrow (3rd Mar 2010) and im going to buy it.

I love the tune, its relaxing and easy to sing along to.

The lyrics make me want to cry, Whilst I myself cannot say that ive been in a situation that the lyrics would touch me personally, but i know a lot of people who do, and it remind me of the sad J-drama’s ive watched.

And no matter what people say about the PV… things like ‘nice song but boring PV’ I think its suited to the song perfectly. In a song with lyrics like this one, it doenst need such a big glamourous PV a simple toned down one like it was made to be is perfect.

On another note.. i love the Outfits shes wears and her hair styles! ive just cut my hair to the same style she has in the begining of the PV 🙂



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