[Music Review] Love Yourself ~ Kimi Ga Kirai Na Kimi Ga Suki ~ – KAT-TUN

2/3 Music Reviews today.

~ Love Yourself ~ Kimi Ga Kirai Na Kimi Ga Suki ~


Yeh… This song is awesome! and I enjoy listening to it!…however… >.> the PV… is disapointing…

Lack of dancing bugs me… and the fact that at the begining of the PV Jin seems to be Mr. Anti Social… as usual… though how he lets out that feeling through a PV is beyond me… >.> However at the end of the PV and during his solo he seems to cheer up and actually makes me copy him every time the song comes up….seriously I do *chuckles* I raise my glasses up the way he does during his solo…

But the Sunglasses… what the point to them… they look okay when hes got his hair down, but for a PV and with his hair tied back …. not really liking the look…

Though I do have to say i did watch the Making of, and Jin seemed to be happy… and Uepi seemed to be a bit off… which is a tad unusal.

Im hoping that this means that Jin is getting back to his usual self, I dont ike seeing him in the way he is at the moment.

On Another note I think im turning into a Kame Fangirl lol… I used to be a Ueda fangirl… Then i changed to a Maru Fangirl cause i thought he needed some love… but Kame *sighs wistfully* he is just yummy and sensible and LOVE! ❤



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