[Music Review] Loveless – Yamashita Tomohisa

This is my first review!

Loveless –

This is the new song by Yamashita Tomohisa of NEWS.

The song Charted Number 1 on the Week 48 Oricon Chart, and has moved up and down since then, its currently charted at 18 (week 53 Oricon Chart) [Year 2009]

The lyrics are Beautiful and the viedo contrasts perfectly and anyone whose been in a relationship can relate to this song;

‘Sayonara nante owari da nante
Uso da to itte sore demo
Hodoita te wa tsumetaku naru bokura wa tanin ni naru
Gomen ne nante mou nakanaide
Dakishimete shimau kara
Kasaneta omoide ga itami ni kawaru sono mae ni
Hora saigo wa egao de Say goodbye…’

‘About goodbyes
And the end
You say it’s a lie but still
Our hands have become colder since we let go
We’ll become strangers

Please stop crying
about saying sorry
Because I might end up holding you
The memory that piled up

Before it turns to pain
Let us give our last smile and
Say goodbye’

The first time I heard this song, was whilst watching the video on Jpop Asia. I didnt know what the lryics meant (as i dont know japanese) but the song still made me cry the first time hearing it. So when i eventually looked at the translation to the song, it reminded me of so many relationships ive seen go by, including one of my own, which evedentally made me cry again.

This song is perfect if your just comming out of a relationship and need something to cry over and get you to move on. Its also a perfect melody to listen to for a chilled out moment such as; sitting at home, just reading a book whilst listening to this is quite nice and relaxing.

One another note, Yamapi seems to be doing a great Jin impression :/ his hair in the video is exactly the same as Akanishi Jin. It somewhat irrtates me to see that, but what can you do, there close friends. *sigh*



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