[Music Review] The D-Motion – KAT-TUN

3/3 Music Reviews for today! Last one :3


The D-Motion

Hate the song, Hate the PV.

What the hell is all the Sound effect on ther voices for?

They have nice voices! WHY RUIN THEM WITH THE SOUND EFFECTS!!!! *growls* ****ing hell…


AND HES DRAGGED JUNNO INTO IT!!!… actually junno looks okay in them… and im liking the back to blond *drools* and short *droooool*

but yeh the PV is lacking LOTS… its rather dull… no excitement… half of it is just walking around…Kame looks like hes never been to a club before in his life >.>, Maru looks like hes dressed for school or some formal dinner… >.> tie with button done up to the top not liking it for this type of song…. and for that matter Kame’s outfit reminds me of a ringmaster…Ueda also looks out of place… and jesus please someone just drag the hair scunchie out of jins hair and let it fall down to is normal mussed up sexy self… tied back… i just dont like the look…


Disapointing KAT-TUN… after keeping us waiting for almost a year… *sighs*

One another Note I LOVE Koki’s new hair style :3 the long hair always suited him better than his baldie look lol ❤



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