Christmas Update!

Hi all!

Tis the time for christmas! christmas came and now it is gone and were in the aftermath till new years.

Even though i didnt get all that i wanted for christmas i still enjoyed it. Plus, I did Get tickets to see Miyavi in concert, and Beauty and the Beast on DVD ❤

Though im still waiting for my christmas presents from my boyfriend .> and im off work tomorrow.. and it my mums birthday…*curses* *sighs*

Cant wait for new years eve to come! get to spend the evening (hopefully) with my boyfriend! i dont get to see him alot cause he lives in hertfordshire and i live in london cause i fail lol, so every time i get to spend time with him im really happy! ^///^

anyways… enough with the mush, Recently ive been trying to catch up with animes that everyones been going on about.

at the moment im in the middle of Bakemonogatari & Yosuga no Sora. Im gonna start up Strike Witches and Milky Holmes at some point too, and other ones that have been recommened to me, i still gotta finish Kiss x Sis and Shugo Chara and Lovely Complex, and random others too lol

I suppose thats it for now peps, another update hopefully with pics after New years of New Years eve/Day 🙂

Happy Christmas Everyone, and have an Awesome New year



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