My Rules on How to Date an Otaku Girl~

Well I Recently watched a film called “How to Date an Otaku Girl”

And i thought to myself, ‘hmmm wouldnt it be cool if i wrote out a small list of rules to stick to when dating an Otaku/Fujoshi (Yaoi Fan girl) girl?’ So thats what im going to do, Maybe afterwards ill do one on how to date an Otaku Guy :3

Im not compleatly sure if this is going to be for Otaku guys who have an Otaku girlfriend or just regular guys who have an Otaku Girlfriend but just read it anyhu lol

4 Main Rules when Dating a Otaku/Fujoshi


4. Cosplay with her once in a while.

Even if you dont like Dressing up as Anime characters and/or you just like taking photos of them or whatever. I can bet you any money that she really wants you to dress up as the male character to one of her favourite parings just so she can be the female side. An Example or two would be, You Cosplaying as Sesshoumaru so she could be Kagome… okay maybe that was a bad example as there not exactly a canon pairing in Inuyasha… but still.. okay another, You Cosplay Hinata, and She Cosplays Yui, Or Vincent and Yuffie (YES THEY ARE CANON DAMNIT!) Or Otonashi and  Tachibana(Tenshi) or Hibari and Tsuna… >.> had to add the complimentary Yaoi one in there just incase :P… and yes i know there are two angel beats refernces… but its in my head atm lol.

3. Treat her once in a while.

If she suddlenly spot something and start squeeling like mad, then sighs and puts it down, Or she continually go on about wanting a certain figure or manga,  It probably means she really wants it but either cant buy it cause shes out of money or she needs to buy something else so she cant buy it, I suggest either buying it for her after shes vacated the area and hide it till later and surprise her or take not of what it is and get if for her for her birthday/Christmas (after making sure she hasnt already got it of course) She will appricaiate it so much and Good things shall come! ;). This rule is kind of a General Girl rule, weather shes an Otaku or not doesnt really matter with this one.

2. Shoujo Manga / Anime

The Majority of Otaku Girls like to try and relate to the girls in Shoujo Manga/ Anime. I suggest, Watching some Shoujo Anime or reading some manga, and Taking notes of some of the guys actions, Likes hugs from behind the whispering sweet things into her ear like ‘you look really cute in that outfit’ or soemthing along those lines, always get a girls hear racing. Or Maybe if your home alone, Pressing her against the wall and Looking into her eyes then kissing her…*has a stupid grin on her face* seriously just imagining it makes my heart go off on one. ^^ Just check out some Mangas or Animes (tho i suggest Manga…cause i can reccomend ones then :P) and look at the romance scenes, and if then Check out some JDramas or KDramas :3

1. Yaoi (Fujoshi)

Most Female Otaku’s are Fujoshi’s as well Which for those who have no idea what the term means (as i didnt just untill yesterday xD  even though i am one myself) “Fujoshi (腐女子, lit. “rotten girl”) is a pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men. Fujoshi enjoy imagining what it would be like if male characters from manga and anime, and occasionally real-life male performers as well, loved each other” (Totally Copied that from Wikipedia lol) Even if you dont like it, Just try to except it. If you dont mind it, then sit down and watch it once in a while with her or Read one of her books so that when she starts going on about it it you at least understand whats shes saying and can maybe even throw in your own comments?


Anyway Those are my Rules when Dating a Female Otaku/ Fujoshi. Ill see if i can do one for How to Date an Otaku Boy too ^^

Hope You enjoyed it 🙂



24 thoughts on “My Rules on How to Date an Otaku Girl~

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  2. First, what do you mean most female otakus are fujoshis? There are female otakus more than fujoshis, second, there is no way in the friggin’ hell i’d date a fujoshi, but i’d date an otaku girl, third, why would an individual date an ugly lookin’ sickminded trash that likes to watch homoromantic or even homoerotic stuff for that matter? fourth, let’s assume i’m dating a fujoshi, There is no way in the friggin’ hell i’d do whatever she says, i bet she’d get me to cosplay as a friggin’ maid, or probably read one of her gay stories, seriously, don’t mix between real life and your gay little bizzare world, if i’m gonna date any kind of girl, she should be capable of being a woman, act like a woman, and do things that an actual woman would do, not go off reading some sick stuff while sleeping in bed with yer guy.

    • Well for starters, are we seriously going onto random peoples blogs and just leaving nasty comments just to start a fight? Really? well i might as well reply.

      First of all what i mean by most female otaku’s are Fujoshi’s is exactly what i say. the majority of people i know and have seen at conventions are fujoshi’s. Maybe not full on ones, but they do like yaoi. Second, no ones telling you to date one? i dont exactly care if you dont want to date a fujoshi thats your business as far as im concerned and is not really relevant to my post. thirdly, really? really are we going on the homophobic route now? and also all people who like homosexual stuff are ugly? thats what im picking up from that comment so im sorry im im wrong, but either way, you really need to come out of your own small minded box and grow up. Fourth let assume that you read my blog post properly, when did i ever say you HAD to do WHATEVER the girl says? i said that she probably wants you too, but again is not forcing you in any way to do anything. Seriously now, read what i write before commenting please. Seriously dont mix real life and your gay little bizzare world? really? Oh boy. Im sorry but if you honestly dont like me mixing things that i like with the ‘real world’ *rolls eyes* then dont bother to read. or comment for that matter. and good for you if your gonna date a woman who can act and do things and actual woman would do. again thats your business and i dont really care to be honest. As far as im concered, all Women weather they be Otaku’s Fujoshi’s or ‘normal’, they all have hobbies, which is what being a fujoshi or an otaku is. A Hobby. They still have there life away from there hobby, such as what you probably assume being a ‘normal’ woman is. Really now, if your going to comment back to this comment, please THINK through what i have said before trying to insult me again. or just go else wear, because i dont really have time to banter with asholes like yourself. Girls like to watch boy on boy action. Get over it.

      • Just who do you think you’re lying to?
        have some sense of morality will ya? You’re mixing your little bizzare world with reality, and “girls like to watch boy on boy action”? really? like really? Do you even know what on the darn earth a fujoshi means? It means a rotten/gross woman, hence the sick hobby, a girl would have to give up her humanity to read that kinda stuff.
        get over it dear, stop trying so hard, if you think guys are actually that dumb to date a girl like that then you’re quite wrong.

        best regards.

    • its damn rude to comment this on other ppl’s bog. If u dont like it then just ignore it nobody asked u to read this. and what so liking BL makes me sick? we all have different interests cant i like BL.

    • Homophobic much? I am an otaku girl (not necessarily a fujoshi, but I have seen a couple yaoi animes here and there) and there is nothing wrong with watching yaoi. Plus yaoi is guy x guy, why would you be wearing a maid cosplay? There are some male characters who crossdress, but they tend to be the submissive ones, so she would probably be the one to wear that costume herself. BTW, saying friggen’ that much makes you look like a complete dumbass.

    • Bro, are you fucking 12? The title clearly says what it was going to be discussing, and nobody cares about your type because you probably can’t get any girls anyway. Beggars can be choosers asshole. We are not sickminded, homophobic fucker, we see something we like that happens to be homosexual, we eagerly jump on it. Most of them aren’t crazy with it, and because you’re so fucking ignorant and probably 50 year old virgin, can I tell you first and foremost as a fujoshi that I have a long term boyfriend who isn’t into homosexual stuff, but he still loves me. Why? Because I am still a respectable woman, despite my prefrences. Youre sick and twisted for acting as if you’re better. Bet your mom is wishing she’d have aborted you

  3. P.S, i can see now why you made this post, can’t find a desperate enough guy to date you, eh?
    blame it on your sick mind and your sick indecent hobby, might i aswell add, this has nothing to do with homophobia, “homophobia” isn’t even a word to begin with, and yaoi has not a tad bit feeling of reality, so there you have it, now stop lying to yourself.

    • You’re disgusting. Why would you click on this link just to insult the writer? You could have given constructive criticizm, but you didn’t have to fucking attack her. And while you do have a point with the “Would you date a guy with 800 gb porn?” thing, but you don’t have to act like a mentally retarded homophobe with a tree branch up your ass.

      Have fun in the closet.

    • God, you are a fucking bitch. If you are going to be a pathetic, good for nothing nuisance, then you better go the fuck home. Insensitive jerks like you do not even deserve a girl to date at all (and I bet that you could not get one even if you got down on your knees and begged). So just leave her the fuck alone. Can that get through that homophobic, thick-skull of yours?

      you say that we would have to give up our humanity, that it’s sick and twisted as if we’ve raped and hurt people! Dirty homophobe, I hope you know where you’ll be rotting.

  4. And at last a question for you before i take my leave.

    Would you date a guy who’s room is full of Doujins and mangas with girls and futanari’s strap-on raping each other in the butt and his computer has 80Gb+ porn movies?
    Would you date that kind of guy?
    But i guess it’s a bit different for guys, since guys have “needs”, meh, i could care less, You just need to use that little tiny fujoshi brain of yours and figure out how shit in the real world works, mkay?

    Well i’m outta here, and before i leave, i want you to be sure that i won’t click on this link again, i assure you that.

    • U r full of shit dude, don’t talk to her lyk dat, it’s ok we all kno ur in a state of denial, that’s y ur here acting lyk a dicked on this site, mayb u shud b out wid ur gf, OH WAIT there isn’t a girl desperate enough to date u.

  5. first of all these people who hate ”yaoi” so much and think ”fujoshis” are ugly desperate sick girls…what the hell they doing here?!
    And just to mention so far all the yaoi fangirls i have seen they were all very pretty! If not than were atleast more than enough smart to get any rigid mind homophobes as their date. Well of course yaoi fangirls are screwed and have weird kinks but at least they dont have those disgusting tiny minds of the-so-called-good people the homophobes.
    And the one who wrote this blog ”girl just dont give a shit alright?”

  6. I must say, this article has expressed my desires for when I find a boyfriend. I would be so flipping happy if my guy would cosplay with me! Or watch anime with me~
    Personally, I don’t do yaoi, but #1 can apply to any number of things. Video games, music, movies, etc.
    And for the record, even though I don’t like it, 95% of my otaku friends do, and I would rather have 10 friends that love yaoi than 50 that are complete jerks about hating it

  7. Well thanks for posting this blog:D well i know its late>_< at least i found someone who actually watched this! and YESHHH i would totally want a boyfriend like that^~^ *dreams and blushes*O////O oh sorry:3 do u know where i can find sth like a wiki on this movie?

  8. God…There’s nothing wrong with a yaoi loving girl -___- i’ve experienced it and dating a Yaoi loving girl is really fun,don’t judge people because their into some kinky stuff.

  9. This is actually really helpful to me. Even though I’ve known these rules for years alone (I’m Tier 3 Otaku, mind you) yet the Otaku Girls I ask out turn me down. This is actually more factual than most people might think, this worked with my Otaku friend with his Otaku girlfriend when they were going out.
    Thanks for posting this, my fellow Otaku. 🙂

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