Pocky and all things Sweet.

Okay… as my nickname online is PockyKai, i figured… why not do a post about Pocky and other Sweets ^^ … yes i have time on my hands… what of it? 😛

Okay lets start on Pocky.

Pocky a definition from wikipedia for those who dont know what it is… “Pocky was first sold in 1966,and consists of a biscuit stick coated with chocolate.”

Simple Ne?

tho if you are reading my blog and didnt have a clue what pocky was untill you read that here is a virtual slap in the face *SLAPS FACE* YOU FAIL!

Alright, as we know… or should know, Pocky comes in a varity of flavours and is distrbuted worldwide in a varity of names. like over here in the UK we have ‘Mikado‘ (wait according to wikipedia… thats the name for pocky in Europe >> fail by me there…) which by the way… Tastes like crap. I dont know weather its my lack of love for plain chocolate pocky or the fact that…it tastes like crap… but meh…

anyhu heres are my top 5 fave pocky 🙂

5. Milk Flavour Pocky♥
milk pocky Pictures, Images and Photos

4. Banana and Chocolate Flavour Pocky♥♥
Chocolate and Banana flavour pocky

3. Straberry Flavour Pocky♥♥♥
Strawberry flavour pocky

2. Chocolate and Banana Desert Pocky♥♥♥♥
Banana and chocolate dessert Pocky

1. Strawberry Desert Pocky ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Strawberry dessert pocky

I havent had Strawberry Desert Pocky is AGES! and its my Absolute fave Pocky! TwT so sad… and there doesnt seem to be anywhere that sells it in london anymore… or anywhere that ive seen >.<  if anyones knows anywhere then please tell moi~!

Anyways moving onto regular Sweets that are sold over here in the UK :3

Top 5 UK sweets

5. Skittles

Fruity and Chewy and RAINBOW!!!! CAN YOU TASTE THE RAINBOW?! I CAN!! ;D

4. Jelly Tots

Ahhh me and these sweets had good times when i was young, i dont have them as often as i did then, now, but i shall never forget the memories…. XD

3. Fruitella

“im too sexy…” XD i totally miss that advert, i do kinda just love fruitella because of that advert LOL

2. Magic Stars

Magic Stars, are chocolate stars with different faces on them and they all have different names! who could ask for more as a kid?… or now for that matter!!! xD Well they did have faces on them… i just realised, recently the faces have seemed to have gone missing… 😦 Phooey 😦

1. Kinder Maxi

Gah Kinda Maxi is just hte YUMMIEST (yes thats a word) CHOCO IN THE WORLD!!!!!!  and it makes an AWESOME milkshake too!!! xD

Well there is my Pocky & Sweets Post xD random but Awesome none the less ;P

Alright well ive got some reading to do, and then some reveiwing to do too lol so keep an eye out for new blog posts 🙂




2 thoughts on “Pocky and all things Sweet.

  1. Ohh, i do love me some candies :3. Oh and Jelly Tots… My childhood on a nutshell 😛 LOL. That reminded me of the Lifesavers… :3 nya~ now I’m hungry. ^^;

    • lol late reply, ahhh jelly tots, i almost bought some the other day! but my mind headed towards the Bueno instead lol. hehe go get some, ya know you want toooo~

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