[Recipe] Stuffed Peppers

Well as ive Just made them today i figured that i would post a Blog Recipe on how i made them :3

Btw if you dont really like Zesty things, This really isnt for you. Then again i always say try it before you knock it.

Also please make sure your not alergic to any of the mentioned ingredents before putting them in. >.<


0.700-0.750 kg Pork Mince

6 assorted peppers, (can any shape or size tho preferably the big ones for this type of recipe)

1/2 Lemon, 1/2 Lime

1/2 Ginger (the frest one you can cut)

1-2 Shalots

1/2 a clove of garlic

1tbs Soy Sauce

1tbs Seseme Seed Oil

1 egg


Pre tips:- Heat the oven to 200 oC whilst to prepare everything.

1. peal and cut up the Shalots, Garlic & Ginger. Dont cut up too small, make them chunky. (ignore this is you dont have a blender, if you dont have a blender you gonna have to try to chop up all ingredents as fine as you can get them unless you can get a blender from a friend.)

2. Place Shalots, Garlic & Ginger into a blender (read above in brackets if you dont own one) and blend till smooth-ish. hehe.

3.Next Squeeze half and lemon and half a lime into a cup and remove pips, then pour liquid into the Shalots, Garlic & Ginger mix.

4. Next put 1tbs or Soy sauce & 1tbs of seseme seed oil into above mixture and stir in everything together.

5. Next place mince Pork in a big mixing bowl and for a lac kof a better word, Mush it up in your hands a bit.

6. Then add the mixture to the pork and mush all together with your hands untill its all mixed nicely in together.

7. Next cut you peppers in half removing all seeds from the inside and the white bits too.

8. Next break you egg into a small bowl and mix, then paste some on the inside of the peppers. This is just to help the mince stick to the peppers. you can also use olive oil, thats what i used today and it seemed to work fine 🙂

9. Then scoop out enough mince to fill the pepper to the top, if you have extra pork, you can top them all up a bit and add a bit more to each pepper.

10. place in a oven dish, and place in the preheated oven (pre heat oven at 200oC)

11. let it cook for 25-30 minutes. Whilst its cooking you can put on some rice or potatoes to have with it, or not, depends on weather you want anything with it.

12. Once 25-30 minutes are up, take out of the oven (remember children, Turn off your ovens after cooking, we dont want the house to burn down now do we? xD) and dish up with or without rice or some side dish.


I hope you enjoy the Stuffed pepers as much as i do 😀



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