Omurice Fun~

I made Omurice for dinner tonight, and for anyone who ha no idea what Omurice is here is the Wikipedia Definition xD

Omurice, sometimes spelled “omu-rice” (Japanese: オムライス, Omu-raisu), is a contemporary Japanese dish consisting of an omelette made with fried rice.”


I can offically say IT WAS YUM!

I made it using this Recipe from Just Hungry (who have all sorts of bento box recipes as well as just regular japanese Recipes 🙂

I used chicken but it was alreadyed spiced and seasoned with my nans homemade Jerk seasoning (again for those who dont know is a Jamaican seasoning) so it was a little peppery but it was YUMMMMMMMYYYYYY

the one thing i couldnt do however was keep the omlette runny in the middle… runny egg (minus the yolk) kinda makes me feel ill >.< so i cooked it all the way through lol

heres a picture of what it looked like (and my failed Ketchup swiggle >.> Jammy ketchup decided to fail on me)

Doesnt it look lovely xD it kinda looks like someones just bleaded all over my omurice xD ah well, if i had a full ketchup bottle it would be perfecto! mebbe next time :3

Well thats it for me, im offski, if you make any Omurice, please feel free to show meeeee and make me hungry xD

next on my list of things to make is a chicken teriaki crepe *drools* my faaaaaveeeee crepe!




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