[Film Review] X-Men: First Class

Okay i Had to do a Review on it… As much as i loved the film, the stupidness of it was eating me alive… so i must do my fair share of complaining.

I Have my Marvel Encyclopedia hear to back up my own remembrance to what i’ve been taught about X-Men Via my Pops and Marvel wiki also to back me up.

Okay Also… there will more than likely be spoilers to this film in here, so i do suggest that if you havent seen the film DO NOT READ THIS!!!! please i dont want anyone bitching at me that ive spoilt it for them when ive given a clear warning here…

Moving on.

The first thing i did when walking out of the cinema was research ‘Angel’ (Angel Salvadore) because as far as i know, the only ‘Angel’ in X-Men, is Warren Worthington III, Angel (or Archangel, depedening what comic your reading…) So i reaserched her… her names  Tempest… making me bluddy confused.  Aparently she used to go by Angel untill her powers got taken away by some House of M  incident ( you can so tell i have yet to catch up on the comics) and then she somehow got powers back and she became tempest, so offically they wernt lying but they were. Another thing about her is that Storm is DEFIANTLY older than her, so why storm apered as a child whilst Prof.X was searching for mutants with Cerebro i have no clue, since Storm must be about the same as as Wolverine (correct me if im worng, but they apper to be the same age in the trilogy… which i also suddenly feel the need to bitch at as i remember watching the last of the trilogy the other day, which had MANY FAULTS) . and wolverine appered as an older man in the film too… anyway… moving onto the next character.

Havok… Dude… Havok (Alex Summers) is Scott Summers Younger Brother? wtf is he doing in this film… hes Scotts YOUNGER BROTHER! Scott is about what in his late 20 early 30’s in the x-men triology films, and Alex is in his late teens in this… the maths is totally not adding up in my head, seeing as the prof is an old man in the Triology and in this hes in his early 20’s -_- seriously someone mega screwed up there…

another Thing… Magneto… Thats not how Magneto’s story goes… im not gonna get into it but thats honestly not how it goes…

Sebastian Shaw, Considering how he has nothing to do with Magento’s Past what so ever… why in this film he does is beyond me, and all hardcore fans know that he he was totally not supposed to die in the film, he has a key part in turning phoenix into Dark Phoenix… christ alive i think that if Marvel was involved in making of the film that FOR ONCE it could be accurate… fuck me *shakes head*

I know there are more issues with the film, but honestly, its irritating me too much to continue this review lol.

The film in total, Awesome Graphics, some hilarious scenes, especially the one with Wolverine lol, Good story line if you know nothing about the X-Men comic what so ever. If you do, like myself or my mum or my dad (who im not sure has sen it yet) then your screwed to be questioning the point of the X-men Films for all eternity. *le Sigh*

well theres my lovely review on X-Men: First Class Hope you all enjoyed.

And yes i do realise i moan alot about things, but if i dont do it, who the fuck will? 😛



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