Daddy and Me~

Well as Fathers Days comming up id thought id write a post about my dad and me xD and dont worry mummy, ill do one about you on mothers day too 😛 or on your birthday~!


My Pops, whilst hes strict, hes a massive softie xD

He also like his fair share of anime, Whilst unlike me, he likes Meccha and Sci fi instead of all the cutesy stuff i like lol.

Hes a Marvel Geek as well as a Computer Nerd whose recently become obsessed with Apple products lol.

he likes to try to scare all my males friends, though when you get to know him hes about as intimidating as a tabby cat, unless of course you get on his bad side, then your screwed xD

Daddy was also the one who gave me my name, (not my nickname Kai but my Acutal name) i was named after Captin Britains Girlfriend from Excalibur, (the Marvel Series)

All in All Daddy is a cool guy as long as you stay on his good side ^^

Happy Early Daddys Day Daddy~!!!

(XD this is my fave pic of me and my dad xD)



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