[Fanfic] (An Cafe) Moving Away [Chapter 3]

Chapter 3


Takuya’s P.O.V



Waking up that morning was… Interesting… to say the least. The first think I noticed, was that I found a blanket almost suffocating me when I opened my eyes, which was a tad odd seeing as I didn’t tend to put the blanket over my head. The next thing I noticed was the fact that my supposed pillow was moving.


What do you know my memory decided to come back to me at that point. I remember falling asleep on Courtney’s chest as we watch a movie along with Kanon, who if I right, should be underneath Courtney…Wait… That sounded wrong …ehehe.


Anyways moving back to the position I’m in at the moment, I’m pretty sure that if I turned my head I would come face to face with Courtney’s breasts. And as temping as it is to turn my head, I don’t really want to face the consequences of those actions.


“Nei… Takuya, you awake?”  I heard Kanon’s voice from uh… above me.. underneath me… who knows… “ hai hai, is Courtney-chan awake?” I could feel Kanon Shift, so I could only assume he was checking. “Iie, shes asle-“ *moan* ………….okay….”Kanon-san was that you?” I asked “Iie…” was his reply. Another moan was heard, throughout the room, along with some movement from underneath me.


“Ano… is that Courtney-chan?” “*moan…Takuya….*moan*… Kanon….” …..Ano…NANI? “Takuya…you think..” he trailed off in the sentence, but I knew where it was headed.


“Ano Kanon-san, lets just leave it for now, lets just see how it goes…Onigai, I just don’t want to ruin the friendship we hold with her.. just in case this dream that’s shes having is a one off…” I heard Kanon sigh “Hai Hai demo…Takuya, I know you cant hold off much longer, because my own patience is wearing thin.” Kanon said with another sigh.  I felt myself nod. After a while of silence and the occasional moan from Courtney. A tune kinda blasted out into the air “Don’t let me down my sweet baby bambida. Dakishimeta-” When I realised it was my phone,  I shook my head at the ringtone…. Never let Courtney play with your phone….“ Moshi Moshi…”


Don’t Moshi Moshi Me! Where the hell are you two! I told you to be here for 9 so we could practice? Its 12 Takuya!”  Miku’s loud and angry voice flittered through the air….wait a minute… did he say 12? “Kuso! Gomen Miku-san… well be there asap!” “you better….” Then the phone was hung up.



Normal P.O.V


“Ano…Taku-kun… was that Miku-kun?” Courtney mumbled out, from her half asleep state. Takuya jumped when he head Courtney’s voice. “Ano… hai.. it was, were late for practice.” Courtney’s eyes widened at that “Ah! Gomen Gomen! It must have been my fault for keeping you both laying down…” Kanon rolled his eyes, “don’t be silly, and anyways, what done is done.” Kanon said Courtney lowered her head but nodded. Kanon sighed told both Takuya & Courtney move as his legs and butt were numb. Courtney giggled at that but got up after Takuya moved off her.


*knock knock* “urm… Courtney you in there? Bordum has set in and you promised to take me to an anime & manga shop today!”  they heard the voice of Stephanie filter through.


Kanon Laughed and Takuya chucked which all in all threw Courtney back into a fit of giggles. “Hai Hai ill be there in a minute.” “Speak in English woman!” “She said shell be there in a minute”  Kanon replied back for Courtney, who went into another laughing fit once she realised that she spoke in Japanese. “Okay, Thank you… uh.. Kanon-san?” “Yes. You do realised you can come in if you like?”  the reply to his answer was a jiggle of the doorknob.


well im glad you guys are decently dressed or that could have been one awkward moment….” Stephanie said grinning at the 3 on the bed. “what would have made you thought otherwise” Takuya said raising an eyebrow at the girl in the door way. Stephanie was about to answer, until she saw the glare she was getting from Courtney telling her to shut up. “no reason…


Takuya and Kanon looked from one girl to the other and then shrugged there shoulders. Both of the boys got up and said there goodbyes quickly knowing if they were anymore late Miku would literally kill them.


Once they had left, Courtney looked over at her friend and glared at her. “DUDE?! WHAT THE HELL?!” Stephanie just looked at her sheepishly, “Sorry Courts, It just kinda slipped out…” Courtney sighed at her friend, she couldn’t stay mad at her, as much as she tried too. “Baka.” She said and then got up and started to get ready to go out. Once they were both ready and said there byes to Hinata and Ryuuchi, they started walking into town.


Courtney turned to Stephanie and raised an eyebrow, “you do realise that this is my first time in Kyoto, so i have no idea where any anime and manga stores are let alone if they actually have them… so why don’t we do some fun touristy things instead?” she suggested to her friend. Stephanie sighed and nodded , she kinda thought that this might be the case. “but wait… didn’t we do all that yesterday with Hinata, Nadeshiko and the boys?” Courtney shook her head “nope, that was more of a tour of the town, not like shrines and historical spots. I know you like all your history stuff, otherwise you wouldn’t have picked it as a subject in school.” Courtney said sticking her tongue out at her friend, who did the exact same thing back.


“Fine, but if we pass a Anime and Manga store on the way… and we please go in?”




Later on in the day the two girls made it back to the Sano family residence.  “Tadima~” Courtney called through the house whilst taking off her shoes at the doorway. They saw Tsuna’s head pop round the corner of the door, “Okaeri Courtney-san, Stephanie-san.” He said waving at the two girls.


“Ah Tsuna-kun, what are you doing here?” Courtney asked the boy. Tsuna smiled and walked out in the hallway with Ryuuchi following, holding his hand. “Ano… Otou-san and Okaa-san asked Hinata-san and Shinobu-san if they wanted to go out for dinner, so they went, and they trusted us by ourselves and they knew you 2 were coming home soon.” Courtney nodded ‘so thats what that call was about’ she thought to herself. She then noticed there joined hands and her eyes widened a little bit. Tsuna whispered something to Ryuuchi, who in turn nodded and turned to Stephanie, “Stephanie-san, can i show you something quickly?” Stephanie blinked in surprise but nodded and followed the 13 year old out of the room.


Once they had left the room, Tsuna rushed over to Courtney with a bright smile on his face, “Courtney-san!! I took your advice!! And you were right!” Courtney giggled at the happiness radiating off of the younger boy. “Un! So are you 2 dating now?” A Big blush settled over Tsuna’s face as he nodded, and Courtney couldn’t help but gather him into her arms and give him a huge hug. “Gah your too cute! Im very happy for you Tsu-kun! I know Ryu-kun will look after you well~” she said giving him another squeeze before letting the boy go.


He smiled at the elder girl and then looked slightly worried, “ano… Courtney-san… do you think that Aniki is going to be mad? I mean I know Otou-san and Okaa-san won’t be but Aniki….” he looked down to the ground with a sad expression. Courtney ruffled the boys hair affectionately “Hun, if your brother can put up with me ranting on about yaoi day after day, then believe me, this will be a walk in the park.” Seeing the confused expression on the boys face Courtney giggled and knelt down in front of Tsuna “Tsu-kun,Taku-chii is not the type to be angry because his brother is dating a guy. He will love you no matter what. Would you like to call him and tell him with me here? I promise you he wil be cool with it.”


Tsuna once again looked at the elder girl, took in a deep breath and nodded. Courtney smiled and took out her phone, speed dialling Takuya’s number.


Moshi Moshi.” Takuya’s voice came through the phone.


Courtney smiled “Hey Taku-Chii, I’ve Got a nervous Tsu-kun here, he wants to tell you something.”


Eh? Ah….Hai… put him on the phone then


Courtney handed the phone over to Tsuna. Who in turn held it in one hand and took her hand in the other. “Ano… Aniki…?”


“Hai Tsunayoshi, Whats wrong?” came the worried reply from his older brother.


“Eto…would you be mad if I was dating… a boy?” Tsuna replied to his brother rather nervously and squeezing Courtney’s hand.


No Tsunayoshi, I would not be mad, as long as I know they were treating you right, I’m happy with whoever you wish to date.” Came Takuya’s calm reply back.


Smiling in relief, tears slightly welling up in his eyes, Courtney gave Tsuna’s hand a light squeeze as he replied to his older brother “Arigato Aniki.”


The both of them could feel the smile Takuya had on his face as he responded “No Problem Otouto.


Both of the brothers said their goodbyes and hung up their respective phones. Tsuna handed the phone back to Courtney and gave her a big hug. “Arigato Courtney-san for helping me.” Courtney hugged the boy back, “No worries hun. Come on lets go and find Stephanie and Ryu-kun, no doubt the latter will be quite worried about you ne?” Tsuna blushed and nodded, following the older girl into the living room.




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