Pokemon (Oh yes I went there…)

Okay so i’ve recently begun watching Pokemon Black and White (Best Wishes) and I’m having trouble understanding certain things.

One of the main things being Ash’s (Satoshi’s) Age….

He’s 10, I mean thats okay and I wouldn’t have a problem with it if he wasnt 10 at the beinging of Season 1, Black & White being Season 10… wait no… just checked wikipedia… its Season 14… THATS EVEN WORSE!

He’s fuckin Peter Pan. (not litterally of course) o.o

how has he not aged through 14 Seasons?! I’m almost certain that sevral days have past during episodes and when you add up the amount of episodes (600 and something) and the fact that some episodes even show that more than 1 day has past, it logically makes no sense what so ever that hes still 10.

I do feel that I just might be looking a little too much into this….


This point still makes me lol.

How have Team Rocket become so cool?

i swere the last season of pokemon i watched was, funnily enough not Season 13 but it was the Diamond and Pearl Season it was either Season 11 or 12 lol, they were searching for Pikachu every day and get ‘blasted off again’. Now all of a sudden there Awsome secret bad agents who dont get all bent out of shape when they get beat by ash! its WEIRD! but kinda cool too.

Oh and another thing… WHY OH WHY coulnt they have just LEFT the team rocket theme song/ intorduction thing at the one it was in season 1 that was the coolest one! it rhymed and everything. its just getting utterly rediculous now… :/

Oh well.

Yeh that was my surprsingly short rant about pokemon.

As much as i love it… it really needs to sort things out or explain things to fans of the original pokemon generation like moi.

*le sigh*

Kai o


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