Asian Music Chart -Top 40 [Take 2]

Soooo Take 1 is on my Livejournal as i remember i had a blog on blogger when i originally done it, and it was posted up there, then i moved to wordpress and i didnt transfer it over… and im too lazy to search up my old blog, soooo here the link to the livejournal version –

Okay so what im gonna do is bascially do a list of my top 40 Asian music (by that i mean Songs done by any Japanese, Korean or Chinese artists) and i might write why i like the song next to it and put a link to where you can here the song too… if i dont get bored of doing that to quickly lol.

40. Fantasy – Alice Nine (Its my all time fave Alice nine song, and was previously No. 37 in my 2010 chart ^^)

39. 超喜歡你(Chao Xi Huan Ni) – Fahrenheit (Was number 20 in my 2010 chart and will probably be the only chinese song in this chart xD i only listen to Fahrenheit and this is the only one of there songs that i acutally listen to anymore lol)

38. リメンバー (Remember) – Kimaguren (Ahhh~ great summer song. Love it)

37. BEAUTIFUL HANGOVER – BIG BANG (One of my fave big bang songs ^^ and love the video too :3)

36. LOVE – CNBlue (‘C N to da blue~’ *drools* Jung Yong Hwa = Yum)

35. Heartbreaker – G-Dragon (GAH! G-Dragon with Blond hair! *squeels* and its an awesome song to boot!)

34. I Need a Girl – TaeYang (Yes im aware that theres alot of big bang going on up here but thats mainly that i need to fill up spaces before Arashi, Beast and SHINee take over xD)

33. クローバー♣クラブ (Clover♣Club)-Hatsune Miku (Sha la la la la la la~ la la la~)

32. Helpless Night – Crystal Kay ft Akanishi Jin

31. 애인이 생기면 하고 싶은 일(What I Want To Do Once I Have A Lover) – Both the GN.A & Rain ver & GaYoon & Yoseob ver.


29. 5×10 – Arashi

28. Let it Snow – HyunSeung & Kikwang

27. Hello -SHINee

26.  どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? (doushite kimi wo suki natte shimattandarou) – Tohoshinki

25. Clap – Teen Top

24. Happiness – Arashi

23. Loveless – Yamashita Tomohisa

22. The Boys – Girls Generation

21. ガラガラ GO!! (GaraGara Go!!) – BIG BANG

20. Twilight~星降る夜の奇跡~ – 美女♂men Vlossom ( cant figure out the romanji for the song lol)

19. 愛唄 (Ai Uta) – GReeeeN

18. こころ (Kokoro) – Kagamine Rin

17. truth – Arashi

16. すすすす、すき、だあいすき(Su Su Su Su, Suki, Daisuki) – Kagamine Rin

15. troublemaker – Arashi

14. Replay – SHINee

13. twitter – Hatsune Miku

12. Beautiful – BEAST

11. Everything – Arashi

10. Dear – Hatsune Miku

09. 니가 제일 좋아 (I Like You The Best) – BEAST

08. Mr. “Broken Heart” – Matsushita Yuya

07. Thanks To – Yoseob & JunHyung (BEAST)

06. 「右肩の蝶」 (Migikata no Chou) – Kagamine Len

05. 虹(Niji) – Ninomiya Kazunari (Arashi)

04. care – Akanishi Jin (former KAT-TUN)

03. SMACK – Nakamaru Yuichi (KAT-TUN)

02. 숨 (Soom) – BEAST

01. このままもっと (Kono Mama Motto) – Sakurai Sho (Arashi)

Okay so Sho-kuns Kono Mama Motto is first… it was a tought choice between number 2 and 1 but God i just love Kono Mama Motto its just such a lovely song and always cheers me up when i hear it~

Well keep an eye out of the 2012 version and see what changed 🙂



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