New Things and Stuff

Well Guess what~! I GOTS A JOB! WHOOTS!

And that means~ I can finally get back on the BJD Collecting Sceen xD and Indulge in my other hobbys too! WHOOT! … well i say that but ive got plenty of things i need and want to save for before i start buying BJD’s again.

Im finally going back to collage too! got to finish my enrolement next week, and its for the Fashion course that i wanted ^^ Im really happy! even though its gonna cost me a fortune and a half >.< why you need to pay so much for a fashion course is beyond me :/ really what is it that your paying for? you have to buy your own materials anyway! is it just for the use of the machines? *sighs* oh well… im the one who wants to do it so im gonna pay for it! 🙂

On another note I finally finished Runaway (My Arashi Fanfic) and im starting work on the sequal too :3 Oh and if you want to read it you can read it in three different places xD Livejournal, AsianFanfics and Archive of Our Own. I did start posting it up here but i really cant be bothered to continue posting it up when its in 3 other places o.o However if i get the urge to do it, it might pop up sometime lol.

I’ve also been in the creative mood recently~! Ive made several different things


Most Proud of my PKコラ Logo and Mog’s Pajama’s :3 and probably Seungs face up too ^^ lol

Yeah Creative few months for me~! Oh and then there was also this

(Image taken by Becca)


(Photo Taken by MUMMY~)

Yeah well Fun times were had 🙂

well theres not much else to tell… OH WAIT! passed my Japanese courses level 2 & 3 WHOOP! now writing and readings next 😀 lol

Alright, I gotta go and start continue writing the next chapter to the Runaway Sequal Homecoming

Ja ne~



.:GirlyBoy:. [Hayato: KDF Ani]

Wanted to Take a few pics of Hayato in his new outfit and wig~ 😀

Yes Hayato is a boy 🙂
and a lovely Girly one at that haha

All Clothes(minus Shoes) made by me,
Wigs are made by MonstroDesigns

Will Be cross posted on my Deviantart and on my Blog 🙂

And Extra With Hayato’s little Brother Yuuta [Felix Brown Tobby]

NekoMimi UPDATED!!!

Well Folks, As you must know if you follow me on twitter, I have made 2 new NekoMimi’s (*coughs* actually i made 3… but as Krowbar doesnt use twitter… i dont need to colour it just yet XD)


So here are the New Ones – Neko Cloud – @CloudIncarnate

Neko Hammy – @Hammy_UK (yes i made Hammy a tabby XD, i couldnt figure anything else to do with the hair xD)

Annnnd I have a Few Extras!

Neko Krow – Krowbars NekoMimi… i just have to colour her in… but im too lazy to do so atm xD

I Drew this at the Hairdressers whilst waiting for my nan, Tis My NekoMimi, Neko Kai Is a Stripy over large T-shirt!!! I had to do one with stripes 😀


And Lastly One of my 2 Fave NekoMimi’s! Mainly because there the first 2 i ever drew! XD Neko Kai & Neko Cookie!


Ahhh good times .


Well Thats all from me for this afternoon! ^^




Catch up on Kai…uh… yeah….

Well… uh… Yeha this blog post is a Catch up on what im up to atm.

Last couple of post im pretty sure i wrote about doing some Pilates and Fancing randomly to songs…. welll i still dance randomly just not so much with the pilates…. i did try *pouts*  i probably will still try to do em but maybe ill try to do em in the afternoon instead of right before i go to bed lol.

Well for those of you who have been following me on twitter, you should know that im going to be cosplaying my Neko Mimi ^^

Shes adorable!!! :3 though i might have to change her hair to Brown, cause if i have my way, im gonna get my hair dyed at the hairdresses this friday a nice chocolate brown! :3 im hoping it doesnt cost me a fortune though… *Coughs*… ive dyed it now and gotten my fringe cut…  xD Heres a picture … With Neko Ears Nyah~!


Urm i have 2 New NekoMimi’s on there way, One for Hammy the Other for CloudIncarnate  ^^ there already drawn up they just need to be coloured in! 😀


On a Quick side note here… Me and Cookiedude really should not be allowed to talk about Beer xD We have come up with a new product for Apple to sell… The I-Beer xD  IF Cookie has the picture up tomorrow, i shall edit this post and post it up! XD if not.. im sure i can fish out a coke can and make one myself xD

IVe also just got on the Hype that is Vocaloid lol, i suppose you can blame cookie for that too xD he introduced me to the wonders of Project Diva 2nd ^^ and im addicted!


My Fave songs Atm are Melt (メルト) 

Hato (ハト) 

Double Lariat (ダブルラリアット) 

Awesome Songs and Melt is the Cute PV EVAR!!!!

Anyhu… Yeh im gonna go cause its 00:19 and im knackered and i got NekoMimi’s to colour in tomorrow.

so untill next time Nyah~


My Bedroom & Man Wall!

LOL well im finally gonna put a blog post up with my  bedroom on it! … everyne does that Otacool thing… but i dont think my bedroom would really qualify for it, soooo i decided to just do a blog post instead… and GOD THIS LAPTOP IS SO FUCKIN SHIT AND SLOW!!!! >.>

Anyway…. First up we have! -:
My Anime Wall! … yeah it took alot of effort to get those posters near to the top of my wall! there was aLOT of climbing invovoled xD aparently… i likw Katekyo Hitman Reborn! alot xD i seem to have more posters of that anime than any other nooowww if only i could get a poster with 182769 on it (Hibari x Tsuna x Mukuro) *Drools*

Then we have Pt 2 to my anime wall… yeah theres a Pt 2 lol all the posters didnt fit on that one wall *fail*

Lot of Gundam Seed/Destiny Characters on thi wall lol yeah i had a phase… still love Athrun too :3

Next up :-
Oh yeah ive named it.
because i win!
and the man wall is hot.
That was the Whole of the Man Wall!

This Part of the Man wall has all my Fave Actors or Singers on… Especally Seto Koji… I *heart* Seto Koji! HEs just so damn cute!
And this Part of the Man wall i like to call My Johneys & Visual Kei side ^^ because thats what it is, Tis where i have my An Cafe & Miyavi Pics, along with MY Jonheys Entertainment Boys ^^ (i only like the older Johneys boy bands, Such as KAT-TUN, NEWS & ARASHI)

Ahhhh *sighs* i love my Man wall :3

Anyways Moving on :-
Obligitory Picture of Bed lol & My Teddy Bear (Yes i have a Teddy Bear >.>) Hiei 🙂

My Desk/Mirror/Draws/Shelves for Manga, Dolls & Fiures & Doujinshi :3
Close up

Secret Hide away spot for my Sewing Machine ^^

and Lastly Ma TV, Dvds, CDs, Games , Xbox, PS2 and all the other stuff that doesnt/Cant fit anywhere else in my room! xD


Well there you have it! My Room! and MAN WALL! XD

Well ive got washing up to do so im out! :3

Catch ya later!


Neko Mimi Mini Collection!

Get your Neko Mimi Mini Pictures Here!!!! hehehe.

I spent 2 days Perfecting these!!! … almost anyhu xD Hope you all enjoy them!! Im also up for requests, if you send me a refrence pic, ill make a Neko Mimi Mini out of it! also Look out for the Comic Strips i shall be putting up soon!! theyll be in Black and White though because colouring these pics took so long… theres no way im gonna colour a comic strip unless its a special occasion xD  The first Comic Strip “A Regular Morning” is already finished however only people who follow me on twitter would have seen the preview! XD

Anyhu hope you enjoy and feel free to use as your Avi’s .

Ones Done so Far are:

Neko Cookie @CookieDude_2332
Neko Kai @PockyKai
Neko Dark @DDotark
Neko Kriss @AMGitsKriss
Neko Matt @Mshaw_uk
Neko Gabe @iGabrielVH
Neko Jez @Jezatronextra

Were Like the Care Bears, But more Kick Ass & Cuter! Nyah~!