2013 ~ Another New Year ~

Well as all of you should know (because if you do then really you have issues) we have now entered the year of 2013. I entered the year in style of course~ down the pub slightly drunk with my boyfriend and his friends~ and according to my boyfriend i spent the first few seconds of the new year on the toilet… which i didn’t… technically i spent it walking out of the toilet door >.> xD

As i said… In Style.

Anyways new years resolutions for this year….hmmm… haven’t really thought of any i suppose ill think of a few and list them now.

  1. Loose Weight – well this one is nothing new, i do this through out the year every year… technically i’m not actually that big, just chubby lol,but either way i don’t like my weight, but then again i don’t even eat that much however cant help my addiction to sweets xD 
  2. Save up enough money to try and get to Japan next year. –once again an every year thing, but this time i actually have a job in which i can save up money from.
  3. Finish my course and sign up for Level 3! –  i will finish it and i will make sure i get a good grade. even if at the moment i’m kinda procrastinating by writing this blog instead of writing my shop report for my course, but that because I’ve been trying to write that thing for a month now and i still don’t fully get what i’m writing…*sighs* i’m hoping we shall have more freedom on our next project in college :/

Well those are my three new years resolutions, nothing i cant push myself to do~ might even have to buy some Alpha Brain so i can focus better on things~ (totally been watching too much Achievement Hunter and Listening way too much to the Rooster Teeth Podcast.. not that this is a bad thing, its my weekly entertainment damn it~! xD)

Anyways i need to get back to doing that dang report. So i shall see you all next post~



Hiiiii~ (As Kirby would say)

Well The title is probably unrealted to the actual blog post but i didnt want another boring title saying ‘Update on life or something like that’ lol. Soooo just thought i’d let anyone who reads my blog know that im not dead, im still hanging around trying to sort out my life to the way i want it, one step at a time :).

So yeah Job went out the window pretty much after i got it. Not my fault however. Company that i worked for seemed to think that because there a new company, that not paying me on the day they told me they were gonna pay me was gonna fly with me…. yeah not gonna happen. Because the people we nice the first time there was an issue with my payment i didnt create such a fuss, i just waited it out patiently. However if you know that its happened once you should never let it happen again. Which unforunatly it did, and this time Kai had to get a little nasty because Kai was pissed that she didnt have her wages and she needed to pay rent to her nan and buy a few things to get ready for college. Yeah well because of that ive stopped working there, it’s for the best though, No one really liked the fact that i was working there anyways. Nan has that whole Jamaican outlook on African people, to which i don’t blame her, as shes been screwed over to many times to have that opinion *shrugs*.


Started College, Tis fun so far! learning a bunch of things that i didnt know which is good, and so far i’m able to keep my mind on my work instead of being distracted during lessons, which was one of my main problems back when i previously attended college…i would like to think that I’ve grown up, but i would also put it down to that fact that i don’t really have nay friends in the class to keep my attention else where, sure i get along with everyone in the class, but i wouldn’t exactly hang out with anyone after college if i didn’t have to *shrugs* though i did make a couple of friends, however there in the Art department, not fashion lol.

For anyone who actually follows this blog for my Dolls, There fine too lol. made them some jumpers for the winter a few weeks before college, though i still keep Miku in shorts xD cant help it if he likes his shorts~

oooo bought Warriors Orochi 3 the other day too. THAT SHIT IS AWESOME!!!!!! I totally got way too addicted to it and trying to complete the story mode 100% that ive had to take a looooong break from it lol though ill prob go back on it soon, just because i feel the vibes calling me again… or that could just be the sexiness of the characters, i swear everyone has suddenly gotten hotter with all the new character designs…. not that im complaining 😀 to be honest i’m really happy about WO3 because they’ve kept Sun Shang Xiang’s Chakram’s! which dissapered in Dynasty Warriors 6 (seriously as cool as her bow and arrow was, i was not impressed with the weapon change :/). The only problem i have with it is that theres no option to change the language to English. Now i’m always the first one to change characters voices to the original Japanese voices, however with Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors its always been in English, and because they give you missions whilst your in the middle of the game and beating the shit outta people, you have to stop and read what they are with the subtitles :/ obviously it wouldn’t be a problem if i spoke Japanese, but unfortunately for me, i’m only at basic level in my Japanese lessons so i have no clue as to what there saying most of the time and i completely end up missing missions and stuff 😦 it sucks, i really wish they gave the option for eng dub.

Anyway once i complete the game i might do a proper review on it 🙂

Okay well i have to hand out a few CV’s tomorrow before college so I need some sleep. Night peeps.


Daddy and Me~

Well as Fathers Days comming up id thought id write a post about my dad and me xD and dont worry mummy, ill do one about you on mothers day too 😛 or on your birthday~!


My Pops, whilst hes strict, hes a massive softie xD

He also like his fair share of anime, Whilst unlike me, he likes Meccha and Sci fi instead of all the cutesy stuff i like lol.

Hes a Marvel Geek as well as a Computer Nerd whose recently become obsessed with Apple products lol.

he likes to try to scare all my males friends, though when you get to know him hes about as intimidating as a tabby cat, unless of course you get on his bad side, then your screwed xD

Daddy was also the one who gave me my name, (not my nickname Kai but my Acutal name) i was named after Captin Britains Girlfriend from Excalibur, (the Marvel Series)

All in All Daddy is a cool guy as long as you stay on his good side ^^

Happy Early Daddys Day Daddy~!!!

(XD this is my fave pic of me and my dad xD)


Omurice Fun~

I made Omurice for dinner tonight, and for anyone who ha no idea what Omurice is here is the Wikipedia Definition xD

Omurice, sometimes spelled “omu-rice” (Japanese: オムライス, Omu-raisu), is a contemporary Japanese dish consisting of an omelette made with fried rice.”


I can offically say IT WAS YUM!

I made it using this Recipe from Just Hungry (who have all sorts of bento box recipes as well as just regular japanese Recipes 🙂

I used chicken but it was alreadyed spiced and seasoned with my nans homemade Jerk seasoning (again for those who dont know is a Jamaican seasoning) so it was a little peppery but it was YUMMMMMMMYYYYYY

the one thing i couldnt do however was keep the omlette runny in the middle… runny egg (minus the yolk) kinda makes me feel ill >.< so i cooked it all the way through lol

heres a picture of what it looked like (and my failed Ketchup swiggle >.> Jammy ketchup decided to fail on me)

Doesnt it look lovely xD it kinda looks like someones just bleaded all over my omurice xD ah well, if i had a full ketchup bottle it would be perfecto! mebbe next time :3

Well thats it for me, im offski, if you make any Omurice, please feel free to show meeeee and make me hungry xD

next on my list of things to make is a chicken teriaki crepe *drools* my faaaaaveeeee crepe!



[Recipe] Stuffed Peppers

Well as ive Just made them today i figured that i would post a Blog Recipe on how i made them :3

Btw if you dont really like Zesty things, This really isnt for you. Then again i always say try it before you knock it.

Also please make sure your not alergic to any of the mentioned ingredents before putting them in. >.<


0.700-0.750 kg Pork Mince

6 assorted peppers, (can any shape or size tho preferably the big ones for this type of recipe)

1/2 Lemon, 1/2 Lime

1/2 Ginger (the frest one you can cut)

1-2 Shalots

1/2 a clove of garlic

1tbs Soy Sauce

1tbs Seseme Seed Oil

1 egg


Pre tips:- Heat the oven to 200 oC whilst to prepare everything.

1. peal and cut up the Shalots, Garlic & Ginger. Dont cut up too small, make them chunky. (ignore this is you dont have a blender, if you dont have a blender you gonna have to try to chop up all ingredents as fine as you can get them unless you can get a blender from a friend.)

2. Place Shalots, Garlic & Ginger into a blender (read above in brackets if you dont own one) and blend till smooth-ish. hehe.

3.Next Squeeze half and lemon and half a lime into a cup and remove pips, then pour liquid into the Shalots, Garlic & Ginger mix.

4. Next put 1tbs or Soy sauce & 1tbs of seseme seed oil into above mixture and stir in everything together.

5. Next place mince Pork in a big mixing bowl and for a lac kof a better word, Mush it up in your hands a bit.

6. Then add the mixture to the pork and mush all together with your hands untill its all mixed nicely in together.

7. Next cut you peppers in half removing all seeds from the inside and the white bits too.

8. Next break you egg into a small bowl and mix, then paste some on the inside of the peppers. This is just to help the mince stick to the peppers. you can also use olive oil, thats what i used today and it seemed to work fine 🙂

9. Then scoop out enough mince to fill the pepper to the top, if you have extra pork, you can top them all up a bit and add a bit more to each pepper.

10. place in a oven dish, and place in the preheated oven (pre heat oven at 200oC)

11. let it cook for 25-30 minutes. Whilst its cooking you can put on some rice or potatoes to have with it, or not, depends on weather you want anything with it.

12. Once 25-30 minutes are up, take out of the oven (remember children, Turn off your ovens after cooking, we dont want the house to burn down now do we? xD) and dish up with or without rice or some side dish.


I hope you enjoy the Stuffed pepers as much as i do 😀


Pocky and all things Sweet.

Okay… as my nickname online is PockyKai, i figured… why not do a post about Pocky and other Sweets ^^ … yes i have time on my hands… what of it? 😛

Okay lets start on Pocky.

Pocky a definition from wikipedia for those who dont know what it is… “Pocky was first sold in 1966,and consists of a biscuit stick coated with chocolate.”

Simple Ne?

tho if you are reading my blog and didnt have a clue what pocky was untill you read that here is a virtual slap in the face *SLAPS FACE* YOU FAIL!

Alright, as we know… or should know, Pocky comes in a varity of flavours and is distrbuted worldwide in a varity of names. like over here in the UK we have ‘Mikado‘ (wait according to wikipedia… thats the name for pocky in Europe >> fail by me there…) which by the way… Tastes like crap. I dont know weather its my lack of love for plain chocolate pocky or the fact that…it tastes like crap… but meh…

anyhu heres are my top 5 fave pocky 🙂

5. Milk Flavour Pocky♥
milk pocky Pictures, Images and Photos

4. Banana and Chocolate Flavour Pocky♥♥
Chocolate and Banana flavour pocky

3. Straberry Flavour Pocky♥♥♥
Strawberry flavour pocky

2. Chocolate and Banana Desert Pocky♥♥♥♥
Banana and chocolate dessert Pocky

1. Strawberry Desert Pocky ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Strawberry dessert pocky

I havent had Strawberry Desert Pocky is AGES! and its my Absolute fave Pocky! TwT so sad… and there doesnt seem to be anywhere that sells it in london anymore… or anywhere that ive seen >.<  if anyones knows anywhere then please tell moi~!

Anyways moving onto regular Sweets that are sold over here in the UK :3

Top 5 UK sweets

5. Skittles

Fruity and Chewy and RAINBOW!!!! CAN YOU TASTE THE RAINBOW?! I CAN!! ;D

4. Jelly Tots

Ahhh me and these sweets had good times when i was young, i dont have them as often as i did then, now, but i shall never forget the memories…. XD

3. Fruitella

“im too sexy…” XD i totally miss that advert, i do kinda just love fruitella because of that advert LOL

2. Magic Stars

Magic Stars, are chocolate stars with different faces on them and they all have different names! who could ask for more as a kid?… or now for that matter!!! xD Well they did have faces on them… i just realised, recently the faces have seemed to have gone missing… 😦 Phooey 😦

1. Kinder Maxi

Gah Kinda Maxi is just hte YUMMIEST (yes thats a word) CHOCO IN THE WORLD!!!!!!  and it makes an AWESOME milkshake too!!! xD

Well there is my Pocky & Sweets Post xD random but Awesome none the less ;P

Alright well ive got some reading to do, and then some reveiwing to do too lol so keep an eye out for new blog posts 🙂



Christmas Update!

Hi all!

Tis the time for christmas! christmas came and now it is gone and were in the aftermath till new years.

Even though i didnt get all that i wanted for christmas i still enjoyed it. Plus, I did Get tickets to see Miyavi in concert, and Beauty and the Beast on DVD ❤

Though im still waiting for my christmas presents from my boyfriend .> and im off work tomorrow.. and it my mums birthday…*curses* *sighs*

Cant wait for new years eve to come! get to spend the evening (hopefully) with my boyfriend! i dont get to see him alot cause he lives in hertfordshire and i live in london cause i fail lol, so every time i get to spend time with him im really happy! ^///^

anyways… enough with the mush, Recently ive been trying to catch up with animes that everyones been going on about.

at the moment im in the middle of Bakemonogatari & Yosuga no Sora. Im gonna start up Strike Witches and Milky Holmes at some point too, and other ones that have been recommened to me, i still gotta finish Kiss x Sis and Shugo Chara and Lovely Complex, and random others too lol

I suppose thats it for now peps, another update hopefully with pics after New years of New Years eve/Day 🙂

Happy Christmas Everyone, and have an Awesome New year