[Cosplay] Sengoku Nadeko – Finished!

YAY! ive finished the cosplay!!!! *wipes brow*, now all i need to do is collect a pair of trousers from my mum clean my booties and were all set for sat and sun!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

Also… i got the sizing wrong for the cosplay for Koyomi Onii-chan, for kyouya wrong, so instead of it being an SD outfit, it turned out to be an MSD… which is quite handy considering Takuya has black hair so i didnt need to go out and find a black wig for kyouya ^^; so Taku-Chii is now my new Koyomi Onii-Chan ๐Ÿ˜€

oh an on a last note! IVE ACTUALLY FINISHED THE SERIES NOW XD yes i fail aswhilst starting this cosplay i had only got to episode 6 of Bakemonogatari, which just made no sense what so ever, so i sat myself down on Monday and watched the rest of the episodes *thumbs up* so now im all set hehe.

Anyhu, im gone. Got back into Dofus again so its time for my Daily session xD




[Cosplay] Nadeko Sengoku

Well Im sure that anyone who reads my blog should know by now, that im doing a Cosplay of Sengoku Nadeko from Bakemonogatari for MCM Expo.

Im going in her Casual Outfit on the Sat… but i might also be doing the school uniform ver. on the sunday ๐Ÿ™‚ Depending on my Materials and Botheredness xD

Ill Keep an update on here and for people who follow me on twitter on Twitter too ;

Hmmm on another note… I really need to watch the episode of Bakemonogatari shes in xD

Ive only watched episodes 1-6 ( i tink thats the one thats starts with girl possessed/whatever by the monkey….)but ive got them all on CD waiting to watch, i just havent got round to it yet. Will do it sometime this week though. Need to get her character right and her theme song actions right too lol will possibly be singing along and dancing(well not really) to that song at somepoint during the day :3 I do love Renai Circulation lol.

Oh and Kyouya, As always shall be Cosplaying too, He shall be going as Araragi-san, i think it would be cute to have a mini Araragi-san :3 just gotta find some cheap black fur… anyone have any that they wouldnt mind passing along to me? ๐Ÿ˜ฎ



Yeah so Keep an eye out for Progressssss~


Christmas Update!

Hi all!

Tis the time for christmas! christmas came and now it is gone and were in the aftermath till new years.

Even though i didnt get all that i wanted for christmas i still enjoyed it. Plus, I did Get tickets to see Miyavi in concert, and Beauty and the Beast on DVD โค

Though im still waiting for my christmas presents from my boyfriend .> and im off work tomorrow.. and it my mums birthday…*curses* *sighs*

Cant wait for new years eve to come! get to spend the evening (hopefully) with my boyfriend! i dont get to see him alot cause he lives in hertfordshire and i live in london cause i fail lol, so every time i get to spend time with him im really happy! ^///^

anyways… enough with the mush, Recently ive been trying to catch up with animes that everyones been going on about.

at the moment im in the middle of Bakemonogatari & Yosuga no Sora. Im gonna start up Strike Witches and Milky Holmes at some point too, and other ones that have been recommened to me, i still gotta finish Kiss x Sis and Shugo Chara and Lovely Complex, and random others too lol

I suppose thats it for now peps, another update hopefully with pics after New years of New Years eve/Day ๐Ÿ™‚

Happy Christmas Everyone, and have an Awesome New year