BJD Update

Soooooooo I feel kinda bad, i havent done a post about my boys for a while now and theyve gone through a bunch of changes too~

Soooooo Heres a General update on all the boys.

Alright just so i dont have to go over there old looks, heres a pic i put together ages ago with all my (then) current dolls. (


Okay so first up we have Takuya. Okay so Technically Takuya is not Takuya anymore. His eyes, again, were bugging me….. his character was not suppose to have such big eyes, so Takuya is now going to be a KDF Yuz, once i get together enough money to buy the sculpt LOL.

As for what ive done with Takuya’s Old Body, Well….. Say Hello To Jun 🙂




So this is Jun,  My oddball Otaku. I think Jun as a character Suits the Kid Delf An Sculpt much better than Takuya did, so im happy that i made the change :).


Next up is Hayato. Now Hayato, Whilst hes still his grily boy self, has gone through a few changes too, Face up wise.


I finally got round to using the correct colour eyelashes for his hair color, though im probably gonna change his face up again soon, just because its too block pink for me at the moment.


Next is Seung.


Now Sung only recently got his face redone…. mainly cause when i wiped it the first time, his lip piercing came off  and made me realize how much i fucked up his lip when i done it the first time. so i was putting off re-doing his face up until i could repair his lip, however i’m a lazy fucker, and i couldn’t be bothered to wait xD so i just re-did it and decided that ill repair his lip at a later point in time.





Now Yuuta has compleatly changed. I changed him from a PukiPuki size to a Yo-SD size. Hes now a Volks White Rabbit (Recast) Now I’m not gonna get into a discussion about recast and what not because frankly i don’t care what people think about them. I still buy dolls both Legit and Recast, and as far as im concerned, some company’s customer service is so bad that i prefer to get recasted dolls of those companys as i have a better experience overall. Anyways that’s the end of the convo.

Anyways, Yuuta is now so lovely he makes me wanna squeel every-time I see him!


Next up is MIKU~



So Miku hasnt really changed much. I re-did his face up to look more colourful to mach his persona, its awesomely two toned :3. Also like Hayato ive edited his wig to have a few more colours in it and i think it looks cool 🙂



Next up is my SD Boy Kyouya~

So Kyouya’s Face up I never changed it since i first did his face up, and the other day i decided…. i think its time to wipe kyouyas face and redo~



and FUCK ME~ He came out looking all gourgous and shit~ Gah! hes got that dang badboy look now even though his characters an amnesiac who is as sweet as hell xD So because of his face-up i had to chage his hair colour to black instead of green, but im not that fussed, it works and dang if i didnt like it better this way xD


Soooo I’ve had 2 new editions, to my doll family, ❤ One is a Lovely Boy (former Girl doll) Called AJ




Now AJ has a special background story on how i recived him, but its rather sad and i dont really like bringing it up, lets just say she was given to me by a friend, which is more or less what happened.


Anyways, Yeah AJ used to be a Female Unoa Sist, Which tehcnially he still is, i have his larger chest plate still, though im halfway through sanding it down lol. yeah but now he is still and unoa, but i put the original faceplate away safely in its original box, it had the original faceup on it and i didnt really wanna wreck it, so i bought a recast faceplate to use on the original body to test my face up skills on the unoa faceplates. and thats what ive stuck with for the moment. So yeah, i cant remember what faceplate it is, imma guess a lusis, but hell if i remeber lol.


The second entry into my family came in the form of Leon, Ma Cowboy~


Leon was…IS an unknown minimee head i got from one of the meets over here in the UK, it was a dump and donate event, and i picked him and a few other bit up there 🙂 Yeah Hes just chillin on Kyouya’s body in the pic above, I havent got him a body as of yet. but im working on it lol I also need to get him a cowboy hat…. a cowboy hat is in great need for him ❤


Sooooo Thats the last of my addtions to my doll family, i have two more dolls on the way though. Ive just finished paying off a Peakswoods Sir Tin Vamp boy, He’s called Eiji and he should be on his way come august, i think hes in production at the moment *fingers crossed*  and I also have waiting for me round my friends house, once i pay her lol, a Floating head, He is a Luts 2014 Winter Head and he shall be called Lucca~ He shall be my italian/Japanese Mafia/Yakuza Boss ❤ he gon be awesome~!!!


ill be sure to post more pics once they arrive, and hopefully before then of my other boys 🙂


oooo heres a special pic of Seung, Hayato and Miku I took just after finishing Seungs faceup and editing Seungs and Hayato’s wigs

Seung Miku and Hayato


Anyhu~ Thats all from me today 🙂






MCM London Expo 2011 May Coverage – Kai Style!

Okay Coverage from Kai alert~! And YES i went all 3 Days! 🙂

Okay First things first…. MY LOOT! and i shall explain things as i go along 🙂

First thing i bought, surprsingly lol TBH i thought i would have bought a Yaoi doujin first… but noes. i bought a Kagamine Rin Bento Box… Totally only bought the yellow one because it would match my Yellow converse  xD.

Anyways Ive been meaning to buy a bento for a while so i can practice making bentos in the way they were meant to be made instead of me putting them in little plastic lunch boxes :/ and when i saw them being sold at the expo… i just couldnt resist twas too cute!

Second thing i bought from a very nice girl over at the stall. She was awesome, and very very cute… i totally would, if ya know what i mean 😉

Anyhu, Awesome badges wore them all weekend on my hats xD

Last thing i bought myself on Friday, was a Yaoi Doujin! Liquid Bloom, tis a Sephiroth x Cloud Doujin and i read it as soon as i came home… when i say read it i mean looked at the pictures xD either way a kitty ear cloud = YUM! and the artwork is absolutely beautiful~! I Recommend it to anyone who loves there Yaoi, Final Fantasy 7 and the pairing cloud x sephiroth xD

I also got this Hibari Kyouya t-shirt as a present from Matt (@UiNeonskittles on twitter) which is awesomely cute! ^^

Saturdays loot~!

IT WAS SHIINA IT HAAAAD TO BE BOUGHT!!!! once again bought from the stand, they really do have some awesome doujins over there both Yaoi and Hentai, so go check em out!!!im still unsure weather its Otonashi shes paired up with in this one or just some random student lol. Artwork wise…not the best… but not so bad i dont wanna read it again *shrugs* if i was rating it i would give it a 4-5/10 lol

yeh i didnt buy much on sat because i needed to save money for dinner in the evening for the meetup meal.

Sunday Loot~!!

Sorry bout the shitty blurry images, but im way to ;azy to be bothered to retake them now… there reasable and thats all that matters lol.

well this was a freebie from my Boyfriend, Josh’s (@cookiedude_2332 on Twitter) freebie bag, he said he didnt want it so i took it insteading to were it as a night t-shirt, tho im actually wearing it at the moment cause i needed to put on a t-shirt quickley this morning. Either way…i have NO CLUE as to what this t-shirt is on about… what the fuck is the troll hunter?! -_- im not sure i wanna find out to be honest…

First thing i bought on Sunday was a Yaoi doujin called Seasons Call its a Katekyou Hitman Reborn Doujin and the paring is  Yamamoto x Gokudera (8059). when ever i buy KHR Doujins, when i buy it buy its cover, the artwork never fails me! the artwork inside always lives up to its pretty cover 🙂 and whilst im not as big of a fan of 8059 than i am of 1827(hibari x tsuna) or 6927(mukuro x tsuna) im still glad i chose this one over the others. if you see it anywhere i do recommend you to buy it.

I bought a Yaoi flag too! 🙂 its awesome and you know it. Miku loves it too~!


lol Josh totally hates me for buying these badges, Reason being, that He himself looks like Hibari (Black hair chibi) and his best friend Dan (@CloudIncarnate on Twitter) looks like Dino (blond haired chibi) and i Like to find pictures with the D18 (Dino x Hibari) Pairing  and put them as my background on my phone xD *thumbs up* i still love my badges and i shall forever continue to pair them two up as its so easy to do it xD

at somepoint during the time i bought the Dino and hibari Badges we met up with Meimi (@Meimi132 on Twitter) and me and her got Fangirling over the Idol stands, Which reminds me, ive gotta remember to ask her what the name of that drama was that she recommends was… something about schools…. i think lol i have a shit memory xD. anyway Josh and Matt left us to fangasum over the idols, and we ending up going halvsies on buying a phone bag each. they were £6 for 1, and £10 for 2 , so we figured if we bung our moneys together and buy em together, it would be £1 cheaper for both of us so she got a Big Bang one ( i think) and i got my lovely Shinee one ahhh TaeMin… if only they had one of only you *pouts* so mean…

Once again sorry for the crappy burry images >.< camera fails seriously lol

yeh another freebie… of which Josh got 3 *shakes head* seriously… dont even get me started… anyway… this top unfortuanly doesnt fit me because its a mans t-shirt in Small and im a Medium for starters, and i have breasts  lol which tend to make the top half of the tee kinda tight lol

Okay this was an awesome find… mainly because it was utterly free xD this gundam cost someone £52 and they were stupid enough to leave it behind at a table. at the time when we noticed it we didnt know the price, but we found out it was a gundam after one of the staff members of the excel center checked inside the bag and box it was in (to makes sure there was no bomb probably) . After i made a fuss about wanting to take the bag see as no one else was bothering too and i kinda otally went by the rule of finders keepers lol, the 3 of us (myself, Josh and Matt) tried to come up with a plan to take the bag away from the table of two people ( who i think were also having the the same thoughts as us xD). In the end, i just leaned my chair back and asked the couple at the table weather they were gonna keep it, they said “we didnt want to because we thought you might tell on us if we did” to which i relied “na we wouldnt have done that~” and took the bag anyway xD

Ah but alas, Karma came back and bit me on the ass later on that day, when i lost my Oyster card… my god, now that i look back on it, i kinda wish i kept more calm then i did… as i ended up panicing, which led to me crying :/ and i really dont like crying in front of people… but it happend 😦 either way… next time i go somewhere, my oyster card is staying in my bag until it needs to come out!

And so we ventured into the Artists Ally… one of the artist had up a stall where she was selling bishie zodiac badges, mine being Scorpio… and he was too droolable not to pic up for £1.50  lol so i bought it and added to my collection of badges by which time had been moved to my scarf as my hat was litterally getting too heavy on one side to sit on my head properly xD Oh and i didnt get the artist business card thingy, so if anyone knows the artist of this lovely little badge, please do tell moi… wait never mind… found her on the London expo website… it amazing that i can tell artist art apart from other people xD  heres a link to her work –

So yeah still in artist ally, Actually i bought this badge before i bought the Scorpio one but the lady had to make it~! and OMG its AWESOME!!! its a self portrait one of myself so she took my picture and told me to come back later to pic it up, and when i did i could have hugged her if she wasnt over a table and it wouldnt be so awkward xD its AWESOME! and she even put josh in the background as he got into my picture when she was taking it xD tis EPIC ^^ heres a link to her site –


So yeah~ Thats my loot from the expo… as for the rest of the coverage Well read on ;P


So as a note to people who dont like to be in big crouds of people or have to push and shove just to get to the table you want, you maaay wanna consider getting a weekend ticket next time and coming on the friday.

When i say its much less busier that sat and sunday, i MEAN its MUCH less busier on the Friday. I recommened going on the friday to get what you wanna get, cause not only do you have first dibs but you dont have to push people out of the way to get what you want from the stall, and then going on saturday & sunday for taking pictures and the genral experience and of course picking up things you may or may not want on the way lol.

Secondly, i would like to just have a small bitch fit about cosplayers… not that i wasnt already bitching enough at the actual convention… ask Dan he was sat next to me laughing at my displesure towards certain cosplayers xD

now genrally when i Cosplay, i take about 2 months odd planning and preparing on what and who im going to be, then i take about 2 weeks to make the actual outfit, depending on how complex. Now with that, i also know that my cosplays arnt always good, but you can genrally tell how much work ive actually put into them.

Onto the bitching.

People who Cosplay L from Death Note really Piss me off….there are some who dont mainly because they do it well and when i say that they do it well, please take this picture from the Tuxedo Team as a Reference to good

got the Make-up right, the persona right and the Hair perfect. people who just throw on a pair of blue jeans and a white tee and say there cosplaying L… NO THAT IS FAIL COSPLAY! YOU SUCK. Just dont bother cosplaying if your gonna do that it seriously just lowers my opinion of people. even after that rant you would think i actually like death note… but no i hate it lol.

another issue i have with cosplayers are the ones who dont get the hair colour right. Now different shades of the right colour are okay unless its a little too much off colour, like say the hairs supposed to be red but you wear a pink wig… no no … thats wrong, red and pink are fucking diffeent colours retard get it right.

there was this one Cloud cosplayer at the expo… now sure his outfit was okay, and i could evenlet go of the fact that he hadnt spiked his hair up, but the fucking colour of his hair just spoilt the whole cosplay. he had, PINK hair… PINK HAIR?! WHAT THE FUCK? when have you ever seen cloud with pink hair besides in some random fanart somewhere?! again you person who did this fail at life. no seriously you do. Get it right next time, ill reward you with a cookie and a poke with a sharp stick for getting it wrong the first time.

last one now on the cosplaying rant is Wigs in genral. now if your chara has spiked hair, i can understand how difficult it can be to spike up a wig, but at least practice before you use the one your gonna wear, dont come with it looking crap… ive seen so many crap zack and Sora wigs its unbelivable -_-

also people who dont put there wigs on properly. Say if your Cosplaying Hatsune Miku, blue hair in pnytails your gonna need, Tie your hair up first, put a wig cap or an old pair of tights on your head and tuck all your hair underneath it then put the wig on, check the mirror to make sure none of you hair real hair is showing, if it is, tuck it under the wig! seriously i hate seeing people who are cosplaying people with orage or blong hair and you can see there brown or black hair poking out from underneath wtf? sort it out or dont fucking wear a wig or cosplay that character twat.

wow im really in an isulting mood tonight. sorry if i offended anyone but to be honest, i dont particually care at this point. just in one of those moods.

Also where the hell did the famous people go? i was gonna try and get a sneaky pic of the characters from murdock mystery for my nan over the weekend but they seemed to have moved the actors signing part this year. if your reading this expo organiser people, please can you move them back to where they were people, its rather annying when you cant find things :/

Anyway that was Kai’s coverage of Expo, unfortuantly i lack pictures of people at the expo but both Josh and Gabe (@iGabrielVH  on Twitter) have lots – heres the link to both as Josh took a bunch of pics on Gabes camera too xD –



[BJD Photostory] Lonesome [Seung & Takuya]


Seung – Doll Family Wind
Takuya – Kid Delf An (mod)


Seung: ….

Takuya: Seung…Whats wrong?

Seung: …

Takuya: *climbs up*

Takuya: Come sit.

Seung: *sits*
Takuya: Tell me what bothing you, you look more emo than usual…

Seung: You.

Takuya: Me?

Seung: Yes you.

Takuya: Why am i bothering you?

Seung: Your always with Miku lately. I dont like it.

Takuya: Your Lonely?
Seung: …

Takuya: Baka….Watashi no Baka

[BJD Character Profile] Azul Kushiro



Name: Azul Kushiro
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Nationality: Japanese/Spanish

Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Green
Skin Tone: White/

Date of Birth: 6th July

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Marital Status: In Relationship
~Parents – Mother: Deceased, Father, Step Mother
~Siblings – Half Brother: Miguel, Half Sister: Kiyomi
~Boyfriend – Kyouya (who he thinks is deceased)

Occupation: Novelist

Personality: Azul is an Asshole, plain and simple, he only ever thinks about himself. Hes self centered and a playboy. He seems to like young children as he is tolerent of Yuuta, However as for caring for anyone else, it is unknown…

Likes: Sex, Smoking, Alcohol, Sour flavoured Apples, Quiet
Dislikes: Hayato, Clingy People, anything sweet, too much noise.

Character History: Once upon a time… Azul was a nice guy. He had a loving family ,living in Japan… that was untill his father left his mother for another woma… another spanish woman coincidentally. Azuls mother died of a broken heart when he turned 8. his father refused to care for him, so he was forced to live on the streets. Becausse of his father… he didnt trust anyone… that was untill he met Kyouya. Kyouya was older than him by 3 years and whilst they were together on the street, they both took care of each other. When azul turned 14 he and Kyouya became lovers. When Azul turned 18 he saw Kyouya ‘die’ infront of him, it led him into a state of mind that only relied on himself so he didnt get hurt again. then he met Takuya, who in a way reminded him of his old lover. But when Azul realised he wa getting too close to the boy, he left him. He then decided that he was going to move abroad, he smuggled himself in to the UK and found someone who was willing to let him stay with them.


Technical Stuff

Doll Company: Doll Family
Doll Sculpt: Taxane
Wig: Brown Fur Wig (Defualt)
Eyes: Dollmore Green Acrylics
Face Up/Blushing: By Me (Kai)
Modifications: Ears Peirced by Me, Eyes Opened (Not sure who by)
Notes: Well Azul was one of my very original character I did for a family calender, at that point I had a personality set in my mind that he was going to be a bad boy, however, ive kinda drastically changed that…. But never the less….. Anyhu…. His sculpt was jut kinda being sold on the DOA marketplace and i had never heard of the Doll Family Brand, and once i saw him, i was like OMFG! AZUL!!!!, then when i got him and looked upon his face i was thinking… ‘okay you charaters gonna need alot of changding…and your face is gonna need some darkening’ lol.



Credits to Karakal who came up with this template 😀

[BJD Character Profile] Hayato Taguno


Name: Hayato Taguno
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Nationality: Japanese

Hair Colour: White
Eye Colour: Light Blue
Skin Tone: Creamy White

Date of Birth: 26 May

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Marital Status: In Relationship (Long distance lol)
~Parents: Mother & Father
~Siblings: Elder brother (who he does not know about) – Daisuke, Little Brother – Yuuta
~Boyfriends: Yuichi & Riku (Twins)

Occupation: Model

Personality (In Brief):
Hayato is a Happy Go lucky person, hes a tad self centered and also tends to say alot of things without meaning to, even though he always means the best. He loves to chatter away so when you see him not talking or sitting in a corner quietly thinking to himself, you know somethings wrong. He also loves dressing up in girls clothes as he says it make him look cuter. Though if you get him angry, he will throw a bitch fit. Beware of the bitch fits….

Likes: Sweets, anything Cute, Rilakkuma, Strawberry’s, Girly Clothes
Dislikes: Anything Sour, Azul, people who ridicule him for the way he is.

Character History (Optional):
Hayato grew up into a harsh Japanese household, as he was the only son, he was pushed to make sure he did everything correctly which made him a very quiet person, later on in his middle school years he met Takuya, a boy living on the streets, who still had a smile. they quickly became friends and from that day onwards he decided that if Takuya could smile under the conditions he was living in so could he. So Hayato learned to smile and become socially active. he made sure he pushed himself to the limit with these things though, therefore turned into the the Hyper Cross Dressing Hayato we all know and love today. When his mother had his little brother Yuuta, he decided above anything else he wasn’t going to let this child go through the hell he did with there parents, so, when Yuuta turned 5 and started elementary school, he took him and the recently heartbroken Takuya over the England and someone found them and took them in & taught them how to speak English and live in England, so from then on they all referred to her as ‘Master’ or ‘Shishou’.


Technical Stuff

Doll Company: Luts
Doll Sculpt: Kid Delf Ani
Wig: Commisoned hite wig by Theirif on DOA
Eyes: Default Blue eyes for Doll Family Wind
Face Up/Blushing: Done by Me
Modifications: Ear Peircings by Me


Credits to Karakal who came up with this template :D

[BJD Character Profile] Takuya Nakamura



Name: Takuya Nakamura
Taku-Chii, Taku, Beautiful(Only Seung)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Nationality: Japanese

Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Light Green
Skin Tone: White

Date of Birth: 13th August

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Marital Status: In Relationship

Location: London, UK
Birthplace:Asakusa,Taitō-ku, Tokyo, Japan

~Parents – Unknown
~Siblings – Osprey (‘Adopted Brother’)
~Boyfriend – Seung
~Adopted Son – Kyon
~Adopted Son – Tae Hoon

Occupation: College Student

Personality: Takuya is a fun going person, who is really into the Visual-kei & J-rock Scene. he tends to be a curious person, which Also make him a little suspicious of new people.

Likes: Seung, Osprey, Oranges, Visual-kei , J-rock, Hats.
Dislikes: Milk, Strawberry’s, Public Transport, Pins.

Character History: Being abandoned by his family when he was 2, Takuya grew up on the streets fending for himself until he was about 15, that’s when Takuya met Azul. Takuya thought they would be together forever, until Azul Dumped him a year later telling Takuya he was bored of him. Hurt and broken, Takuya moved over to the UK from Japan, where he got taken in by a young lady who taught him English and how to live in England, which led to Takuya calling her ‘Master’.


Takuya Also Has a Twitter –

Please Follow Him! 🙂

Technical Stuff

Doll Company: Luts
Doll Sculpt: Kid Delf An
Wig: IpleHouse Black Synth Wig (lol)
Eyes: Luts 16MM LIME
Face Up/Blushing: By Me (Kai)
Modifications: Eyes closed & Ears Peirced, Done by Me
Notes: Takuya’s Character was supposed to be slightly based on Takuya from An Cafe, However in the end that didn’t turn out the way i wanted it to , but i kept the name. However Takuya’s sculpt has changed quite a lot. at first he was my very first doll, and was a Luts KDF Ani, but when i started to play around with Face-ups, i ruined it for him, and had to changed his body & Face, whilst the KDF Ani became the character ‘Hayato’. He then changed to a DOC Tender Zen, but i found that the face was too ‘dreaming’ like, so i changed him again, now he is a KDF An, and I’m still not sure on this sculpt… but we shall see how it goes 🙂


Credits to Karakal who came up with this template 😀