Breast Cancer.

Now unlike most of my posts, this one will probably be more serious, just because its about a subject that is serious in itself and close to me too.

Its Breast Cancer Awareness Month and i’ve decided to write my first blog about it, now just to start off with, i myself have never had Breast Cancer, however there have been alot of people close to me who have. My Mother had Breast Cancer when i was 10(?) or somewhere around that age. at the time i was told what was going on, so i knew about the situation, however the severity of it i didn’t understand at the time. As i’ve grown older i’ve come to learn more about it and understand what my 10 year self couldn’t at the time.

My mother now bee free of Breast Cancer for i think 11 Years now? 11 or 12 one of the two any way ( i know its over 10 anyhu as we celebrated that day half as a Christmas party i think lol), She has 1 & 1/2 boobs and  I’m lucky to have her with me.

However i probably didn’t realize how lucky i was until a few year’s ago, My adopted sister Megan, her mother had a battle with breast cancer when she was younger, and got through it, unfortunately it came back and she fought till the end but sadly didn’t make it. Megan was devastated as you can imagine, My younger sister, Taylor, Megan’s close friend, was also deeply affected. My mum tried her best to help them both along, as she knew the situation well, and Megan (and Taylor  are both doing well now because of that help, she even managed to move back into her old house again and feels comfortable there, for which i’m glad because it means she come to an understanding about everything now. Dee will always be loved and remembered by our family for the loving mother and woman she was.

My grandma (Mums Mum) also had an encounter with breast cancer, however unlike my mum who had it when she was reflectively young, Nan had it when she was in her early 60’s, luckily it was caught at the early stages and she is doing fine now, and i understood the situation for what it was more then than i did when my mum was going through the same thing.

Another one of my grandparent, Nanny Barbra (My Step-Mum’s Mum) Also had breast cancer, She had it twice, however when she had it it was way before i came to know her (or possibly i might not have even been born yet, ill ask my step mum the next time i see her) she has about 1/2 a boob on each side, and she lives life to the fullest. (though sometimes I do wish she would sit down and have a rest *sighs*)

Basically the point of this blog today is just to let people think twice about cancer. To let people who have lost loved one’s know that yes its not easy, but with the right support things will get better, To let the people who have cancer know not to give up! Don’t let it beat you! FIGHT! This doesn’t just apply to the people with Breast Cancer, this apply’s to every person who has a kind of cancer or life threatening illness!

Well before I completely burst out into tears (yes i can feel them coming) I would like to mention a couple more things.

This year for Breast Cancer awareness i’m going to try and have a go at making Knitted Breasts. The idea came about whilst i was reading one of my Fanfiction Stories, in it the was a young girl who was being taught how to crochet a Breast, by her teacher so that she could give it to one of the patients of a Cancer hospital that couldn’t afford to buy a prosthetic. and her reasoning was because her mother had passed away from Breast cancer. It was quite a lovely and touching story, that whilst yes was make believe, gave me that spark to continue researching  about these crochet boobs and weather they were real or not. As i cant for the life of me pick up Crochet properly, not sure whether its because of my hands being small or the trickiness of it being one singular needle, but i cant do it, So i looked up Knitted boobs instead, And that is what i’m going to do. I’m going to look around first to see what hospitals in London actually accept the breasts, because i know some accept them, but for helping mothers learn how to breast feed, and whilst that’s a lovely cause and all, that’s not really the point of why i’m going to be making them, so i’m going to make sure that the hospital accepts them for breast cancer patients, or see if any charity’s do.

For Anyone Who actually Likes Inuyasha and wants to read the story, Or is just interested to read the story regardless on weather they know the characters or not here the link :–

Anyone who wants to learn more about them there’s a few websites that i looked on just for a bit more information about them and reasons why they are appreciated.: –

Also For Anyone who lives in London, My Mum has a Support Group for people who have had breast cancer or are going through it. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with them several times and there all a bunch of lovely ladies,who have all gone through breast cancer and survived. They do big events on a yearly bases sometimes even more depending on weather they can get sponsors and such, At the moments they have an event on at the OXO Tower on the 26th of October  I think there still taking bookings, so if you want to go to an event that has yummy food and such and donate money to a good cause then please check out the link below and email my mum for further details.

There Also on Facebook & Twitter

Facebook –

Twitter –

Please feel free to also contact the group if you need support and such too, there very nice ladies who are there to help.

Well I think thats it for me this evening, as its 1am and i have college tomorrow lol. But i need to get this out of the way now otherwise i most probably would have never written it *sighs*