I’m Back~ and with a bit of Cosplay too~!



Its been a while LOL.

Urm…. sooo~ I’ve been a little busy, took a fashion course, passed it too~ with 4 merits and all 😀

Urm got a boyfriend? I suppose that’s news too lol, got a job? is that news? I’m not sure LOL


hmmm… what else? I opened an Etsy store for my BJD clothes sales 😀 https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/PKKoRa

That’s the link if anyone wanted to know lol

I moved out from my Nan’s and into my Mums, which is a little more easy on me when it comes to my own freedom on doing what i want to, its just crowded 😦 currently looking for a studio flat with my boyfriend hopefully we will have a bit of luck soon enough.


Well as I have nothing much else to update about, mainly because my memory sucks, if I remember anything ill do a little interlude in the next part of the post haha.


So Expo’s coming up once again~ and so me and my friend have chosen a few characters to cosplay as~


I am going as Marik and ma Lurvly friend is going as my partner in crime Bakura~

We’ve both completed our outfits~

here is the process~

My Rod’s process to completion


Then I also made my friends millennium Ring

WHOOP~! im getting excited again just posting this post up XD. So as for process to completion on my actual costume heres the pictures for that 😀 with commentary more than likely hehe :3


This is my wig when it first came took a bit of work trying to get it into the way i needed but it does look awesome now~ 😀

This was it halfway done when i was at the hair spray point haha

once i got the eye makeup sorted out and contacts in 😀

So got the jewelry and top sorted and a pair of black trousers, though i might changed the trousers to another pair of mine lol
and heres my friend as Bakura 😀


And so we wait for Expo~ 😀


just one week to go!!! imma so excited!!! WHOOHOOO!!!!!


note to self…. gotta get ticket on friday HAHA


well thanks for reading and keep an eye out for expo pics 😀  and possible dolleh pics too :3 got a few new dolls since last time I blogged :3

one of which is going through a mega (for me) mod at the mo :3

anyhu, i shall ‘talk’ later 😀




NekoMimi UPDATED!!!

Well Folks, As you must know if you follow me on twitter, I have made 2 new NekoMimi’s (*coughs* actually i made 3… but as Krowbar doesnt use twitter… i dont need to colour it just yet XD)


So here are the New Ones – Neko Cloud – @CloudIncarnate

Neko Hammy – @Hammy_UK (yes i made Hammy a tabby XD, i couldnt figure anything else to do with the hair xD)

Annnnd I have a Few Extras!

Neko Krow – Krowbars NekoMimi… i just have to colour her in… but im too lazy to do so atm xD

I Drew this at the Hairdressers whilst waiting for my nan, Tis My NekoMimi, Neko Kai Is a Stripy over large T-shirt!!! I had to do one with stripes 😀


And Lastly One of my 2 Fave NekoMimi’s! Mainly because there the first 2 i ever drew! XD Neko Kai & Neko Cookie!


Ahhh good times .


Well Thats all from me for this afternoon! ^^




Taking up a New Hobby

Well Kai is taking up a new hobby DANCING!!!! *giggles*

Yeah… im gonna teach my self a bunch of dances and make some up too, and then i might even post em up on here ^^.

ATM im working on a AKB48 song ‘Aitakatta’

And ive also made up a little cute dance to ‘Lets Go!’ by K-ON!!’s Azusa Nakano (aka, Azu-Nyan <3)

Once i sort out my video camera and… nans out at the Gym or something, ill video myself dancing to it and post it up ^^

i also wanna learn the Daces to AKB48 – RIVER and 4Minutes – I My Me Mine , but there more difficult/ ‘sexy’ therefore… they can wait xD i want the cute and Easy dances first!!! :3

Wish me Luck! and look out for the Random Videos of me dancing! :3