Breast Cancer.

Now unlike most of my posts, this one will probably be more serious, just because its about a subject that is serious in itself and close to me too.

Its Breast Cancer Awareness Month and i’ve decided to write my first blog about it, now just to start off with, i myself have never had Breast Cancer, however there have been alot of people close to me who have. My Mother had Breast Cancer when i was 10(?) or somewhere around that age. at the time i was told what was going on, so i knew about the situation, however the severity of it i didn’t understand at the time. As i’ve grown older i’ve come to learn more about it and understand what my 10 year self couldn’t at the time.

My mother now bee free of Breast Cancer for i think 11 Years now? 11 or 12 one of the two any way ( i know its over 10 anyhu as we celebrated that day half as a Christmas party i think lol), She has 1 & 1/2 boobs and  I’m lucky to have her with me.

However i probably didn’t realize how lucky i was until a few year’s ago, My adopted sister Megan, her mother had a battle with breast cancer when she was younger, and got through it, unfortunately it came back and she fought till the end but sadly didn’t make it. Megan was devastated as you can imagine, My younger sister, Taylor, Megan’s close friend, was also deeply affected. My mum tried her best to help them both along, as she knew the situation well, and Megan (and Taylor  are both doing well now because of that help, she even managed to move back into her old house again and feels comfortable there, for which i’m glad because it means she come to an understanding about everything now. Dee will always be loved and remembered by our family for the loving mother and woman she was.

My grandma (Mums Mum) also had an encounter with breast cancer, however unlike my mum who had it when she was reflectively young, Nan had it when she was in her early 60’s, luckily it was caught at the early stages and she is doing fine now, and i understood the situation for what it was more then than i did when my mum was going through the same thing.

Another one of my grandparent, Nanny Barbra (My Step-Mum’s Mum) Also had breast cancer, She had it twice, however when she had it it was way before i came to know her (or possibly i might not have even been born yet, ill ask my step mum the next time i see her) she has about 1/2 a boob on each side, and she lives life to the fullest. (though sometimes I do wish she would sit down and have a rest *sighs*)

Basically the point of this blog today is just to let people think twice about cancer. To let people who have lost loved one’s know that yes its not easy, but with the right support things will get better, To let the people who have cancer know not to give up! Don’t let it beat you! FIGHT! This doesn’t just apply to the people with Breast Cancer, this apply’s to every person who has a kind of cancer or life threatening illness!

Well before I completely burst out into tears (yes i can feel them coming) I would like to mention a couple more things.

This year for Breast Cancer awareness i’m going to try and have a go at making Knitted Breasts. The idea came about whilst i was reading one of my Fanfiction Stories, in it the was a young girl who was being taught how to crochet a Breast, by her teacher so that she could give it to one of the patients of a Cancer hospital that couldn’t afford to buy a prosthetic. and her reasoning was because her mother had passed away from Breast cancer. It was quite a lovely and touching story, that whilst yes was make believe, gave me that spark to continue researching  about these crochet boobs and weather they were real or not. As i cant for the life of me pick up Crochet properly, not sure whether its because of my hands being small or the trickiness of it being one singular needle, but i cant do it, So i looked up Knitted boobs instead, And that is what i’m going to do. I’m going to look around first to see what hospitals in London actually accept the breasts, because i know some accept them, but for helping mothers learn how to breast feed, and whilst that’s a lovely cause and all, that’s not really the point of why i’m going to be making them, so i’m going to make sure that the hospital accepts them for breast cancer patients, or see if any charity’s do.

For Anyone Who actually Likes Inuyasha and wants to read the story, Or is just interested to read the story regardless on weather they know the characters or not here the link :–

Anyone who wants to learn more about them there’s a few websites that i looked on just for a bit more information about them and reasons why they are appreciated.: –

Also For Anyone who lives in London, My Mum has a Support Group for people who have had breast cancer or are going through it. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting with them several times and there all a bunch of lovely ladies,who have all gone through breast cancer and survived. They do big events on a yearly bases sometimes even more depending on weather they can get sponsors and such, At the moments they have an event on at the OXO Tower on the 26th of October  I think there still taking bookings, so if you want to go to an event that has yummy food and such and donate money to a good cause then please check out the link below and email my mum for further details.

There Also on Facebook & Twitter

Facebook –

Twitter –

Please feel free to also contact the group if you need support and such too, there very nice ladies who are there to help.

Well I think thats it for me this evening, as its 1am and i have college tomorrow lol. But i need to get this out of the way now otherwise i most probably would have never written it *sighs*



Rant: Sisters

Well this is my first rant on my new blog ^^ feels like i should get an achivement for holding out this long xD.

This rant is about my ‘Lovely’ Younger Sister. Taylor.

i would add morgan in aswell… however theres not much point as shell prb be appering in this post anyway.

Okay well Taylor. there are many things i can say about her, but the one im going with today is Loudmouth snot nosed brat. *nods* yes that sound about right. Today i was looking after my other younger siblings Morgan and Matti, As usual. Wilst sorting out the dishwasher in the afternoon, after just having picked up Matii, Morgan walks in and tells me that matti had punched her. So i walked with Morgan back into the front room and saw matti huddled over in the corner, so i walked over to him and smacked him on his back.

Now i know this may seem harsh to everyone, however on several preivous occasions i had told the pair of them that if they didnt stop this hitting and kicking each other nonsense when i left the room, they would get a smack. I had told them that if one of them hits the other, come and tell me and DO NOT hit the other back, and that i would come in and tell them off and there will be smacks handed out.

Because belive me, if there arnt any handed out they will do it again, there that type of children. -_-

so yeah back on track i macked matted on his back, it was hard but i know it wasnt hard enough to leave a mark, just to sting for a bit to teach him a lesson, however when i walked back out into the kitchen, Taylor decided to reprimand me, telling me that ‘i should hit a child that hard’ and ‘ooo yes it was that hard because i heard it from in the kitchen’ …lets get one thing straight. I hit Matti on his back, the park where i hit him can echo quite loudly , so it soulds like i hit him hard when i know for a fact that i didnt do it as hard as shes making me out to be.

so i told her like ive told her many times before, ‘dont butt in with my way of taking care of the children, i didnt ask for your oppinon’ to which she continued to give her oppinon, and i ended up getting even more irritated than i was as morgan had already wound me up early with her attitude, and she told me that im just getting irritated because she was making caked in the kitchen, which lets face it, i was irritated at that, i need to use the kitchen later to make lunch tomorrow and shes gone and used all the utensils and dirtyed up bowls that im gonna need later but there gonna have to now be washed *-_-. but i wasnt just angry at that i was still irritated with morgan, and she had the cheek to tell me ‘how can you let a 5 yr old wind you up’ for starters, morgans 6. idiot. secondly Morgan winds her up all the time so dont talk shit.

From that point on i threw the cups that i was holding (luckily they were plastic) at the window, stormed off into the front room and kicked the front room door several times…which eveidentally ended up jaring the door and half locking me in -_-. if i didnt do that i would have either threw the cups at her face and walked over and beat the shit outta her or found another way to beat the shit outta her.

No one seems to (besides mummy) understand the frustration she causes me. And when i finally get the chance to actually punch her, and then express my joy, people fucking reprimand me and tell me that things shouldnt be solved through violence. FUCK OFF! you dont live with my sister, shes not your sibling.

You. Have. No. Idea. What. Shes. Like.

Those people didnt even see my way and now ive learnt that im not gonna bother expressing anything to them, there no point. However i am greatful to the people who may not have seen things my way, however they understood my oppinons and didnt judge me because of it.

but yes writing about these things helps me big time to relive my rage and irritation towards said sibling. lets just hope it doesnt get to the point that i do end up beating the crap out of her. I mean i may be small, and people may no tthink i can do alot of damage because of that, but belive me when i say, i can pack a punch, and a kick. haha. That reminds me of the time my older cousin got me so angry that my Dad, nan and Auntie were all betting on who would win if me and him started figting, haha 3-0 to me no contest aparently xD i must looked pretty angry for even his own mum to go agisnt him lol.

Well, that enough writing for me, i think i need to have some tea or something to calm me down :/ at least i would but my sisters still in the kitchen -_- *sighs*

Give it and hour. When i make the bento’s for tomorrow then i shall make some tea.

Thanks for Listening/Reading.



Oh this is going to be fun.

Okay… well i suppose this is a post describing what i think of each of my close family members haha. honestly this is going to be fun… and be warned… my sister Taylor’s one might be overly long… mummys might be too haha.

Lets start out with the Parents then shall we.

Mummy/Okaa-San (Mrs Lorna)

Well! Mother dearest in my opinon is a headstrong person, Which in a way is a good thing… in some situations however it can be very bad… Mummy genrally doesnt mind us children doing what we want, as long as we tell her where we are and what time we shall be back. Shes also a great person to sit down and have one of those ‘life’ chats with haha. I do love my mummy, i just wish sometimes she would stop being so darn stuborn!

Daddy/Otou-san (Mr. Robert)

Daddy is a sorta old fashioned guy when it comes to his kids. Which is good when discipline is involed… bad when your 16 and want to have boys stay round at your house after a party… (yeah… im 20 and i still hold a grudge for that 16th birthday party… lol) Thought because of my tomboyish personality, hes awesome to go to places like the anime convention with, or to sit and build stuff with or play games with. Hes really just a big kid, and that why we love him! hehe!

Robin/ Step-Dad

Robin and My Mum are no longer married, However, He lived with us since i was what? 7 ? 8? who knows… all i know is that its been a long time and no matter what, hes will always be my step-dad. Robino (as i like to call him) is a sorta a posh guy who wants to be a rocker of sorts lol. Hes a great guy to go to rock gigs with, or if you need help with your homework! only bad thing about him is that hes even more stuborn than mummy :/ lol

Belinda / Step-Mum

Belinda Makes me laugh. shes a great step-mum and a hardworking woman… sometimes i wish she would just chill for a little bit, her work makes her waaaay to stressed, even more so then mummys work makes her o.o. She cant really cook, albiet she does try bless her. and DO NOT let her near too much alchahol… bad idea BAAAAAD IDEA! shes either gets really agressive verbally, or really effectionate… its CREAPY! XD but makes me laugh lol

Onto Siblings now then i suppose…

Taylor – 15 year old sister

now I could write a whole book on how much she pisses me off… but im not going to im gonna try to keep it short xD. Taylor is an outspoken person, who genrally thinks shes right, and doesnt wanna back down when shes not. (though the same could be said for me xD) This attitude honestly wont get her far in the world of jobs. seriously she needs to learn to shut up. that is her biggest fault. Shes my sister and i love her because of that… but i hate her too, the amount of times ive wanted to beat the crap outta her but couldnt because of the reprcussions that would come with that… is unbelivable lol. She also has a habbit of coming into my room after ive just bought a few new items of make up (Eyeliner, Mascara, Foundation etc…) and Stealing them! then when i go up to her room and get them back, there gone again the next day! for christ sake BUY YOUR OWN DAMN MAKE UP! by the time i get to actually use them, theve been used up… GAHHH!!!! anyways… im gonna stop writing about taylor from here on because ill stress myself out lol.

Morgan – 5 year old sister

Now Morgan… Is a little minature Taylor. She also is VERY bossy. She has her good points too. She does make me laugh when she wants to, and im in the process of brainwashing her into liking Anime & Japanese Music. Its working very well so far! 😀 Morgan is my half sister, shes my mums and step dads kid, but i never usually say it that way, to me shes just my sister.

Matti – 4 year old Brother

Matti, Full name Matthias… is a bit of a werido… i love him to bits, but he is just really strange. youd have to meet him to understand why, but he is just very odd haha. but he gives the best hugs in the world, and wil always tell ya, you look pretty without even looking at you! XD Matti is my Half Brother, hes my mums and step-dads kid, i never usually say that though, to me he just my brother

Myles – 1 year old brother

Myles… jesus, if he continues the way he is, i will punch some sense into him when he gets older. or Nanny will. Myles for a lack of better terms to use, is spoilt. Since day one he has genrally gotten whatever he wants. Like Matti and Morgan, Myles is my half brother, My step mums and dads kid. Hes the only kid my Stpe mum has had, so she doesnt tend to spoil him a lot, and when he gets hurt a little, she goes into over protective mode… which granted is funny when you see it, but uneccicary for things like grasies or small head bumps hehe. Belinda bless her does try to decipline him now, with smack and what not, but every time she does she genrally feels bad and we have to tell her that, no she did the right thing, and no dont go and comfort the boy hehe. Myles has a habit of hitting people aswell. me and him and a fight of sorts at one point, because he hit me so i hit him back and it went on for a while, and each time i hit him, i did it harder than the first, so it got to the point where he burst into tears. But at least he learnt to stop hitting me. Myles is a good boy, other wise and does make you laugh, hes always friendly and not the least bit shy to new people too.

Onto Grandparents and then that its ^^

Nanny Cecila – Daddys Mum

Nanny Cecila is someone i have a lot of time and repect for. She always there to stick up for me and shes always there to help me learn new things. As much as i love her though, she tends to not realise that when people need to go, they need to go, I love sitting down and listening to her storys of her past from whe she lived in Jamaica, but not when im in a rush to get somewhere, like if i’ve just popped round to collect something and ive gotta be somewhere after. lol i suppose its cause shes retired, she doesnt have a sense of time when it comes to these sort of situations hehe.

Nanny Ruth – Mummys Mum

Nanny Ruth i would say is a sorta Chavy posh person… i love her i do… but she has problems lol. she thinks shes skinny when shes not, she has diabetes yet she still loads up on sugary things and smokes… its madness i tell you! lol she a lovely woman, and is nice to have a chat to, but she has problems lol.

Nanny Barbara – Belinda’s Mum

XD Oh god Nanny Barbara, what can i say? She loves to spoil every one, epscally when it comes to food, and everytimes shes cooking she never let you help, she always wants you to sit down and rest whilst she does the work lol. bless her. she is mucho fun though! and she makes me laugh with her side comments that she usually says when she thinks no one is listening xD Also she live by the beach, and every time were all down there and its summer, we always go down and spend time on the beach, me and taylor jumping in the sea, whilst nanny Barbara is sunbathing/sleeping fully dressed xD

Harry aka Grandpopsy – Belinda’s dad

XD oh bless harry, hes the type of guy that care a lot, but want to make sure that every one thinks he doesnt. I love sitting down and litening to his storys of his past aswell, and i love him telling me about the newest things he found in Charity shops to do with Japan lol. he Olny irritates me when he goes on one of his rants… usually bout my lack of this, or a new doll ive bought lol aww well, the good out weigh the bad points XD

And thats the majority of my family! lol a strange bunch they are, but i love em all!