All about Me


Name: Courtney
Nickname: Kai
Age: 26

Hiya, The Names Kai… or Courtney which ever you prefer!  I’m an avid Gamer and Otaku… though to a lesser degree of some people i know… hehe. I love Japan, and Every thing about it, the culture, the language, the people… the boys XD

I’m Also a big fan of Japanese music! I love JPop, and Visual-Kei the most… odd mixture i know. I also love JDrama …

I love to write stories, weather its fanfiction or original, comments are always welcome, weather you like or dislike said stories, it helps me improve 🙂 just try to be constructive if all you have is criticism is all that i ask.

I Also Love Ball Jointed Dolls. I don’t really attend meets anymore, due to the fact that i find myself not particularly enjoying the company of anyone other that my friend I go with. However I do own a shop, I sell BJD jewelry, clothes (that will eventually be back in store) and very soon wigs too (i will be looking to open custom orders on the wigs soon too) P.K.KoRa
For those of you who have know idea what BJD’s Are… Please Have a look at the Wiki Page…or Google them!

Two of my other hobbies you should expect to see up here are cooking & sewing! I love to cook and sew~ Cooking more so because its more convenient for me where I currently live, unfortunately sewing on the machine makes too much noise :(. but expect to see more blogs about food and what ever sewing projects i’m working on.

So expect to see and here about all these things plus more on my blog 😀