BJD Update

Soooooooo I feel kinda bad, i havent done a post about my boys for a while now and theyve gone through a bunch of changes too~

Soooooo Heres a General update on all the boys.

Alright just so i dont have to go over there old looks, heres a pic i put together ages ago with all my (then) current dolls. (


Okay so first up we have Takuya. Okay so Technically Takuya is not Takuya anymore. His eyes, again, were bugging me….. his character was not suppose to have such big eyes, so Takuya is now going to be a KDF Yuz, once i get together enough money to buy the sculpt LOL.

As for what ive done with Takuya’s Old Body, Well….. Say Hello To Jun 🙂




So this is Jun,  My oddball Otaku. I think Jun as a character Suits the Kid Delf An Sculpt much better than Takuya did, so im happy that i made the change :).


Next up is Hayato. Now Hayato, Whilst hes still his grily boy self, has gone through a few changes too, Face up wise.


I finally got round to using the correct colour eyelashes for his hair color, though im probably gonna change his face up again soon, just because its too block pink for me at the moment.


Next is Seung.


Now Sung only recently got his face redone…. mainly cause when i wiped it the first time, his lip piercing came off  and made me realize how much i fucked up his lip when i done it the first time. so i was putting off re-doing his face up until i could repair his lip, however i’m a lazy fucker, and i couldn’t be bothered to wait xD so i just re-did it and decided that ill repair his lip at a later point in time.





Now Yuuta has compleatly changed. I changed him from a PukiPuki size to a Yo-SD size. Hes now a Volks White Rabbit (Recast) Now I’m not gonna get into a discussion about recast and what not because frankly i don’t care what people think about them. I still buy dolls both Legit and Recast, and as far as im concerned, some company’s customer service is so bad that i prefer to get recasted dolls of those companys as i have a better experience overall. Anyways that’s the end of the convo.

Anyways, Yuuta is now so lovely he makes me wanna squeel every-time I see him!


Next up is MIKU~



So Miku hasnt really changed much. I re-did his face up to look more colourful to mach his persona, its awesomely two toned :3. Also like Hayato ive edited his wig to have a few more colours in it and i think it looks cool 🙂



Next up is my SD Boy Kyouya~

So Kyouya’s Face up I never changed it since i first did his face up, and the other day i decided…. i think its time to wipe kyouyas face and redo~



and FUCK ME~ He came out looking all gourgous and shit~ Gah! hes got that dang badboy look now even though his characters an amnesiac who is as sweet as hell xD So because of his face-up i had to chage his hair colour to black instead of green, but im not that fussed, it works and dang if i didnt like it better this way xD


Soooo I’ve had 2 new editions, to my doll family, ❤ One is a Lovely Boy (former Girl doll) Called AJ




Now AJ has a special background story on how i recived him, but its rather sad and i dont really like bringing it up, lets just say she was given to me by a friend, which is more or less what happened.


Anyways, Yeah AJ used to be a Female Unoa Sist, Which tehcnially he still is, i have his larger chest plate still, though im halfway through sanding it down lol. yeah but now he is still and unoa, but i put the original faceplate away safely in its original box, it had the original faceup on it and i didnt really wanna wreck it, so i bought a recast faceplate to use on the original body to test my face up skills on the unoa faceplates. and thats what ive stuck with for the moment. So yeah, i cant remember what faceplate it is, imma guess a lusis, but hell if i remeber lol.


The second entry into my family came in the form of Leon, Ma Cowboy~


Leon was…IS an unknown minimee head i got from one of the meets over here in the UK, it was a dump and donate event, and i picked him and a few other bit up there 🙂 Yeah Hes just chillin on Kyouya’s body in the pic above, I havent got him a body as of yet. but im working on it lol I also need to get him a cowboy hat…. a cowboy hat is in great need for him ❤


Sooooo Thats the last of my addtions to my doll family, i have two more dolls on the way though. Ive just finished paying off a Peakswoods Sir Tin Vamp boy, He’s called Eiji and he should be on his way come august, i think hes in production at the moment *fingers crossed*  and I also have waiting for me round my friends house, once i pay her lol, a Floating head, He is a Luts 2014 Winter Head and he shall be called Lucca~ He shall be my italian/Japanese Mafia/Yakuza Boss ❤ he gon be awesome~!!!


ill be sure to post more pics once they arrive, and hopefully before then of my other boys 🙂


oooo heres a special pic of Seung, Hayato and Miku I took just after finishing Seungs faceup and editing Seungs and Hayato’s wigs

Seung Miku and Hayato


Anyhu~ Thats all from me today 🙂






Asian Music Chart -Top 40 [Take 2]

Soooo Take 1 is on my Livejournal as i remember i had a blog on blogger when i originally done it, and it was posted up there, then i moved to wordpress and i didnt transfer it over… and im too lazy to search up my old blog, soooo here the link to the livejournal version –

Okay so what im gonna do is bascially do a list of my top 40 Asian music (by that i mean Songs done by any Japanese, Korean or Chinese artists) and i might write why i like the song next to it and put a link to where you can here the song too… if i dont get bored of doing that to quickly lol.

40. Fantasy – Alice Nine (Its my all time fave Alice nine song, and was previously No. 37 in my 2010 chart ^^)

39. 超喜歡你(Chao Xi Huan Ni) – Fahrenheit (Was number 20 in my 2010 chart and will probably be the only chinese song in this chart xD i only listen to Fahrenheit and this is the only one of there songs that i acutally listen to anymore lol)

38. リメンバー (Remember) – Kimaguren (Ahhh~ great summer song. Love it)

37. BEAUTIFUL HANGOVER – BIG BANG (One of my fave big bang songs ^^ and love the video too :3)

36. LOVE – CNBlue (‘C N to da blue~’ *drools* Jung Yong Hwa = Yum)

35. Heartbreaker – G-Dragon (GAH! G-Dragon with Blond hair! *squeels* and its an awesome song to boot!)

34. I Need a Girl – TaeYang (Yes im aware that theres alot of big bang going on up here but thats mainly that i need to fill up spaces before Arashi, Beast and SHINee take over xD)

33. クローバー♣クラブ (Clover♣Club)-Hatsune Miku (Sha la la la la la la~ la la la~)

32. Helpless Night – Crystal Kay ft Akanishi Jin

31. 애인이 생기면 하고 싶은 일(What I Want To Do Once I Have A Lover) – Both the GN.A & Rain ver & GaYoon & Yoseob ver.


29. 5×10 – Arashi

28. Let it Snow – HyunSeung & Kikwang

27. Hello -SHINee

26.  どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? (doushite kimi wo suki natte shimattandarou) – Tohoshinki

25. Clap – Teen Top

24. Happiness – Arashi

23. Loveless – Yamashita Tomohisa

22. The Boys – Girls Generation

21. ガラガラ GO!! (GaraGara Go!!) – BIG BANG

20. Twilight~星降る夜の奇跡~ – 美女♂men Vlossom ( cant figure out the romanji for the song lol)

19. 愛唄 (Ai Uta) – GReeeeN

18. こころ (Kokoro) – Kagamine Rin

17. truth – Arashi

16. すすすす、すき、だあいすき(Su Su Su Su, Suki, Daisuki) – Kagamine Rin

15. troublemaker – Arashi

14. Replay – SHINee

13. twitter – Hatsune Miku

12. Beautiful – BEAST

11. Everything – Arashi

10. Dear – Hatsune Miku

09. 니가 제일 좋아 (I Like You The Best) – BEAST

08. Mr. “Broken Heart” – Matsushita Yuya

07. Thanks To – Yoseob & JunHyung (BEAST)

06. 「右肩の蝶」 (Migikata no Chou) – Kagamine Len

05. 虹(Niji) – Ninomiya Kazunari (Arashi)

04. care – Akanishi Jin (former KAT-TUN)

03. SMACK – Nakamaru Yuichi (KAT-TUN)

02. 숨 (Soom) – BEAST

01. このままもっと (Kono Mama Motto) – Sakurai Sho (Arashi)

Okay so Sho-kuns Kono Mama Motto is first… it was a tought choice between number 2 and 1 but God i just love Kono Mama Motto its just such a lovely song and always cheers me up when i hear it~

Well keep an eye out of the 2012 version and see what changed 🙂


[Fanfic] (Arashi) Runaway [Chapter 1]

Rushing through the busy evening streets of Tokyo in the rain, Matsumoto Noriko finally found the building she was looking for. Pulling down her hood and wiping her glasses clear of the rain, she walked inside. The evening receptionist looked up at the wet woman, raised her eye brow in curiosity, but smiled none the less.

“Welcome to J-Storm, may I help you with anything?” She asked Noriko softly. Noriko nodded “Hai…ano I was just wondering if Matsumoto Jun had left for this evening?” she asked the receptionist. The receptionist looked at her suspiciously “Sumimasen, Demo I’m not at liberty to release that information.” Noriko sighed, “I figured as much, I suppose me telling you that I’m his imouto wouldn’t change your mind?” The receptionist shook her head.

Noriko sighed again “oh well, time to go to plan B then, ano… Sumimasen!” she announced just before she turned around and put up her hood again, and walked out into the rainy streets of Tokyo. Noriko walked to the train station and using her Sucia card she passed through the barriers to catch the Yamenote line to Shinjuku. She never thought that the 3 stops it took her to get from Shibuya to Shinjuku would be the longest 3 stops of her life. Once she got off the train, she rushed out of the station, forgetting to put her hood back up this time. Rushing towards an apartment block she hurriedly ran up the stairs to the second floor and knocked on the 5th door down. When she got no reply she knocked again.

She waited around for 5 minutes continually knocking, then gave up and shrunk to the floor. She wanted to cry, however, she knew now was not the time for that. She looked at her dead phone and then at the key chains hanging from it. Her eyes widened as she thought of something. ‘Toshi-kun…’ “Maybe he’ll be in…” with renewed hope and determination in her eyes, Noriko got up and wander back out in the rain in search of where she hoped her friend still lived.

After 10 minutes of walking, her hair wet and body utterly drenched, She finally reached the apartment she was looking for. She was grateful that the door she needed was on the ground floor, as she really didn’t feel like walking up any stairs. Ringing the doorbell she awaited an answer, she only had to wait about 2 seconds till she heard shuffling around and someone unlocking the door.

A tanned brunette poked his head through the gap in the door, eyes widening slightly when he noticed who was outside. “Nori-chan?!” Noriko nodded her head to the question in his tone. “Hai Toshi-kun, it’s me.” She said softly, mustering up a small smile. “Ehhhh! Ah! Ohairi Kudasai!” Noriko Nodded and responded her thanks to her friend.

She honestly didn’t know why she didn’t think of him first, Her brother was known to always be out and about somewhere no matter the weather, whilst Ohno Satoshi was prone to staying inside to have to ‘quiet time’ as he put it. Taking off her shoes at the door way, Noriko entered her friend’s house. As she waited at the door way Ohno appeared again with a couple of towels and a set of clothes, “Go to the bathroom and dry off, You’re a little shorter than me so the clothes might be a bit big for you, but it’s the best I can do. “ He said handing her the towels and clothes and pointed her in the direction of the bathroom.

Noriko thanked him again and went the bathroom to dry off and change. When she got out, Ohno was already waiting on the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate in hand for her.  He chuckled when he saw her, as his t-shirt did in fact look like a dress on her, luckily his trousers where tighten and tie up ones, so it was just the length that was the issue, not the fact that they won’t stay up.  He patted the seat next to him inviting her to sit.

Noriko sat down next to her friend and took the cup of hot chocolate from him. Ohno, sipping from his cup, looked over at his long time friend and sighed slightly, “Nori-chan, not that I don’t enjoy your company, but what are you doing here? In the pouring rain no less?” he asked, quite confused as to why she was here.

Blowing on her cup of hot chocolate, Noriko kept her gaze to the ground whilst answering Ohno. “Yukio…h-he…got too violent. I got scared…so I ran. I went to Aniki’s house after asking for him at the J-Storm building, but he didn’t answer his door, and my battery on my phone is dead so I couldn’t call him… so I came round yours instead…” Ohno frowned as he listened to the story, he became more and more angry as he listened, even more so when he finally noticed the bruises on her face.

The frown continued to mar his face, he knew he wouldn’t be able to do anything about it, well, until Jun knew what was going on at least. “Nori-chan, How long had it been going on for?” It was a question he was sure he didn’t want to know the answer to, however, it was a necessary question.

Noriko continued to look down to the ground. She pushed her glasses back up to the bridge of her nose, took another sip from her drink and let out a sigh. “Ano…Yukio…has always been a bit harsh, but it was nothing I couldn’t deal with… Demo… he just got more violent as time went by… and after the last time-Yesterday, it was too much… I just had to get away. So II ran, and jumped on the next train to Tokyo.” She said bringing her knees up towards her chest.

Ohno frowned further, “Why did you never say anything? We speak on the phone all the time, you come down often enough too! So why did you not tell me?!” Ohno said, a bit louder than he intended and immediately felt sorry for it when he saw Noriko flinch. “Sorry Nori-chan, Demo, Nande?” he apologised, and asked again in a much softer tone this time.

Finally Noriko looked up at him, however, she had tears in her eyes.”I didn’t see it necessary to at first Toshi-kun… and when it got worse, I got scared. And I thought that if I told anyone he would get more violent that he already was…” she said, the tears finally letting loose and running down her cheeks

Putting his cup down on the coffee table and doing the same for Noriko, Ohno brought the crying woman into a hug. “Baka Nori-chan…” he whispered into her hair, not really knowing what else to say as Noriko just continued to cry into his shirt.

Whilst trying to sooth and calm Noriko down, Ohno noticed the jingling of keys in the door ‘Yabai!’ he thought to himself, ‘Nino please read the mood!’ he silently prayed to himself, slightly wishing he has telepathic abilities as he watched the door open.

Ninomiya Kazunari expected that when he got home that evening, he would find a snoozing Ohno with a book about something or other in his hands and a poor attempt at a meal on the cooker.

He did not however expect to find his friend on the sofa hugging some woman. “Tadaima…” he called out as if nothing was the matter. “Okeari…” Ohno responded, and he just about heard a muffled ‘Okeari’ from the woman in Ohno’s arms.

Noriko winced when she heard the ‘Tadaima’ in a very familiar voice. ‘I knew I would see him at some point I just didn’t think it would be so soon…what is he doing here?’ sighing she lifted her head from Ohno’s chest and used the sleeve of the borrowed t-shirt to wipe her eyes. Ohno looked down at his friend  “feeling better Nori-chan?” he asked. Noriko nodded slightly “Hai…a little bit at least…arigatou Toshi-kun.” She said with a slight smile on her face.

‘Toshi-kun? There only one person I know who calls Oh-Chan that…’ “Matsumoto-Chan?” Nino called out to the pair on the sofa. Finally turning around to face Nino, Noriko put on a brave face, smiled and nodded “Hai Ninomiya-san, Konbanwa, hisashiburi desu.”  She said holding back the wince that wanted to come about with that statement, and gave him a wave.

‘Yabai.’ Nino thought miserably to himself. His mind filled with old memories of a young girl heartbroken face as tears ran down it. He gave her a quick smile back “Un…Hisashiburi. “ he nodded “So watcha doing here?” he asked the girl, whilst taking off his shoes and walking into the living room.

This time she did wince and Nino noticed it, making him feel slightly regretful for asked the question. “Eto… I had an argument with y boyfriend…we broke up and I walked out and I didn’t know where to go.” She said telling the truth in a roundabout way. Nino knew she wasn’t telling the whole truth as he could see the bruises on her face, however he decided to keep his mouth shut as he knew it wasn’t his business to ask, or get involved. “Ah okay. Does Jun know your here?” She shook her head at his question.

“I went round to his earlier and he wasn’t home and I would have called him however my phones out of battery, so I couldn’t.” She explained, Making Ohno remember something in the process. “Ehhh… Gomen Nori-chan I forgot to tell you to call Jun. Go and use the house phone and give him a call, you know his number?” he asked. Noriko nodded and thank him “Arigatou Toshi-kun.” She said standing up. Walking over to the cordless phone she picked it up and came back to sit on the sofa next to Ohno, whilst Nino took a seat in the chair next to the sofa.

Dialling Jun’s number, Noriko waited for him to pick up, which after 3 rings he did. “Ohno-san, nan desu ka?” Came Jun’s highly frustrated voice fluttering through the phone making Noriko giggle. “Mou~ Aniki! That’s no way to pick up the phone! What did Toshi-kun do to you?” Noriko asked through her giggles down the phone. “Noriko? Nani? Why are you at Ohno-san’s place? Why aren’t you in Chiba? What’s wrong? Daijoubu desu ka?!” Jun’s voice officially becoming more panicked as he continued questioning his sister.

Noriko gave a soft chuckle at her brother’s panicked state and answered his questions “Aniki, I’m at Toshi-kun’s house because you weren’t in. I’m not in at home in Chiba because me and Yukio had a falling out, lots of things are wrong and Iie, I’m not okay, but I’m not explaining over the phone.” She said, her voice becoming sadder towards the end. Jun still sounded panicked but not as much as before. “Okay, you hang there for this evening, and I’ll be with you early in the morning okay? I would come now but I’m still in the middle of shooting.” He rushed out.

Noriko nodded, even though Jun couldn’t see her “ Okay, hold on one second Jun-nii-chan.” She said and then turned to Ohno “Toshi-kun, cam o say round yours this evening onegai?” she asked. Ohno looked slightly surprised by her question “Ano… I thought you already were staying here…?  Oh well, either way its fine by me.” He answered. Noriko nodded and gave him a smile in thanks then turned towards Nino. “ Is it alright with you Ninomiya-san?” Nino looked more surprised than Ohno did, however it was more because of the fact that she even bothered to ask him “Hai Hai, its fine with me Matsumoto-chan.” Noriko gave him a small smiled then zoned back in on her conversation with her brother. “Hai Hai. Everything’s sorted. I’ll see you tomorrow Jun-nii-chan.” “Un. Bai Bai. Take Care.” “you too Aniki! Ja ne.” She said before hanging up the phone.

Ohno looked over at Nino and gave him a look that said all. Nino sighed but nodded “Eto…Matsumoto-Chan, you can have my room, ill share with Oh-Chan .” he said to the girl on the sofa. Noriko looked rather shocked “Ano… Are you sure? I’m quite all right sleeping on the sofa.” Nino just waved her off “Hai, Its fine. Hontou.” He said whilst walking towards his room to grab some pyjamas.

Looking back over towards Ohno, she shook her head laughing slightly when she saw the smug look on his face “ Toshi-kun, that really wasn’t necessary… I could have slept on the soda.” Ohno shook his head in defiance “ Iie. Nino needs to learn to be a bit more polite and grow up a bit. So it was necessary. In all honestly, I would have given you my room and bunked with Nino, but he knew that I would do that and I knew that he wouldn’t offer.” Ohno explained, well tried to anyway.

Noriko just giggled at the explanation “Toshi=kun, when your quiet you just about make sense, when you become chatty, all of a sudden you stop making sense.” Noriko said still giggling, now however at the pout on Ohno’s face.

End of Chapter 1

[Fanfic] (An Cafe) Moving Away [Chapter 3]

Chapter 3


Takuya’s P.O.V



Waking up that morning was… Interesting… to say the least. The first think I noticed, was that I found a blanket almost suffocating me when I opened my eyes, which was a tad odd seeing as I didn’t tend to put the blanket over my head. The next thing I noticed was the fact that my supposed pillow was moving.


What do you know my memory decided to come back to me at that point. I remember falling asleep on Courtney’s chest as we watch a movie along with Kanon, who if I right, should be underneath Courtney…Wait… That sounded wrong …ehehe.


Anyways moving back to the position I’m in at the moment, I’m pretty sure that if I turned my head I would come face to face with Courtney’s breasts. And as temping as it is to turn my head, I don’t really want to face the consequences of those actions.


“Nei… Takuya, you awake?”  I heard Kanon’s voice from uh… above me.. underneath me… who knows… “ hai hai, is Courtney-chan awake?” I could feel Kanon Shift, so I could only assume he was checking. “Iie, shes asle-“ *moan* ………….okay….”Kanon-san was that you?” I asked “Iie…” was his reply. Another moan was heard, throughout the room, along with some movement from underneath me.


“Ano… is that Courtney-chan?” “*moan…Takuya….*moan*… Kanon….” …..Ano…NANI? “Takuya…you think..” he trailed off in the sentence, but I knew where it was headed.


“Ano Kanon-san, lets just leave it for now, lets just see how it goes…Onigai, I just don’t want to ruin the friendship we hold with her.. just in case this dream that’s shes having is a one off…” I heard Kanon sigh “Hai Hai demo…Takuya, I know you cant hold off much longer, because my own patience is wearing thin.” Kanon said with another sigh.  I felt myself nod. After a while of silence and the occasional moan from Courtney. A tune kinda blasted out into the air “Don’t let me down my sweet baby bambida. Dakishimeta-” When I realised it was my phone,  I shook my head at the ringtone…. Never let Courtney play with your phone….“ Moshi Moshi…”


Don’t Moshi Moshi Me! Where the hell are you two! I told you to be here for 9 so we could practice? Its 12 Takuya!”  Miku’s loud and angry voice flittered through the air….wait a minute… did he say 12? “Kuso! Gomen Miku-san… well be there asap!” “you better….” Then the phone was hung up.



Normal P.O.V


“Ano…Taku-kun… was that Miku-kun?” Courtney mumbled out, from her half asleep state. Takuya jumped when he head Courtney’s voice. “Ano… hai.. it was, were late for practice.” Courtney’s eyes widened at that “Ah! Gomen Gomen! It must have been my fault for keeping you both laying down…” Kanon rolled his eyes, “don’t be silly, and anyways, what done is done.” Kanon said Courtney lowered her head but nodded. Kanon sighed told both Takuya & Courtney move as his legs and butt were numb. Courtney giggled at that but got up after Takuya moved off her.


*knock knock* “urm… Courtney you in there? Bordum has set in and you promised to take me to an anime & manga shop today!”  they heard the voice of Stephanie filter through.


Kanon Laughed and Takuya chucked which all in all threw Courtney back into a fit of giggles. “Hai Hai ill be there in a minute.” “Speak in English woman!” “She said shell be there in a minute”  Kanon replied back for Courtney, who went into another laughing fit once she realised that she spoke in Japanese. “Okay, Thank you… uh.. Kanon-san?” “Yes. You do realised you can come in if you like?”  the reply to his answer was a jiggle of the doorknob.


well im glad you guys are decently dressed or that could have been one awkward moment….” Stephanie said grinning at the 3 on the bed. “what would have made you thought otherwise” Takuya said raising an eyebrow at the girl in the door way. Stephanie was about to answer, until she saw the glare she was getting from Courtney telling her to shut up. “no reason…


Takuya and Kanon looked from one girl to the other and then shrugged there shoulders. Both of the boys got up and said there goodbyes quickly knowing if they were anymore late Miku would literally kill them.


Once they had left, Courtney looked over at her friend and glared at her. “DUDE?! WHAT THE HELL?!” Stephanie just looked at her sheepishly, “Sorry Courts, It just kinda slipped out…” Courtney sighed at her friend, she couldn’t stay mad at her, as much as she tried too. “Baka.” She said and then got up and started to get ready to go out. Once they were both ready and said there byes to Hinata and Ryuuchi, they started walking into town.


Courtney turned to Stephanie and raised an eyebrow, “you do realise that this is my first time in Kyoto, so i have no idea where any anime and manga stores are let alone if they actually have them… so why don’t we do some fun touristy things instead?” she suggested to her friend. Stephanie sighed and nodded , she kinda thought that this might be the case. “but wait… didn’t we do all that yesterday with Hinata, Nadeshiko and the boys?” Courtney shook her head “nope, that was more of a tour of the town, not like shrines and historical spots. I know you like all your history stuff, otherwise you wouldn’t have picked it as a subject in school.” Courtney said sticking her tongue out at her friend, who did the exact same thing back.


“Fine, but if we pass a Anime and Manga store on the way… and we please go in?”




Later on in the day the two girls made it back to the Sano family residence.  “Tadima~” Courtney called through the house whilst taking off her shoes at the doorway. They saw Tsuna’s head pop round the corner of the door, “Okaeri Courtney-san, Stephanie-san.” He said waving at the two girls.


“Ah Tsuna-kun, what are you doing here?” Courtney asked the boy. Tsuna smiled and walked out in the hallway with Ryuuchi following, holding his hand. “Ano… Otou-san and Okaa-san asked Hinata-san and Shinobu-san if they wanted to go out for dinner, so they went, and they trusted us by ourselves and they knew you 2 were coming home soon.” Courtney nodded ‘so thats what that call was about’ she thought to herself. She then noticed there joined hands and her eyes widened a little bit. Tsuna whispered something to Ryuuchi, who in turn nodded and turned to Stephanie, “Stephanie-san, can i show you something quickly?” Stephanie blinked in surprise but nodded and followed the 13 year old out of the room.


Once they had left the room, Tsuna rushed over to Courtney with a bright smile on his face, “Courtney-san!! I took your advice!! And you were right!” Courtney giggled at the happiness radiating off of the younger boy. “Un! So are you 2 dating now?” A Big blush settled over Tsuna’s face as he nodded, and Courtney couldn’t help but gather him into her arms and give him a huge hug. “Gah your too cute! Im very happy for you Tsu-kun! I know Ryu-kun will look after you well~” she said giving him another squeeze before letting the boy go.


He smiled at the elder girl and then looked slightly worried, “ano… Courtney-san… do you think that Aniki is going to be mad? I mean I know Otou-san and Okaa-san won’t be but Aniki….” he looked down to the ground with a sad expression. Courtney ruffled the boys hair affectionately “Hun, if your brother can put up with me ranting on about yaoi day after day, then believe me, this will be a walk in the park.” Seeing the confused expression on the boys face Courtney giggled and knelt down in front of Tsuna “Tsu-kun,Taku-chii is not the type to be angry because his brother is dating a guy. He will love you no matter what. Would you like to call him and tell him with me here? I promise you he wil be cool with it.”


Tsuna once again looked at the elder girl, took in a deep breath and nodded. Courtney smiled and took out her phone, speed dialling Takuya’s number.


Moshi Moshi.” Takuya’s voice came through the phone.


Courtney smiled “Hey Taku-Chii, I’ve Got a nervous Tsu-kun here, he wants to tell you something.”


Eh? Ah….Hai… put him on the phone then


Courtney handed the phone over to Tsuna. Who in turn held it in one hand and took her hand in the other. “Ano… Aniki…?”


“Hai Tsunayoshi, Whats wrong?” came the worried reply from his older brother.


“Eto…would you be mad if I was dating… a boy?” Tsuna replied to his brother rather nervously and squeezing Courtney’s hand.


No Tsunayoshi, I would not be mad, as long as I know they were treating you right, I’m happy with whoever you wish to date.” Came Takuya’s calm reply back.


Smiling in relief, tears slightly welling up in his eyes, Courtney gave Tsuna’s hand a light squeeze as he replied to his older brother “Arigato Aniki.”


The both of them could feel the smile Takuya had on his face as he responded “No Problem Otouto.


Both of the brothers said their goodbyes and hung up their respective phones. Tsuna handed the phone back to Courtney and gave her a big hug. “Arigato Courtney-san for helping me.” Courtney hugged the boy back, “No worries hun. Come on lets go and find Stephanie and Ryu-kun, no doubt the latter will be quite worried about you ne?” Tsuna blushed and nodded, following the older girl into the living room.



[BJD Story] [SeungxTakuya] (One-Shot) Call Me Oppa!

[One-Shot] Call me Oppa!


Seung x Takuya

Takuya walked into the front room and saw his boyfriend Sitting on the sofa, seeming to be muttering to himself in Korean. Walking over to the 19 year old, He Sat down next to him. “Ano… Seung-kun, what on earth are you muttering about?” He asked Seung.

Seung looked up at Takuya in slight surprise, When it finally occurred to him that it was his boyfriend in front of him, he let his usual cold façade drop, “Hey Beautiful.” He said either not hearing what Takuya had said or completely ignoring it.

Takuya blushed slightly at the nickname Seung had given to him on the first day of meeting him, ‘Stupid nickname…’ he thought to himself. “Hey Seung-kun, Now are you gonna tell me what you were muttering about in Korean just a minute ago?” he questioned his boyfriend once again.

A barely noticeable blush sprung across Seung’s cheeks, “It was nothing, don’t worry about it.” Raising an eyebrow at the obvious avoidance of an answer from his boyfriend, Takuya insisted “ Mouuuu~ Seung-kun…tell meeee~!”

Shaking his head as a final ‘No’ Seung got up and walked off, leaving Takuya pouting in the sofa. Just as he was about to get up and go after him, a small voice from the corner of the room stopped him. “Umma…I can tell you what Appa said if you like…?” looking over towards the voice, he saw his 6 year old son, Kyon, Playing with his trucks.

“Walking over to the young boy , he plopped himself down behinds him and put the boy in his lap, “You know what he said hun?” he asked the young child. They boy nodded shyly, turning around he knelt up to his ‘mamas’ ear and started to whisper “un, He said he wanted you to….” he continued whispering in his hush hush voice to his mama.

When he pulled back, Takuya looked rather confused, “Ano… Why? What does it mean?” he asked the child, obviously confused. Kyon Giggled at his mama and whispered the answer in his ear. Seeing the blush that appeared on Takuya’s face, he started to giggle again, Which earned him a pout from the 18 year old male.

“Mou…Kyon-kun, stop giggling at my lack of knowledge of Korean…” he said poking his son in the side and started to tickle him when he would stop giggling. And that was the scene that Hayato walked in on. As much as he didn’t want to break the tender scene of ‘mother’ and son, he decided that the problem in the kitchen was a matter of urgency. “Ne… Taku-chii as much as i hate to break up this tender scene, can you come and do something about your emo-ass boyfriend~! Hes wrecking my happy vibes~ and I can’t make lunch with him being all grumpy in the kitchennnn~” Hayato whined and pouted, earning 2 giggles from the males on the floor.

Takuya got up bringing Kyon up with him, letting the boy rush over with a shout of ‘Haya-oji-chan’ and gave the older boy a hug. Takuya smiled and started to walk out of the room, ruffling Kyon’s hair as he walked by. He walked into the kitchen, only to see his boyfriend sat on the garden doorstep, Still muttering in Korean.

Takuya walked over quietly to the grey haired boy and bent down and wrapped his arms around his boyfriends shoulders, carful of his lip to ear piercing chain. Seung turned towards the side where Takuya’s head was, with questioning eyes. Takuya just gave him a slight smirk and pulled back a bit to whisper in Seung’s ear “Are you still not gonna tell me Seung-oppa~?” he whispered huskily into Seung’s ear.

Seung’s eyes widened and a heavy blushed stained his cheeks. Takuya grinned and licked the shell of Seung’s ear “Aren’t you gonna answer me Seung-oppa~?” he said and again licked the shell of his ear, earning a slight groan from the elder boy beneath him.

Seung turned around sharply and pinned Takuya underneath him Lust shining through his golden eyes to Takuya’s Green. “ You’re a fuckin tease you know that Beautiful?” he growled out, Calming Takuya’s lips afterwards, effectively cutting off whatever response he may of had.

Closing his eyes in pleasure, Takuya moaned into the Kiss letting Seung deepen the kiss.

Whilst the 2 were making out on the kitchen floor, they failed to notice the elder girl come in with a video camera, recording the moment, and her younger pet ninja bunny sidekick, taking photos.

MCM London Expo 2011 May Coverage – Kai Style!

Okay Coverage from Kai alert~! And YES i went all 3 Days! 🙂

Okay First things first…. MY LOOT! and i shall explain things as i go along 🙂

First thing i bought, surprsingly lol TBH i thought i would have bought a Yaoi doujin first… but noes. i bought a Kagamine Rin Bento Box… Totally only bought the yellow one because it would match my Yellow converse  xD.

Anyways Ive been meaning to buy a bento for a while so i can practice making bentos in the way they were meant to be made instead of me putting them in little plastic lunch boxes :/ and when i saw them being sold at the expo… i just couldnt resist twas too cute!

Second thing i bought from a very nice girl over at the stall. She was awesome, and very very cute… i totally would, if ya know what i mean 😉

Anyhu, Awesome badges wore them all weekend on my hats xD

Last thing i bought myself on Friday, was a Yaoi Doujin! Liquid Bloom, tis a Sephiroth x Cloud Doujin and i read it as soon as i came home… when i say read it i mean looked at the pictures xD either way a kitty ear cloud = YUM! and the artwork is absolutely beautiful~! I Recommend it to anyone who loves there Yaoi, Final Fantasy 7 and the pairing cloud x sephiroth xD

I also got this Hibari Kyouya t-shirt as a present from Matt (@UiNeonskittles on twitter) which is awesomely cute! ^^

Saturdays loot~!

IT WAS SHIINA IT HAAAAD TO BE BOUGHT!!!! once again bought from the stand, they really do have some awesome doujins over there both Yaoi and Hentai, so go check em out!!!im still unsure weather its Otonashi shes paired up with in this one or just some random student lol. Artwork wise…not the best… but not so bad i dont wanna read it again *shrugs* if i was rating it i would give it a 4-5/10 lol

yeh i didnt buy much on sat because i needed to save money for dinner in the evening for the meetup meal.

Sunday Loot~!!

Sorry bout the shitty blurry images, but im way to ;azy to be bothered to retake them now… there reasable and thats all that matters lol.

well this was a freebie from my Boyfriend, Josh’s (@cookiedude_2332 on Twitter) freebie bag, he said he didnt want it so i took it insteading to were it as a night t-shirt, tho im actually wearing it at the moment cause i needed to put on a t-shirt quickley this morning. Either way…i have NO CLUE as to what this t-shirt is on about… what the fuck is the troll hunter?! -_- im not sure i wanna find out to be honest…

First thing i bought on Sunday was a Yaoi doujin called Seasons Call its a Katekyou Hitman Reborn Doujin and the paring is  Yamamoto x Gokudera (8059). when ever i buy KHR Doujins, when i buy it buy its cover, the artwork never fails me! the artwork inside always lives up to its pretty cover 🙂 and whilst im not as big of a fan of 8059 than i am of 1827(hibari x tsuna) or 6927(mukuro x tsuna) im still glad i chose this one over the others. if you see it anywhere i do recommend you to buy it.

I bought a Yaoi flag too! 🙂 its awesome and you know it. Miku loves it too~!


lol Josh totally hates me for buying these badges, Reason being, that He himself looks like Hibari (Black hair chibi) and his best friend Dan (@CloudIncarnate on Twitter) looks like Dino (blond haired chibi) and i Like to find pictures with the D18 (Dino x Hibari) Pairing  and put them as my background on my phone xD *thumbs up* i still love my badges and i shall forever continue to pair them two up as its so easy to do it xD

at somepoint during the time i bought the Dino and hibari Badges we met up with Meimi (@Meimi132 on Twitter) and me and her got Fangirling over the Idol stands, Which reminds me, ive gotta remember to ask her what the name of that drama was that she recommends was… something about schools…. i think lol i have a shit memory xD. anyway Josh and Matt left us to fangasum over the idols, and we ending up going halvsies on buying a phone bag each. they were £6 for 1, and £10 for 2 , so we figured if we bung our moneys together and buy em together, it would be £1 cheaper for both of us so she got a Big Bang one ( i think) and i got my lovely Shinee one ahhh TaeMin… if only they had one of only you *pouts* so mean…

Once again sorry for the crappy burry images >.< camera fails seriously lol

yeh another freebie… of which Josh got 3 *shakes head* seriously… dont even get me started… anyway… this top unfortuanly doesnt fit me because its a mans t-shirt in Small and im a Medium for starters, and i have breasts  lol which tend to make the top half of the tee kinda tight lol

Okay this was an awesome find… mainly because it was utterly free xD this gundam cost someone £52 and they were stupid enough to leave it behind at a table. at the time when we noticed it we didnt know the price, but we found out it was a gundam after one of the staff members of the excel center checked inside the bag and box it was in (to makes sure there was no bomb probably) . After i made a fuss about wanting to take the bag see as no one else was bothering too and i kinda otally went by the rule of finders keepers lol, the 3 of us (myself, Josh and Matt) tried to come up with a plan to take the bag away from the table of two people ( who i think were also having the the same thoughts as us xD). In the end, i just leaned my chair back and asked the couple at the table weather they were gonna keep it, they said “we didnt want to because we thought you might tell on us if we did” to which i relied “na we wouldnt have done that~” and took the bag anyway xD

Ah but alas, Karma came back and bit me on the ass later on that day, when i lost my Oyster card… my god, now that i look back on it, i kinda wish i kept more calm then i did… as i ended up panicing, which led to me crying :/ and i really dont like crying in front of people… but it happend 😦 either way… next time i go somewhere, my oyster card is staying in my bag until it needs to come out!

And so we ventured into the Artists Ally… one of the artist had up a stall where she was selling bishie zodiac badges, mine being Scorpio… and he was too droolable not to pic up for £1.50  lol so i bought it and added to my collection of badges by which time had been moved to my scarf as my hat was litterally getting too heavy on one side to sit on my head properly xD Oh and i didnt get the artist business card thingy, so if anyone knows the artist of this lovely little badge, please do tell moi… wait never mind… found her on the London expo website… it amazing that i can tell artist art apart from other people xD  heres a link to her work –

So yeah still in artist ally, Actually i bought this badge before i bought the Scorpio one but the lady had to make it~! and OMG its AWESOME!!! its a self portrait one of myself so she took my picture and told me to come back later to pic it up, and when i did i could have hugged her if she wasnt over a table and it wouldnt be so awkward xD its AWESOME! and she even put josh in the background as he got into my picture when she was taking it xD tis EPIC ^^ heres a link to her site –


So yeah~ Thats my loot from the expo… as for the rest of the coverage Well read on ;P


So as a note to people who dont like to be in big crouds of people or have to push and shove just to get to the table you want, you maaay wanna consider getting a weekend ticket next time and coming on the friday.

When i say its much less busier that sat and sunday, i MEAN its MUCH less busier on the Friday. I recommened going on the friday to get what you wanna get, cause not only do you have first dibs but you dont have to push people out of the way to get what you want from the stall, and then going on saturday & sunday for taking pictures and the genral experience and of course picking up things you may or may not want on the way lol.

Secondly, i would like to just have a small bitch fit about cosplayers… not that i wasnt already bitching enough at the actual convention… ask Dan he was sat next to me laughing at my displesure towards certain cosplayers xD

now genrally when i Cosplay, i take about 2 months odd planning and preparing on what and who im going to be, then i take about 2 weeks to make the actual outfit, depending on how complex. Now with that, i also know that my cosplays arnt always good, but you can genrally tell how much work ive actually put into them.

Onto the bitching.

People who Cosplay L from Death Note really Piss me off….there are some who dont mainly because they do it well and when i say that they do it well, please take this picture from the Tuxedo Team as a Reference to good

got the Make-up right, the persona right and the Hair perfect. people who just throw on a pair of blue jeans and a white tee and say there cosplaying L… NO THAT IS FAIL COSPLAY! YOU SUCK. Just dont bother cosplaying if your gonna do that it seriously just lowers my opinion of people. even after that rant you would think i actually like death note… but no i hate it lol.

another issue i have with cosplayers are the ones who dont get the hair colour right. Now different shades of the right colour are okay unless its a little too much off colour, like say the hairs supposed to be red but you wear a pink wig… no no … thats wrong, red and pink are fucking diffeent colours retard get it right.

there was this one Cloud cosplayer at the expo… now sure his outfit was okay, and i could evenlet go of the fact that he hadnt spiked his hair up, but the fucking colour of his hair just spoilt the whole cosplay. he had, PINK hair… PINK HAIR?! WHAT THE FUCK? when have you ever seen cloud with pink hair besides in some random fanart somewhere?! again you person who did this fail at life. no seriously you do. Get it right next time, ill reward you with a cookie and a poke with a sharp stick for getting it wrong the first time.

last one now on the cosplaying rant is Wigs in genral. now if your chara has spiked hair, i can understand how difficult it can be to spike up a wig, but at least practice before you use the one your gonna wear, dont come with it looking crap… ive seen so many crap zack and Sora wigs its unbelivable -_-

also people who dont put there wigs on properly. Say if your Cosplaying Hatsune Miku, blue hair in pnytails your gonna need, Tie your hair up first, put a wig cap or an old pair of tights on your head and tuck all your hair underneath it then put the wig on, check the mirror to make sure none of you hair real hair is showing, if it is, tuck it under the wig! seriously i hate seeing people who are cosplaying people with orage or blong hair and you can see there brown or black hair poking out from underneath wtf? sort it out or dont fucking wear a wig or cosplay that character twat.

wow im really in an isulting mood tonight. sorry if i offended anyone but to be honest, i dont particually care at this point. just in one of those moods.

Also where the hell did the famous people go? i was gonna try and get a sneaky pic of the characters from murdock mystery for my nan over the weekend but they seemed to have moved the actors signing part this year. if your reading this expo organiser people, please can you move them back to where they were people, its rather annying when you cant find things :/

Anyway that was Kai’s coverage of Expo, unfortuantly i lack pictures of people at the expo but both Josh and Gabe (@iGabrielVH  on Twitter) have lots – heres the link to both as Josh took a bunch of pics on Gabes camera too xD –



[Cosplay] Sengoku Nadeko – Finished!

YAY! ive finished the cosplay!!!! *wipes brow*, now all i need to do is collect a pair of trousers from my mum clean my booties and were all set for sat and sun!!! 😀

Also… i got the sizing wrong for the cosplay for Koyomi Onii-chan, for kyouya wrong, so instead of it being an SD outfit, it turned out to be an MSD… which is quite handy considering Takuya has black hair so i didnt need to go out and find a black wig for kyouya ^^; so Taku-Chii is now my new Koyomi Onii-Chan 😀

oh an on a last note! IVE ACTUALLY FINISHED THE SERIES NOW XD yes i fail aswhilst starting this cosplay i had only got to episode 6 of Bakemonogatari, which just made no sense what so ever, so i sat myself down on Monday and watched the rest of the episodes *thumbs up* so now im all set hehe.

Anyhu, im gone. Got back into Dofus again so its time for my Daily session xD