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Well Guess what~! I GOTS A JOB! WHOOTS!

And that means~ I can finally get back on the BJD Collecting Sceen xD and Indulge in my other hobbys too! WHOOT! … well i say that but ive got plenty of things i need and want to save for before i start buying BJD’s again.

Im finally going back to collage too! got to finish my enrolement next week, and its for the Fashion course that i wanted ^^ Im really happy! even though its gonna cost me a fortune and a half >.< why you need to pay so much for a fashion course is beyond me :/ really what is it that your paying for? you have to buy your own materials anyway! is it just for the use of the machines? *sighs* oh well… im the one who wants to do it so im gonna pay for it! 🙂

On another note I finally finished Runaway (My Arashi Fanfic) and im starting work on the sequal too :3 Oh and if you want to read it you can read it in three different places xD Livejournal, AsianFanfics and Archive of Our Own. I did start posting it up here but i really cant be bothered to continue posting it up when its in 3 other places o.o However if i get the urge to do it, it might pop up sometime lol.

I’ve also been in the creative mood recently~! Ive made several different things


Most Proud of my PKコラ Logo and Mog’s Pajama’s :3 and probably Seungs face up too ^^ lol

Yeah Creative few months for me~! Oh and then there was also this

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(Photo Taken by MUMMY~)

Yeah well Fun times were had 🙂

well theres not much else to tell… OH WAIT! passed my Japanese courses level 2 & 3 WHOOP! now writing and readings next 😀 lol

Alright, I gotta go and start continue writing the next chapter to the Runaway Sequal Homecoming

Ja ne~



[Fanfic] (Arashi) Runaway [Chapter 1]

Rushing through the busy evening streets of Tokyo in the rain, Matsumoto Noriko finally found the building she was looking for. Pulling down her hood and wiping her glasses clear of the rain, she walked inside. The evening receptionist looked up at the wet woman, raised her eye brow in curiosity, but smiled none the less.

“Welcome to J-Storm, may I help you with anything?” She asked Noriko softly. Noriko nodded “Hai…ano I was just wondering if Matsumoto Jun had left for this evening?” she asked the receptionist. The receptionist looked at her suspiciously “Sumimasen, Demo I’m not at liberty to release that information.” Noriko sighed, “I figured as much, I suppose me telling you that I’m his imouto wouldn’t change your mind?” The receptionist shook her head.

Noriko sighed again “oh well, time to go to plan B then, ano… Sumimasen!” she announced just before she turned around and put up her hood again, and walked out into the rainy streets of Tokyo. Noriko walked to the train station and using her Sucia card she passed through the barriers to catch the Yamenote line to Shinjuku. She never thought that the 3 stops it took her to get from Shibuya to Shinjuku would be the longest 3 stops of her life. Once she got off the train, she rushed out of the station, forgetting to put her hood back up this time. Rushing towards an apartment block she hurriedly ran up the stairs to the second floor and knocked on the 5th door down. When she got no reply she knocked again.

She waited around for 5 minutes continually knocking, then gave up and shrunk to the floor. She wanted to cry, however, she knew now was not the time for that. She looked at her dead phone and then at the key chains hanging from it. Her eyes widened as she thought of something. ‘Toshi-kun…’ “Maybe he’ll be in…” with renewed hope and determination in her eyes, Noriko got up and wander back out in the rain in search of where she hoped her friend still lived.

After 10 minutes of walking, her hair wet and body utterly drenched, She finally reached the apartment she was looking for. She was grateful that the door she needed was on the ground floor, as she really didn’t feel like walking up any stairs. Ringing the doorbell she awaited an answer, she only had to wait about 2 seconds till she heard shuffling around and someone unlocking the door.

A tanned brunette poked his head through the gap in the door, eyes widening slightly when he noticed who was outside. “Nori-chan?!” Noriko nodded her head to the question in his tone. “Hai Toshi-kun, it’s me.” She said softly, mustering up a small smile. “Ehhhh! Ah! Ohairi Kudasai!” Noriko Nodded and responded her thanks to her friend.

She honestly didn’t know why she didn’t think of him first, Her brother was known to always be out and about somewhere no matter the weather, whilst Ohno Satoshi was prone to staying inside to have to ‘quiet time’ as he put it. Taking off her shoes at the door way, Noriko entered her friend’s house. As she waited at the door way Ohno appeared again with a couple of towels and a set of clothes, “Go to the bathroom and dry off, You’re a little shorter than me so the clothes might be a bit big for you, but it’s the best I can do. “ He said handing her the towels and clothes and pointed her in the direction of the bathroom.

Noriko thanked him again and went the bathroom to dry off and change. When she got out, Ohno was already waiting on the sofa with a cup of hot chocolate in hand for her.  He chuckled when he saw her, as his t-shirt did in fact look like a dress on her, luckily his trousers where tighten and tie up ones, so it was just the length that was the issue, not the fact that they won’t stay up.  He patted the seat next to him inviting her to sit.

Noriko sat down next to her friend and took the cup of hot chocolate from him. Ohno, sipping from his cup, looked over at his long time friend and sighed slightly, “Nori-chan, not that I don’t enjoy your company, but what are you doing here? In the pouring rain no less?” he asked, quite confused as to why she was here.

Blowing on her cup of hot chocolate, Noriko kept her gaze to the ground whilst answering Ohno. “Yukio…h-he…got too violent. I got scared…so I ran. I went to Aniki’s house after asking for him at the J-Storm building, but he didn’t answer his door, and my battery on my phone is dead so I couldn’t call him… so I came round yours instead…” Ohno frowned as he listened to the story, he became more and more angry as he listened, even more so when he finally noticed the bruises on her face.

The frown continued to mar his face, he knew he wouldn’t be able to do anything about it, well, until Jun knew what was going on at least. “Nori-chan, How long had it been going on for?” It was a question he was sure he didn’t want to know the answer to, however, it was a necessary question.

Noriko continued to look down to the ground. She pushed her glasses back up to the bridge of her nose, took another sip from her drink and let out a sigh. “Ano…Yukio…has always been a bit harsh, but it was nothing I couldn’t deal with… Demo… he just got more violent as time went by… and after the last time-Yesterday, it was too much… I just had to get away. So II ran, and jumped on the next train to Tokyo.” She said bringing her knees up towards her chest.

Ohno frowned further, “Why did you never say anything? We speak on the phone all the time, you come down often enough too! So why did you not tell me?!” Ohno said, a bit louder than he intended and immediately felt sorry for it when he saw Noriko flinch. “Sorry Nori-chan, Demo, Nande?” he apologised, and asked again in a much softer tone this time.

Finally Noriko looked up at him, however, she had tears in her eyes.”I didn’t see it necessary to at first Toshi-kun… and when it got worse, I got scared. And I thought that if I told anyone he would get more violent that he already was…” she said, the tears finally letting loose and running down her cheeks

Putting his cup down on the coffee table and doing the same for Noriko, Ohno brought the crying woman into a hug. “Baka Nori-chan…” he whispered into her hair, not really knowing what else to say as Noriko just continued to cry into his shirt.

Whilst trying to sooth and calm Noriko down, Ohno noticed the jingling of keys in the door ‘Yabai!’ he thought to himself, ‘Nino please read the mood!’ he silently prayed to himself, slightly wishing he has telepathic abilities as he watched the door open.

Ninomiya Kazunari expected that when he got home that evening, he would find a snoozing Ohno with a book about something or other in his hands and a poor attempt at a meal on the cooker.

He did not however expect to find his friend on the sofa hugging some woman. “Tadaima…” he called out as if nothing was the matter. “Okeari…” Ohno responded, and he just about heard a muffled ‘Okeari’ from the woman in Ohno’s arms.

Noriko winced when she heard the ‘Tadaima’ in a very familiar voice. ‘I knew I would see him at some point I just didn’t think it would be so soon…what is he doing here?’ sighing she lifted her head from Ohno’s chest and used the sleeve of the borrowed t-shirt to wipe her eyes. Ohno looked down at his friend  “feeling better Nori-chan?” he asked. Noriko nodded slightly “Hai…a little bit at least…arigatou Toshi-kun.” She said with a slight smile on her face.

‘Toshi-kun? There only one person I know who calls Oh-Chan that…’ “Matsumoto-Chan?” Nino called out to the pair on the sofa. Finally turning around to face Nino, Noriko put on a brave face, smiled and nodded “Hai Ninomiya-san, Konbanwa, hisashiburi desu.”  She said holding back the wince that wanted to come about with that statement, and gave him a wave.

‘Yabai.’ Nino thought miserably to himself. His mind filled with old memories of a young girl heartbroken face as tears ran down it. He gave her a quick smile back “Un…Hisashiburi. “ he nodded “So watcha doing here?” he asked the girl, whilst taking off his shoes and walking into the living room.

This time she did wince and Nino noticed it, making him feel slightly regretful for asked the question. “Eto… I had an argument with y boyfriend…we broke up and I walked out and I didn’t know where to go.” She said telling the truth in a roundabout way. Nino knew she wasn’t telling the whole truth as he could see the bruises on her face, however he decided to keep his mouth shut as he knew it wasn’t his business to ask, or get involved. “Ah okay. Does Jun know your here?” She shook her head at his question.

“I went round to his earlier and he wasn’t home and I would have called him however my phones out of battery, so I couldn’t.” She explained, Making Ohno remember something in the process. “Ehhh… Gomen Nori-chan I forgot to tell you to call Jun. Go and use the house phone and give him a call, you know his number?” he asked. Noriko nodded and thank him “Arigatou Toshi-kun.” She said standing up. Walking over to the cordless phone she picked it up and came back to sit on the sofa next to Ohno, whilst Nino took a seat in the chair next to the sofa.

Dialling Jun’s number, Noriko waited for him to pick up, which after 3 rings he did. “Ohno-san, nan desu ka?” Came Jun’s highly frustrated voice fluttering through the phone making Noriko giggle. “Mou~ Aniki! That’s no way to pick up the phone! What did Toshi-kun do to you?” Noriko asked through her giggles down the phone. “Noriko? Nani? Why are you at Ohno-san’s place? Why aren’t you in Chiba? What’s wrong? Daijoubu desu ka?!” Jun’s voice officially becoming more panicked as he continued questioning his sister.

Noriko gave a soft chuckle at her brother’s panicked state and answered his questions “Aniki, I’m at Toshi-kun’s house because you weren’t in. I’m not in at home in Chiba because me and Yukio had a falling out, lots of things are wrong and Iie, I’m not okay, but I’m not explaining over the phone.” She said, her voice becoming sadder towards the end. Jun still sounded panicked but not as much as before. “Okay, you hang there for this evening, and I’ll be with you early in the morning okay? I would come now but I’m still in the middle of shooting.” He rushed out.

Noriko nodded, even though Jun couldn’t see her “ Okay, hold on one second Jun-nii-chan.” She said and then turned to Ohno “Toshi-kun, cam o say round yours this evening onegai?” she asked. Ohno looked slightly surprised by her question “Ano… I thought you already were staying here…?  Oh well, either way its fine by me.” He answered. Noriko nodded and gave him a smile in thanks then turned towards Nino. “ Is it alright with you Ninomiya-san?” Nino looked more surprised than Ohno did, however it was more because of the fact that she even bothered to ask him “Hai Hai, its fine with me Matsumoto-chan.” Noriko gave him a small smiled then zoned back in on her conversation with her brother. “Hai Hai. Everything’s sorted. I’ll see you tomorrow Jun-nii-chan.” “Un. Bai Bai. Take Care.” “you too Aniki! Ja ne.” She said before hanging up the phone.

Ohno looked over at Nino and gave him a look that said all. Nino sighed but nodded “Eto…Matsumoto-Chan, you can have my room, ill share with Oh-Chan .” he said to the girl on the sofa. Noriko looked rather shocked “Ano… Are you sure? I’m quite all right sleeping on the sofa.” Nino just waved her off “Hai, Its fine. Hontou.” He said whilst walking towards his room to grab some pyjamas.

Looking back over towards Ohno, she shook her head laughing slightly when she saw the smug look on his face “ Toshi-kun, that really wasn’t necessary… I could have slept on the soda.” Ohno shook his head in defiance “ Iie. Nino needs to learn to be a bit more polite and grow up a bit. So it was necessary. In all honestly, I would have given you my room and bunked with Nino, but he knew that I would do that and I knew that he wouldn’t offer.” Ohno explained, well tried to anyway.

Noriko just giggled at the explanation “Toshi=kun, when your quiet you just about make sense, when you become chatty, all of a sudden you stop making sense.” Noriko said still giggling, now however at the pout on Ohno’s face.

End of Chapter 1

[Fanfic] (An Cafe) Moving Away [Chapter 3]

Chapter 3


Takuya’s P.O.V



Waking up that morning was… Interesting… to say the least. The first think I noticed, was that I found a blanket almost suffocating me when I opened my eyes, which was a tad odd seeing as I didn’t tend to put the blanket over my head. The next thing I noticed was the fact that my supposed pillow was moving.


What do you know my memory decided to come back to me at that point. I remember falling asleep on Courtney’s chest as we watch a movie along with Kanon, who if I right, should be underneath Courtney…Wait… That sounded wrong …ehehe.


Anyways moving back to the position I’m in at the moment, I’m pretty sure that if I turned my head I would come face to face with Courtney’s breasts. And as temping as it is to turn my head, I don’t really want to face the consequences of those actions.


“Nei… Takuya, you awake?”  I heard Kanon’s voice from uh… above me.. underneath me… who knows… “ hai hai, is Courtney-chan awake?” I could feel Kanon Shift, so I could only assume he was checking. “Iie, shes asle-“ *moan* ………….okay….”Kanon-san was that you?” I asked “Iie…” was his reply. Another moan was heard, throughout the room, along with some movement from underneath me.


“Ano… is that Courtney-chan?” “*moan…Takuya….*moan*… Kanon….” …..Ano…NANI? “Takuya…you think..” he trailed off in the sentence, but I knew where it was headed.


“Ano Kanon-san, lets just leave it for now, lets just see how it goes…Onigai, I just don’t want to ruin the friendship we hold with her.. just in case this dream that’s shes having is a one off…” I heard Kanon sigh “Hai Hai demo…Takuya, I know you cant hold off much longer, because my own patience is wearing thin.” Kanon said with another sigh.  I felt myself nod. After a while of silence and the occasional moan from Courtney. A tune kinda blasted out into the air “Don’t let me down my sweet baby bambida. Dakishimeta-” When I realised it was my phone,  I shook my head at the ringtone…. Never let Courtney play with your phone….“ Moshi Moshi…”


Don’t Moshi Moshi Me! Where the hell are you two! I told you to be here for 9 so we could practice? Its 12 Takuya!”  Miku’s loud and angry voice flittered through the air….wait a minute… did he say 12? “Kuso! Gomen Miku-san… well be there asap!” “you better….” Then the phone was hung up.



Normal P.O.V


“Ano…Taku-kun… was that Miku-kun?” Courtney mumbled out, from her half asleep state. Takuya jumped when he head Courtney’s voice. “Ano… hai.. it was, were late for practice.” Courtney’s eyes widened at that “Ah! Gomen Gomen! It must have been my fault for keeping you both laying down…” Kanon rolled his eyes, “don’t be silly, and anyways, what done is done.” Kanon said Courtney lowered her head but nodded. Kanon sighed told both Takuya & Courtney move as his legs and butt were numb. Courtney giggled at that but got up after Takuya moved off her.


*knock knock* “urm… Courtney you in there? Bordum has set in and you promised to take me to an anime & manga shop today!”  they heard the voice of Stephanie filter through.


Kanon Laughed and Takuya chucked which all in all threw Courtney back into a fit of giggles. “Hai Hai ill be there in a minute.” “Speak in English woman!” “She said shell be there in a minute”  Kanon replied back for Courtney, who went into another laughing fit once she realised that she spoke in Japanese. “Okay, Thank you… uh.. Kanon-san?” “Yes. You do realised you can come in if you like?”  the reply to his answer was a jiggle of the doorknob.


well im glad you guys are decently dressed or that could have been one awkward moment….” Stephanie said grinning at the 3 on the bed. “what would have made you thought otherwise” Takuya said raising an eyebrow at the girl in the door way. Stephanie was about to answer, until she saw the glare she was getting from Courtney telling her to shut up. “no reason…


Takuya and Kanon looked from one girl to the other and then shrugged there shoulders. Both of the boys got up and said there goodbyes quickly knowing if they were anymore late Miku would literally kill them.


Once they had left, Courtney looked over at her friend and glared at her. “DUDE?! WHAT THE HELL?!” Stephanie just looked at her sheepishly, “Sorry Courts, It just kinda slipped out…” Courtney sighed at her friend, she couldn’t stay mad at her, as much as she tried too. “Baka.” She said and then got up and started to get ready to go out. Once they were both ready and said there byes to Hinata and Ryuuchi, they started walking into town.


Courtney turned to Stephanie and raised an eyebrow, “you do realise that this is my first time in Kyoto, so i have no idea where any anime and manga stores are let alone if they actually have them… so why don’t we do some fun touristy things instead?” she suggested to her friend. Stephanie sighed and nodded , she kinda thought that this might be the case. “but wait… didn’t we do all that yesterday with Hinata, Nadeshiko and the boys?” Courtney shook her head “nope, that was more of a tour of the town, not like shrines and historical spots. I know you like all your history stuff, otherwise you wouldn’t have picked it as a subject in school.” Courtney said sticking her tongue out at her friend, who did the exact same thing back.


“Fine, but if we pass a Anime and Manga store on the way… and we please go in?”




Later on in the day the two girls made it back to the Sano family residence.  “Tadima~” Courtney called through the house whilst taking off her shoes at the doorway. They saw Tsuna’s head pop round the corner of the door, “Okaeri Courtney-san, Stephanie-san.” He said waving at the two girls.


“Ah Tsuna-kun, what are you doing here?” Courtney asked the boy. Tsuna smiled and walked out in the hallway with Ryuuchi following, holding his hand. “Ano… Otou-san and Okaa-san asked Hinata-san and Shinobu-san if they wanted to go out for dinner, so they went, and they trusted us by ourselves and they knew you 2 were coming home soon.” Courtney nodded ‘so thats what that call was about’ she thought to herself. She then noticed there joined hands and her eyes widened a little bit. Tsuna whispered something to Ryuuchi, who in turn nodded and turned to Stephanie, “Stephanie-san, can i show you something quickly?” Stephanie blinked in surprise but nodded and followed the 13 year old out of the room.


Once they had left the room, Tsuna rushed over to Courtney with a bright smile on his face, “Courtney-san!! I took your advice!! And you were right!” Courtney giggled at the happiness radiating off of the younger boy. “Un! So are you 2 dating now?” A Big blush settled over Tsuna’s face as he nodded, and Courtney couldn’t help but gather him into her arms and give him a huge hug. “Gah your too cute! Im very happy for you Tsu-kun! I know Ryu-kun will look after you well~” she said giving him another squeeze before letting the boy go.


He smiled at the elder girl and then looked slightly worried, “ano… Courtney-san… do you think that Aniki is going to be mad? I mean I know Otou-san and Okaa-san won’t be but Aniki….” he looked down to the ground with a sad expression. Courtney ruffled the boys hair affectionately “Hun, if your brother can put up with me ranting on about yaoi day after day, then believe me, this will be a walk in the park.” Seeing the confused expression on the boys face Courtney giggled and knelt down in front of Tsuna “Tsu-kun,Taku-chii is not the type to be angry because his brother is dating a guy. He will love you no matter what. Would you like to call him and tell him with me here? I promise you he wil be cool with it.”


Tsuna once again looked at the elder girl, took in a deep breath and nodded. Courtney smiled and took out her phone, speed dialling Takuya’s number.


Moshi Moshi.” Takuya’s voice came through the phone.


Courtney smiled “Hey Taku-Chii, I’ve Got a nervous Tsu-kun here, he wants to tell you something.”


Eh? Ah….Hai… put him on the phone then


Courtney handed the phone over to Tsuna. Who in turn held it in one hand and took her hand in the other. “Ano… Aniki…?”


“Hai Tsunayoshi, Whats wrong?” came the worried reply from his older brother.


“Eto…would you be mad if I was dating… a boy?” Tsuna replied to his brother rather nervously and squeezing Courtney’s hand.


No Tsunayoshi, I would not be mad, as long as I know they were treating you right, I’m happy with whoever you wish to date.” Came Takuya’s calm reply back.


Smiling in relief, tears slightly welling up in his eyes, Courtney gave Tsuna’s hand a light squeeze as he replied to his older brother “Arigato Aniki.”


The both of them could feel the smile Takuya had on his face as he responded “No Problem Otouto.


Both of the brothers said their goodbyes and hung up their respective phones. Tsuna handed the phone back to Courtney and gave her a big hug. “Arigato Courtney-san for helping me.” Courtney hugged the boy back, “No worries hun. Come on lets go and find Stephanie and Ryu-kun, no doubt the latter will be quite worried about you ne?” Tsuna blushed and nodded, following the older girl into the living room.



[BJD Story] [SeungxTakuya] (One-Shot) Call Me Oppa!

[One-Shot] Call me Oppa!


Seung x Takuya

Takuya walked into the front room and saw his boyfriend Sitting on the sofa, seeming to be muttering to himself in Korean. Walking over to the 19 year old, He Sat down next to him. “Ano… Seung-kun, what on earth are you muttering about?” He asked Seung.

Seung looked up at Takuya in slight surprise, When it finally occurred to him that it was his boyfriend in front of him, he let his usual cold façade drop, “Hey Beautiful.” He said either not hearing what Takuya had said or completely ignoring it.

Takuya blushed slightly at the nickname Seung had given to him on the first day of meeting him, ‘Stupid nickname…’ he thought to himself. “Hey Seung-kun, Now are you gonna tell me what you were muttering about in Korean just a minute ago?” he questioned his boyfriend once again.

A barely noticeable blush sprung across Seung’s cheeks, “It was nothing, don’t worry about it.” Raising an eyebrow at the obvious avoidance of an answer from his boyfriend, Takuya insisted “ Mouuuu~ Seung-kun…tell meeee~!”

Shaking his head as a final ‘No’ Seung got up and walked off, leaving Takuya pouting in the sofa. Just as he was about to get up and go after him, a small voice from the corner of the room stopped him. “Umma…I can tell you what Appa said if you like…?” looking over towards the voice, he saw his 6 year old son, Kyon, Playing with his trucks.

“Walking over to the young boy , he plopped himself down behinds him and put the boy in his lap, “You know what he said hun?” he asked the young child. They boy nodded shyly, turning around he knelt up to his ‘mamas’ ear and started to whisper “un, He said he wanted you to….” he continued whispering in his hush hush voice to his mama.

When he pulled back, Takuya looked rather confused, “Ano… Why? What does it mean?” he asked the child, obviously confused. Kyon Giggled at his mama and whispered the answer in his ear. Seeing the blush that appeared on Takuya’s face, he started to giggle again, Which earned him a pout from the 18 year old male.

“Mou…Kyon-kun, stop giggling at my lack of knowledge of Korean…” he said poking his son in the side and started to tickle him when he would stop giggling. And that was the scene that Hayato walked in on. As much as he didn’t want to break the tender scene of ‘mother’ and son, he decided that the problem in the kitchen was a matter of urgency. “Ne… Taku-chii as much as i hate to break up this tender scene, can you come and do something about your emo-ass boyfriend~! Hes wrecking my happy vibes~ and I can’t make lunch with him being all grumpy in the kitchennnn~” Hayato whined and pouted, earning 2 giggles from the males on the floor.

Takuya got up bringing Kyon up with him, letting the boy rush over with a shout of ‘Haya-oji-chan’ and gave the older boy a hug. Takuya smiled and started to walk out of the room, ruffling Kyon’s hair as he walked by. He walked into the kitchen, only to see his boyfriend sat on the garden doorstep, Still muttering in Korean.

Takuya walked over quietly to the grey haired boy and bent down and wrapped his arms around his boyfriends shoulders, carful of his lip to ear piercing chain. Seung turned towards the side where Takuya’s head was, with questioning eyes. Takuya just gave him a slight smirk and pulled back a bit to whisper in Seung’s ear “Are you still not gonna tell me Seung-oppa~?” he whispered huskily into Seung’s ear.

Seung’s eyes widened and a heavy blushed stained his cheeks. Takuya grinned and licked the shell of Seung’s ear “Aren’t you gonna answer me Seung-oppa~?” he said and again licked the shell of his ear, earning a slight groan from the elder boy beneath him.

Seung turned around sharply and pinned Takuya underneath him Lust shining through his golden eyes to Takuya’s Green. “ You’re a fuckin tease you know that Beautiful?” he growled out, Calming Takuya’s lips afterwards, effectively cutting off whatever response he may of had.

Closing his eyes in pleasure, Takuya moaned into the Kiss letting Seung deepen the kiss.

Whilst the 2 were making out on the kitchen floor, they failed to notice the elder girl come in with a video camera, recording the moment, and her younger pet ninja bunny sidekick, taking photos.

[Original] The Promise (Chapter 3)

The Promise

Chapter 3


“Hello Hiwa residence, Hinata Hiwa Speaking.” A female voice came from the other end

“Hi mum its Nyima.” Nyima said softly.

“Nyima! WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN ALL DAY!!! Your teacher called home to ask why you weren’t in today!” Nyima cringed at her mother tone.

“Sorry mum, just something happened with Him and I then I was sick and I really didn’t feel like school I couldn’t deal with it, but raven was with me so I wasn’t by myself. She said that she had a doctors appointment so she could stay with me.” Nyima quickly explained.

She could practically see her mum frowning on the other end. “Tell me about it when you get home, Where are you now.” Her mother asked

“At Kyoto-sans house, she bumped into me on the street asked how I was, knowing I couldn’t lie to her I said the truth so she asked me to come back home with her and tell her all about it, so here I am.” Nyima said sighing.

“Ok well if you end up staying round make sure you tell me, even though I know its doubtful I also know how stubborn Kyoto can be. So, you be good and help with the washing up and other things if there Is any to be done.” Her mum said sternly.

Chuckling at her mum, Nyima smiled “Of course I will mum, I always do.”

“Ok I shall see you later sweetie. Love you.”

“Love you too, Mum, Cya.”



Nyima hung up the phone, not knowing that sky had picked up the phone in his room, listening to the conversation…

Once Nyima hung up the phone, she felt a hand on her shoulder; she turned around to see angry dull blue eyes staring at her. “What the hell do you think you’re doing here?!” Jennifer growled out.

“Kyoto-san invited me over to catch up on things.” Nyima answered. Jennifer’s nails dug into Nyima’s shoulder and her grip became tighter. Nyima held the cringe in, she didn’t want to show weakness. “Don’t use her name so familiarly as if you’ve known her for ages!” Jennifer spat out.

Even though her shoulder was in pain from Jennifer’s grip Nyima rolled her eyes “Well I have known her since I was born so if that doesn’t count for ages then I don’t know what does.” Nyima said somewhat sarcastically.

Jennifer let out a warning growl “Don’t lie to me I cant sense when your lying” Nyima let out a snort, “Obviously you cant or you would know I’m telling the truth, if you don’t believe me, why don’t you just go and ask Sky. I’ve known him since I was born too.” She said rolling her eyes once again.

Jennifer let out another low growl. “why don’t you just go home you little whore, you and I both know that you only came over her to suck up to Sky’s mum so that you can take him away from me.” Nyima had to let out a giggle at that one, could this girls stupidity get any worse?

“Oh my god, you figured me out! I must leave this country for ever. Man Jennifer how stupid can you get your just comparing me to yourself. I came over because Kyoto-san invited me over to catch up on things, I have no need to suck up to Kyoto-san because it would be pointless, and as for me taking away sky from you, well he’s made it very clear that he doesn’t want anything to do with me so why would I try to take him away.” Nyima said laughing in bitterness.

Grabbing Jennifer’s hand and ripping it away from her shoulder. “If you’ll excuse me I still have some shopping to unpack.” Nyima said walking into the kitchen, not knowing that Kyoto and Sky both saw and heard the whole thing.

When she walked into the kitchen, Kyoto was already at her shoulder with a wet cloth and bandage. “I knew that girl was trouble from the first day I met her…how dare she come in here and treat you like that! Who the hell does that girl think she is?!” Kyoto grumbled whilst tending to Nyima’s wound.  Nyima giggled, even though the situation wasn’t really a situation where you should giggle, she just found Kyoto’s grumbling to be funny.

Once Kyoto had finished wrapping up her wound she brought the Kitsune girl into the front room. “Wait in here for me; we shall talk in a second. I just have to kick that girl out of the house, if she thinks she’s staying round or coming back round here she’s got another thing coming!” Kyoto said frowning.

Nyima sighed and took off her shoes, placed them to the side of the sofa and curled up into a ball, waiting for Kyoto to return and keep her company.

Kyoto knocked on Sky’s bedroom door waiting for an answer. “Come in” Sky’s voice came from inside.  Kyoto walked inside to find Jennifer sitting in Sky’s lap and kissing his neck. She mentally cringed. “Sky I think its time for you friend to be going, but before she does I would like to have a word with her. Alone.” Sky frowned but nodded, not going to talk back to his mother. “Why don’t you go downstairs and keep Nyima-chan company?”  Sky mentally cringed but nodded to his mother once again.

Walking out of his room and shutting the door behind him, Sky walked downstairs ‘Maybe now that she cant walk away, she could hear me out and listen to what I have to say. Not that it will change anything…I hurt her…I hurt her badly and that can’t be changed.’ He thought walking into the living room.

Nyima looked up to see who had come into the front room, seeing who it was she put her head back down again. “What do you want sky?” came the mumble from Nyima.

Sky walked over to her, bringing the bean bag from the corner of the room over so that he could sit in front of her and talk to her. Sitting down on the bean bag he looked up at the curled up girl in front of him. “Mum told me to come down here and keep me company whilst she talks to Jennifer, no doubt to shout at her for earlier…” he said frowning.

Nyima brought her head up just enough so you could see her eyes. She saw that he was telling the truth, but noticed he wasn’t telling all of it. Lifting her whole head up she asked “and the rest? I know there’s got to be another reason, because I know you must not want to talk to me after this afternoon.”

Sky looked Nyima straight in the eyes “I wanted you to here me out, and listen to what I have to say, as you have no where to run off to and no Kyle here to try and kill me, I want to talk to you about what’s been happening the past month.” Nyima sighed and frowned. “Well you started to date Jennifer about a week after my birthday, then you started to ignore me, then you started to forget that I existed and then you actually forgot that I existed. And whilst all this was happening I was just hurting more and more, I mean sure I still had everyone else there for me but what good was that when all I wanted was to be noticed by my best friend, the one who I grew up with since I was a baby, the one who I though knew everything about me and would never leave me…especially for someone like Jennifer…” Nyima ended felling as if she wanted to cry but knowing she couldn’t.

Sky sighed and got up from his bean bag, only to sit down next to her. “Nyima look at me, I want to talk to your face not your side.”  Nyima turned towards the Inu demon and looked in straight in the eyes. Sky kept her gaze as he spoke “Nyima I know you told me that you didn’t want me to say it, but you know that its all I can say, I’m so sorry! I’m a fucking idiot for not doing anything, I knew something was missing every day I woke up, I just never realized what it was, and I didn’t realize that the more time I spent with Jennifer the further away I was becoming from you. I know you must hate me for the pain I’ve put you though, but please, just…” Sky stopped there.

He didn’t know what else to say to the female in front of him. He had loved this Kitsune female ever since he was little, not just as a friend but in the way one would love there Mate. But he had been foolish and asked out Jennifer, forgetting about Nyima and his love, just for a trophy girlfriend. Just to be popular. Was it worth it? No. You know the saying you never know how much you really miss someone until there gone. Well To him Nyima had been gone, and still was unless she decided to let him back into her life, but god how he missed her.

Nyima breathed in a shaky breath. “Sky…you hurt me…you hurt me so fucking much, you have no idea the hell I’ve been though, and you hurt me even more because of certain circumstances. But I’ve known you so long that I cant shut you out of my life forever, I don’t want to do that, but as long as ur around that…. Jennifer, I just drift farther and farther away from you. And the sad thing about it is that you know it.  She wont allow you to hang around me, She hates me sky, I want to be your best friend, I want to hang out like we used to but, you and I both know that that’s not possible with her around. I’m not telling you to brake up with her, because well you might be in love with her or something, and even though I’ll be put though more pain, if you want to be with her, then stay with her and forget about me. I want to say “break up with her and come back to me”, I want to say that “our friend ship is worth more than a relationship with her”, but I can’t…. I’m not that heartless…I take your feelings into consideration before mine…” She finished off.

Sky not knowing what to do brought the young Kitsune into his arms. Nyima tensed up at the sudden intrusion of her personal space, she honestly didn’t know weather she wanted to hug Sky or push him off her. She stayed tense and didn’t make a move to hug him back, but she didn’t move to push him away.

Sky was expecting this reaction, but he didn’t care, he missed her, her missed hugging her, he missed talking to her, he missed laughing with her, he missed all of it.

Kyoto had just finished chucking out the inu demoness who dared to call her son her boyfriend. She walked silently into the front room and came across her son hugging Nyima. Nyima herself looked stiff and her scent was one that radiated sadness, longing and loneliness, whilst her sons scent radiated sorrow.

‘Her depression must be something to do with sky, as well as that girl.’ Kyoto thought to herself. ‘I might have to keep sky down with me so I can talk to both of them. But before that I’m going to call up Hinata-chan and ask her if Nyima-chan can stay round.’ She thought smiling.

Walking over to the phone, Kyoto Dialed the Hiwa Residences Home number.

“Yello” Was the answer she received, Kyoto Giggled when she heard Hinata in the background shouting ‘Kai!!! Answer the phone properly!’

“Hello Kai, It Kyoto, Could you put your mother on the phone please.” She asked though her giggles.

“Sure ill get her one sec” Kai said, She heard a should of ‘Mum, Kyoto-san’s on the phone for you!’ after that.

The next voice that came on to the line was Hinata’s “Hello Kyoto-chan, How are you?”

Smiling down the phone Kyoto replied “Just great Hinata-chan, I am worried about your daughter though; she seems to be very depressed as of late.”

A sigh was heard from the other end. “I know, it all started with her birthday… but I don’t want to tell you about that, its not my  business to tell, I shall let Nyima explain to you, but I do advise you not to talk about what she needs to tell you in front of Sky. Sky cannot know yet, I’m afraid it might hurt Nyima even more if he knows.” Hinata said over the phone in a sad tone.

Kyoto frowned on her end of the line. “Hinata…what’s wrong with Nyima…. You know that girl is like a daughter to me, I need to know, and I know you know as you are her mother and you’re my best friend. What’s wrong with her Hinata?” She said in a firm tone.

Another sigh was heard on the end of the line. “She’s….she’s Pregnant Kyoto.” Was all that was said by Hinata.

A look of surprise came over Kyoto’s face, “Who’s the father?”

“Guess…It all links with her depression, so guess.”





“Hinata-chan, what should we do? Her depression is not good for the baby…and to top it all off she hasn’t told sky yet…oh this is one heck of a problem.”  Kyoto said sighing and rubbing her forehead.

“Kyoto-chan, Is it ok if Nyima Stays round at your house tonight, I think it mite help her a bit.” Hinata asked.

Smiling once again Kyoto replied “Yes Hinata-chan She’s more than welcome to stay, that’s was what I was originally calling about.” She said with a little giggle.

Giggling on the other end of the phone, Hinata smiled “Ok then Kyoto-chan, I better be going, Shima and Kai are getting hungry and are begging me to cook for them, Honestly they should learn how to cook for themselves.” She said with a pout.

Laughing, Kyoto spoke once more “Okay Hinata-chan, you go and cook for your husband and son hehehe” she said though laughter.

“That I will do and I will see some point during this week for coffee, ill tell you what day tomorrow.” Hinata said smiling.

Kyoto continued to laugh, her friend didn’t care if she was busy or anything, she just would make plans and if you didn’t turn up you would get the guilt trip from her, “ Okay Hinata-chan ill see you at some point during the week. Bai Bai”

“Bai Bai”

After that conversation was finished she hung up the phone and walked into the living room only to find that Sky wasn’t there anymore.

Walking over to Nyima who was sitting on the sofa with her legs up on the side watching the TV she sat down next to her. “Where did Sky go Nyima-chan?” Nyima turned to face the woman who she saw as a second mother figure and smiled “gone up to his room to think about some things. So what did you want to talk to me about Kyoto-san?”

Smiling and bringing the young Kitsune into her arms she smiled “I now know why you are so deep in depression. Your mother told me about you’re…shall we say condition…” Nyima’s eyes widened. “Kyoto-san please don’t tell Sky please don’t… I don’t want him to know yet, ill tell him in my own time please just don’t tell him.” Nyima mumbled into Kyoto’s shirt.

Smiling Kyoto whispered in the young child’s ear “Don’t worry hunny, I’m not gonna tell him, but I will tell you this much, you must tell him soon, or he will find out by himself when he notices that your getting bigger, and your scent will change as it becomes more noticeable.” Kyoto said stroking the girls head in a comforting manner.

Nyima stayed quite, she knew that once she got bigger Sky would notice, especially when her scent did change. It had already changed enough to the point where if you put your head by her stomach you would be able to smell that she was pregnant, as Kyle did.

“Nyima-chan, tell me, besides the pregnancy, what’s been bothering you so much that its made you this depressed?” Kyoto asked.

Kyoto missed the cheerful random girl that used to visit her all the time. The girl in front of her now, wasn’t Nyima, It was sad to see her this way.

Nyima looked up into Kyoto’s comforting eyes. Here own eyes filled wit sorrow and hurt. “Oh Kyoto-san, everything’s going wrong. Sky’s going out with that…That girl…He forgot about me Kyoto-san, he forgot about me, and our friendship. He ignored me…just for that girl. He says he’s sorry but I don’t know what to believe. I’m scared, Kyoto-san I’m scared. I don’t know what to do, I know that my mood is not good for the baby but I don’t know how to get out of it…I’m just so scared.” Nyima said, her voice lowering to a whisper.

Growling at her son’s idiocy, Kyoto spoke calmly to the girl in front of her “Nyima, Hunny don’t be scared, you’ve got everyone around you to help you though this you’ve got your parents, you’ve got me and I’m assuming you’ve got your girl-friends too. And don’t you worry about sky he just needs some time to think about what’s more important, popularity or a little kitsune girl that’s been with him from day one. I’m sure hell come around soon. Give him time, and then once he comes around, tell him about the baby, unless he already knows by then of course.” Kyoto finished off.

And at that, Nyima smiled…a True Smile.


[Original] The Promise (Chapter 2)

The Promise

Chapter 2


[“Nyima i…I’m sor-” “DON’T SAY IT!” Nyima shouted at Sky, “of all the things you can say to me don’t say that, because I know you don’t mean it, you wouldn’t have said the things you did, you wouldn’t have done the things you did and you wouldn’t have hurt me so much if you meant it, so don’t tell me you sorry, because sorry really…isn’t enough…” Nyima said, with a croak in her voice, but no matter how hard she tried, no matter how hard she wanted, she just couldn’t cry, she was out of tears.

“Nyima…” Sky started but couldn’t finish, he saw the anger the sorrow and the hurt all at once in her eyes. “Sky, don’t. Goodbye.” Nyima stated as she left the front of his house, Kyle glaring daggers at Sky and following her.

Sky looked there retreating backs, sighed and looked down “what have I done…?”

Nyima and Kyle Walked together back to the park entrance in awkward silence. Kyle looked over at Nyima with an ashamed look on his face. “Nyima I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t have done what I did but I couldn’t help it, Jamie told me what happened and I just got so angry…” Kyle Stopped in mid sentence when Nyima turned towards him.

The look in Nyima’s eyes was one of pure sadness. She sat down on the middle of the pavement they were walking on, sighing, she told Kyle to sit down with her. Once he did so, Nyima turned to look at him again, she smiled a sad smile and began to talk “ Kyle, I know what you said was because you care about me and for that I’m grateful, but please, no more, I cant take anymore, I’ve lost my best friend to some sort of whore & had my heart broken on the very same day, I appreciate everyone’s concern for me, I really do but…I just cant take anymore Kyle, I can’t…no more…no more.”  Nyima said closing her eyes and putting her head in her knees.

Kyle Brought Nyima into his arms and rocked her gently, whilst Nyima put her head into the crook of his neck. Whilst doing this his nose picked up a strange scent that was familiar to him. He sniffed to get a stronger smell of the scent and noticed it was coming from Nyima’s abdomen, he moved his head down to her stomach and sniffed again.

Nyima looked down at Kyle whose head had slipped down to her stomach. Confused as to what he was doing she asked him, “Kyle what are you doing?” He sat up looking Nyima straight in the eyes “Your pregnant with his baby aren’t you?” Kyle said simply.

Nyima looked away and sighed. “Nyima face me. I’m not gonna shout at you or anything I jus’ wanna know why you didn’t tell me and how the heck did it happen?”  Kyle said softly.

Nyima turned around and faced him “I’m sorry Kyle, I didn’t tell anyone apart from the girls & my parents, because it would be kinda weird if I jus blurted out to you guys ‘oh and by the way I’m pregnant with Sky’s baby’” Nyima said giggling when Kyle nodded with a funky look on his face. “well that still doesn’t explain how you got pregnant.” Kyle said with a raised eyebrow “ Welllll Kyle let me tell you a little story about the ‘birds and the bees’ when a man and a woman have se-” “ewwwwww nooooooooo I didn’t mean that and you know I didn’t!” Kyle said looking completely grossed out.  Nyima Laughed and got up from Kyle’s lap and helped him get up too “ that’s a story for another time.” She said smiling.

Kyle Pouted but understood. They kept on there path towards the park entrance. Once they got there they saw Jamie and Raven sitting under a tree sleeping in the shade from the sun (yes it was a sunny day) Nyima and Kyle cooed over the cuteness of them “they would make a good couple if it wasn’t for the fact that they like separate people” Nyima nodded to that.

They walked over to the but before they woke them up Nyima spoke “kyle you better apologize to Jamie, you bit kinda hard into his arm and im pretty sure he wasn’t all that pleased.” Kyle hung his head in shame and nodded, Nyima patted his back and woke up the two sleepy heads.

“hey Jamie, Raven wake up” she said shaking there shoulders. Jamie woke up first opening his eyes blinking cutely “uh…kaasan?” he said sleeply, Nyima giggled “No silly its me.” She said softly. Jamie binked once again brushing the chocolate brown hair out of his eyes “oh hiya Nyima, did you get Kyle back in time?” Nyima nodded. “you two have a good nap?” She asked Jamie and the now fully awake Raven. They both let out a little laugh and nodded.

Kyle looked down at jamies arm, noticing the bite mark he felt a pang of guilt run though him. “Uh Jamie….i’m sorry for what I did to you…I didn’t mean it…i’m really really really really really rea-” “KYLE!” “Sorry, yeah really sorry…hopefully you can forgive me for being stupid and hurting you?” Kyle said with Raven and Nyima interrupting him in the middle but continuing.

Jamie smiled and got up from his position on the floor and gave his twin a hug. “I forgive you, I know why you did it dude, but if you do it again just remember I shall kick ur butt” Jamie said sticking his tongue out at his brother.

Kyle laughed and replied “yeah yeah like you could” this comment evidently got them into an arm wrestling competition, which Nyima and Raven rolled there eyes at. “Do dad um hu ha meow woof oin-” “yello?” Nyima said answering her phone.

Raven was standing next to her laughing and shaking her head at Nyima’s random phone tunes. “Huh oh hiya Katie, Wassup?” Raven stopped laughing after hearing her sister’s name.

“dude calm down were in the park by the green tree” Kyle and Jamie had stopped fighting to listen to the conversation only to start laughing at Nyima’s description of where they were.  “What? I know theres loads of green trees in the park…………………….no im talking about the greeeeeeeeen treeeeeeeeee………….ah what ever youll be able to see us as soon as you come into the park……yeah yeah cya hun…..bai!” Nyima finished the conversation and hung up her phone putting it in her pocket, and then sat down on the grass bringing Raven with her.

“Hey Nyima?” Nyima looked over at Jamie “yup” Jamie’s smiling face made you just want to squige his cheeks “why did you describe this tree as the green tree? All the tress in the park are green.” Nyima grinned “but this is the only one with a green base too!” Jamie looked back at the ‘green covered tree’ and made a face “ewwww don’t tell me ive bee laying on mold all this time?”

Nyima laughed and nodded “’fraid so!”  Jamie pulled a face and wiped himself down. “Heeeeeeeeeey!” a yell was heard over in the distance. Nyima turned around from her chat with Jamie, and saw Katie, Nikisha & 2 other girls walk over.

“hiya ya guys!” Jamie smiled and said to the 4 girls who sat down onto the grass next to them. “hey Jamie…uh Jamie why have you got green stuff on the back of you t-shirt?” Marina asked.

“I slept on a mouldy tree….” Jamie said glaring at the tree and then at Nyima who was laughing her ass of again. Marina giggled brushing a piece of light green hair out of her aquamarine eyes.

“hey guys….Blond Bitch at 10 O’clock Goons included…” Raven said. Nyima sighed “oh great…just what I need after a day like today. Is she walking this way or going somewhere else?” She asked.

Raven looked back at the group of girls and noticed they were walking in the direction of sky’s house. “ Na from the looks of it there walking towards Sky’s house. Prob for some sorta hang out thing…stupid girl I cant believe she thinks she can just turn up with a bunch of her friends to hang around sky’s house. That’s just rude!” Raven said huffing.

Nichole looked over at her friend though her long dirty blond fringe “Rave, ever think that she may have asked him first?” her bright blue eyes twinkling with amusement.

Raven pouted “no…” she looked back over at the group of girls walking to the exit/entrance of the park. One of them seemed to notice them all sitting down and pointed it out to Jennifer. “uh…oh….” Kyle raised his eyebrow at Raven “Uh…oh what?” he asked.

Raven Pointed to the group of girls walking towards them.  “Ah crap…Nye u think you can put an illusion on yourself?” Kyle said motioning towards the girls walking towards them. Nyima nodded and quickly changed her appearance, Her Silver hair turned Light Brown and Her eyes turned bright blue.  She was lucky she was hidden out of the eyesight of the girls.

Kyle and Jamie Laughed at the appearance she chose. She looked like a younger version of there mum.

Once the Group of girls finally reached them, Jennifer stared at them as if they had just killed her mother. “Where the hell is that fucking tramp? She thinks that she can insult me and then just get away with it! And I know you know where she is so tell me!” She spat out at the group in front of her.

Nichole Grinned evilly “Now Now, Jennifer, Temper Temper, You should know that that’s not the way to ask someone where someone is, and you forgot the magic word.” Nyima, Kyle, Raven and Jamie Laughed there asses off at Nichole’s antics, whilst Marina, Katie and Nikisha just Giggled.

Jennifer Growled and Called her girls and stomped away, believing that it wasn’t worth her ‘precious time’ to stay around and talk to the ‘losers’.

Dropping her illusion, Nyima sighed she knew that this pregnancy was gonna be hard but she just never realized how difficult it could be. Kyle Sighed and looked up to the sky. He frowned and sniffed the air then looked back at the guys. “Guys it’s gonna rain soon, we can either go round my house, or we can all go home?” He said to them noting the fresh scent of moistured clouds in the air.

They agreed to go round Kyle’s and Jamie’s house, Except Nyima who said she just wanted to go home for the day and she felt tired. The others nodded and walked away in the direction of Kyle’s and Jamie’s house whilst Nyima walked in the direction of her own.

Lost in her own thoughts she didn’t see the person walking straight in front of her. “oof!” she exclaimed when she bumped into the person in front of her. She looked up at the hand that was being offered to her to help her up, and took it.

The Inu youkai female in front of her had long dark red hair and bright shining Emerald eyes and was carrying groceries. Her eyes winded when she noticed who it was. “Kyoto-san I’m so sorry I wasn’t looking where I was going.” Nyima sputtered out.

Kyoto smiled at the young Kitsune female “its quite alright Nyima-chan. I haven’t seen you in quite a while, how have you been?” She asked in a soft tone.

Nyima’s face scrunched up “well… not all that good to be honest, but I’m coping. Yourself?” Kyoto’s face lost its smile imidatley and frowned. “ Nyima your always a cheerful person something must be up for you not to be that good. I want you to tell me whats on your mind, but here would not be the best of places, Please come back to my house with me and tell me all about your problems there, your like a daughter to me and I don’t like to see you this way.” She said seriously.

You see Kyoto Ito Is a trained therapist, and also Sky Mother. So Nyima was torn between accepting the invite because she really wanted to talk to an adult besides her own parents about her problems, and denying the offer because sky and Jennifer would be there.

Nyima Slowly nodded. Knowing that Kyoto was as stubborn as a rock and wouldn’t take no for an answer anyways, and above all she loved this woman like her own mother and she wanted to spend some time with her because she hadn’t seen her in quite a while.

Kyoto smiled and took the young Kitsune girls hand in hers and gave her a shopping bag to carry whilst she took the other, then walked towards her house. “Kyoto-san can I call my mum when we get there, she might get worried if she doesn’t know where I am… I kind of skipped out on school today.” Nyima said looking down to the floor feeling ashamed.

Kyoto Frowned again ‘she’s skipping out on school too, this problem must be bigger than I thought it was.’ “ Sure hunny, of course you can.” She said to the young girl, not asking about her skipping school just yet.

Nyima Smiled a small smile, and they continued there walk in silence. Once they arrived at the front door Kyoto Searched her bag for her keys. She slapped her forehead when she noticed that they weren’t in there and rang the doorbell. Nyima giggled at the woman’s forgetfulness and Kyoto smiled and her, happy to here a giggle come out of the girls mouth.

When the door opened  Sky had Jennifer wrapped around his waist and peering over his shoulder to see who was at the door, she glared when she saw Nyima but then she saw Kyoto She put on a fake smile. “Kyoto-chan! Its so nice to see you again!” She exclaimed in fake kindness.

Kyoto Frowned, Sky never mentioned anything about this girl coming over, and why the hell was she using her name as if they’ve known each other forever. Kyoto also noticed the glare she gave Nyima. ‘this could be one of the reasons why Nyima’s unhappy.’ “Good after noon Sky, Hisha-san, oh and Hisha-san its Ito-san to you.” Kyoto said frowning. “ Come on in Nyima-chan, lets go into the kitchen and put the groceries away.” Kyoto said smiling to the girl besides her.

Sky being speechless, not expecting his mother to come home with Nyima, just stood there eyes wide and silent. Kyoto raising an eyebrow at her son who wasn’t moving, spoke up “Sky-kun, could you please move out of the way so me and Nyima-chan can get through the door.” Sky just nodded and moved out of the way, and as Jennifer was still attached to his waist she moved too.

Walking into the kitchen, Nyima placed the shopping bag on the counter and started to unpack everything. Knowing where everything went, as she used to go shopping with Kyoto as a child, along with Sky.

Kyoto looked over at the child smiling at the fact she was so familiar to where everything went.


“Kyoto-san! Where does this one go.” A 7 year old Nyima asked a younger Kyoto. Kyoto smiled “in that cupboard dear.” Nyima nodded and tip toed to try and reach the cupboard. She pouted when she couldn’t reach it and sighed.

Sky laughed when he saw his friends predicament and walked over to her “need help Nye?” Nyima nodded pouting. Sky smiled and walked in front of Nyima smiling and crouching down. “get on my back and you should be able to reach.” Grinning Nyima nodded and got on Sky’s back taking the macaroni and cheese mix with her. Sky wrapped his arms around the back of Nyima’s legs and stood up. “Yay! I can reach now!” Nyima said smiling, whilst placing the macaroni and cheese mix in the cupboard.

Smiling at the scene in front of her Kyoto giggled and continued placing things in the upper shelves of the cupboards where she knew the children couldn’t reach.

.::End Flashback::.

Giggling at the memory she continued to unpack the groceries. Remembering that Nyima asked if she could phone home she looked over at the girl who was still unpacking “Nyima Why don’t you go and call home ill unpack the rest. Then we can talk.” Kyoto said smiling at the child.

Nodding Nyima walked to the phone out in the hallway on a table in front of the front door. Dialling her home phone number she waited for someone to answer.

“Hello Hiwa residence, Hinata Hiwa Speaking.” A female voice came from the other end

“Hi mum its Nyima.” Nyima said softly.

“Nyima! WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN ALL DAY!!! Your teacher called home to ask why you weren’t in today!” Nyima cringed at her mother tone.

“Sorry mum, just something happened with Him and I then I was sick and I really didn’t feel like school I couldn’t deal with it, but raven was with me so I wasn’t by myself. She said that she had a doctors appointment so she could stay with me.” Nyima quickly explained.

She could practically see her mum frowning on the other end. “Tell me about it when you get home, Where are you now.” Her mother asked

“At Kyoto-sans house, she bumped into me on the street asked how I was, knowing I couldn’t lie to her I said the truth so she asked me to come back home with her and tell her all about it, so here I am.” Nyima said sighing.

“Ok well if you end up staying round make sure you tell me, even though I know its doubtful I also know how stubborn Kyoto can be. So, you be good and help with the washing up and other things if there Is any to be done.” Her mum said sternly.

Chuckling at her mum, Nyima smiled “Of course I will mum, I always do.”

“Ok I shall see you later sweetie. Love you.”

“Love you too, Mum, Cya.”



Nyima hung up the phone, not knowing that sky had picked up the phone in his room, listening to the conversation…


[Original] The Promise (Chapter 1)

The Promise

Chapter 1

“Nyima Wait up!” Katie shouted to her friend, who was currently running down the hallway.  “Nyima STOP, your gonna fricking bash into someone!” she shouted again when her friend nearly bashed into someone.

Nyima continued to ignore her friend, the tear in her eyes staining her vision. Katie noticed the person Nyima was about to bump into and yelled out to him “ HEY! J! Grab Nyima!” Jamie looked up just in time to see Nyima coming towards him. He did as Katie said and stopped her in her path by grabbing her waist and pulling her into a hug.

Katie caught up after a while and was huffing and puffing as she tried to explain what happened to Jamie “*huff huff* she saw Sky and Jennifer together, and as Jennifer caught sight of Nyima she does what she usually does.” Katie said sighing at the misfortune of her friend.

Jamie nodded and growled “What the fuck is wrong with him! Doesn’t he know what that bitch is doing! I swear im’ gonna-” he looked down when he felt a tug on his shirt. Nyima’s Tear stained golden orbs looked up at him “please don’t do anything, its not his fault, please J” Nyima said Whimpering.

Jamie Sighed “But Nyima, He’s too blind to see that, that bitch is manipulating him! He’s too blind to see that someone that loves him dearly is wasting away in front of his eyes.” He said back to the Silver Haired girl in his arms.

Nyima looked at him her eyes told him that she understood but her mouth told otherwise “Jamie, I know, but He doesn’t, and…and I just don’t want to see him hurt.” Her ears twitching in the direction her heard foots steps coming from.

The other two heard the footsteps too and looked in that direction.  A young male inu youkai with black hair and emerald eyes came into view with a young female inu youkai attach to his arm, her blond hair tied behind her in a ponytail and her brown eyes staring up at the other inu youkai.

“oh great” Nyima whispered to herself. Jamie and Katie, knowing who it was too growled in response to her whisper. Nyima sighed and place an illusion over them, so the people walking up the hallway didn’t recognise who they were.

Katie glanced down at her friend, knowing what she had just done and shook her head.  “hey are you three ok?” the male inu youkai asked Nyima, Jamie and Katie “Come on Sky can we just get to class, I don’t want to get my new skirt dirty buy helping out some losers in the hallway.” The female inu youkai said to the boy, whose arm she was currently clinging to.

Katie and Jamie glared up at her Nyima not even bothering to look up, to scared she might start to cry again, so she stayed put in Jamie’s arms and buried her head in his chest.

Katie go to her feet, her illusion making her a kitsune youkai who were known for there height (which funnily enough Nyima some how managed not to receive, although she was naturally a kitsune.)

“Listen here missy. I will not have you talking like that about me and my friends. I don’t care if your boyfriends here or not ill still rip you to shreds.” Katie said glaring in the direction of the girl.

Sky Glared back at Katie “You might not care if her boyfriends here or not but I do, so if you would, please shut the hell up.” He said still glaring at her. Katie was taken back by this and looked confused at his attitude towards her but sighed at looked down at the girl in Jamie’s arms.  ‘Nyima please just drop the illusions, if he’s gonna start to get rude to me I want him to see who he’s getting rude too.’ Katie told her friend telepathicly.

Nyima sighed and did as her friend requested. Sky looked quizzically at Katie who was standing in front of him now. “Katie what the hell? Why did you have an illusion up, and Jamie what are you doing here?” He said looking from one person to another, his eyes finally resting on the girl in Jamies arms.

“We had illusions on because she wished us too.” Katie explained pointing to Nyima in Jamies arms.  “But who is she?” Sky asked puzzled as to why he hadn’t met this girl before.

Nyima let out a sob from Jamie’s arms and got up.  She turned her head and glared through her tears at him. “first you have that bitch with you, then you forget your best friend, what’s the fuck is next Sky?!” with that said she ran down the hallway to her next class.

The girl next to Sky Growled at Nyima and chased after her only to be grabbed on the arm harshly by Jamie “I Do not suggest you do that Jennifer” he said glaring at the girl in grip.

Jennifer glared up in to Jamie’s Stormy blue eyes and spoke up again “And what the fuck you gonna do about it if I do?” she spat out at Jamie who was still glaring at her. Jamie sighed knowing he had morals not to hit girls, and knowing he couldn’t do anything.

Jennifer smirked up at him “that’s what I thought now let me the hell go!” once she said this, Jamie still refused to let her go. Jennifer growled and went to scratch at Jamie face, until a hand stopped her.

“J may not do anything to you but I will! You don’t go around hurting my friends!” A girl from behind Jennifer said darkly.

Sky was confused as to what was going on. “Ok Nikisha, Jamie let go of Jennifer’s arms! And then will someone explain to me why the fuck is everyone ganging up on her!” Sky exclaimed to everyone in frustration.

Nikisha looked over at him with a look that was blatantly saying ‘are-you-stupid-or-what?’ “Dude listen I’m only gonna say this once, as you should know I don’t repeat myself. That so-called demon HATES and I mean HATES Nye with passion. She will do anything and everything to keep your mind off her and keep you away from her. Now you should know that Nyima is your bestest friend and that she loves you dearly” ‘just not as you think she does’ she though “and that this is breaking her heart for you to ignore her really Sky how the hell are we supposed to feel towards the girl that’s making our friends life a misery?” Nikisha finished up turning her back and walking away.

Sky’s expression changed from one that was confused to one of anger. “What the fuck, does she really expect me to be around her 24-7? I have a life you know!” Sky growled out in anger.

Jamie looked up at him with an expression that told him ‘if-you-continue-dude-im-gonna deck-you’ “Sky, shut the hell up right there, when did Nikisha ever say that Nyima wanted you around 24-7? She said that you’ve been hanging around that one 24-7 and haven’t even spared a glance at Nyima, you haven’t said hello to her in 2 weeks, you decline her offers for you to come round her house to hang out. Hell you don’t even talk to us anymore! So don’t start blaming this shit on Nyima when its not her fault! ITS YOURS!!!!” Jamie let out all the frustration he had been holding, and punched the wall next to him.

Katie getting nervous, knowing that if she didn’t do something to get Jamie away from Sky, there was going to be a fight. So doing the logical thing that anyone would have done she grabbed Jamie’s arm and ran down the hall, Leaving Sky there speechless.

They got to the classroom that they were evidently late for and apologised to the teacher and took there seats. Katie looked around the classroom looking for Nyima but couldn’t see her. Getting worried she mentally asked her sister Raven. ‘Rave, has Nye come in the classroom yet?’ <No she hasn’t entered yet, why what happened?> Raven asked back to her sister.

‘We bumped into Sky and Jennifer, Nuff said.’ This comment made Raven growl through there mind link and Jump up outta her seat. ‘ I know where shell be, im gonna go to her.’ Katie nodded through the mind link and cut it off.

“Miss Nishi is there something wrong?” The teacher asked, obviously annoyed that Raven had interrupted her classroom. “Yes miss I forgot I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon and I need too leave now.” The teacher being one of those teachers that didn’t ask questions about doctor matters, nodded her head and let her go.

Raven walked out the door and ran to the bathroom. As soon as she entered the scent of sick and tears reached her nose. She walked over to the window and opened it so that her own nose and her friends wouldn’t suffer. “Nyima what stall are you in?” she called out to her friend.

“In *Bleach* …i..n H…er..e” Raven picked the lock so that the door opened so she could get to her friend. She took her friends hair and moved it out of her face and held it behind her back, rubbing circles on her back.

Once Nyima had finished throwing up she walked over to the sink and washed her face. Raven looked at her in sympathy. “You ok girl? Morning sickness being a bastard again?” Nyima nodded and smiled faintly. “WOW! Your smiling! That’s gotta be the first time in weeks I’ve seen you smile.” Raven said smiling. Nyima flashed another smile at this and giggled.

Not wanting to ruin the moment but knowing she couldn’t do nothing but, Raven spoke “So what did he say this time to make you come in here instead of class?” Nyima Sighed knowing there was no way to avoid this.

“He forgot that I exsited. I was sat curled up in Jamie’s arms and he asked who I was… I think I might not even bother telling him about the baby, I mean if he forgets who I am then well what’s the point?”   Nyima explained sighing once more.

Raven looked outraged. “If I were you I would do the exact same thing. But Nye, you know you have to tell him. I mean once you get bigger he’s gonna notice anyways…I’m surprised he hasn’t smelt the change in you scent yet. I mean the guys have but they haven’t got a clue what it means. Although for him to notice your scent he would have to be around you more often…Ah forget it fuck him is what I say! He’s a bastard! He used to be one of my close friends but seriously if he was he would have taken our advice in the first place.” Raven said with a sigh.

Nyima sighed once again and spoke up again “Rave I’m gonna go to the park tell teach I didn’t come into school this morning please?” she said looking into her friends eyes.

Raven giggled “I would but she thinks that I’m at the doctors hehehehe” Nyima rolled her eyes and motioned for her friend to come.

They both jumped out the window, from the third floor might I add, and past there classroom too, taping the window as they pasted making everyone turn.

Once they got on the ground they jumped over the fence and moved towards the park. “hmmm…So where you wanna go, we’ve got the whole day off, we can go and buy baby clothes or summing heh heh” Raven said scratching the back of her head.

Nyima thought about it for a second and then shook her head smiling lightly “if we did that without the girls they would kill us both hehehe” Nyima said with a giggle.

Raven giggled too “hmmm so how bout we just go and play on the swings eh?” Nyima nodded her head like a hyper little kid who just got told they were going to the candy store.

With Raven laughing her ass off at Nyima’s antics they walked to the childrens playpark. They both took a swing each and started to move there legs back and forth, after they pushed off that is.

“so when do ya think the boys will notice?” Raven said. Nyima thought about it and then srugeed “I dunno but I do think that Jamie will be the first to recognise the scent as I was huddled up in his arms for a looooooong time this morning.”  She said.

Raven nodded not wanting to be a pain she swung in peaceful silence. “Hmmmm Rave, has drake asked you out yet?”  Raven blushed at Nyima’s question and shook her head.

Nyima grinned “You want me to talk to him?”  Raven Shook her head again “nope, prob not the best idea, I think ill keep my feeling bottled up just at bit longer, if he doesn’t notice me then, what can I say, ive tried my best”  Raven shrugged slowing down with her swinging.

Nyima nodded looking down at her tiny bump “3 &1/2  months to go…”she muttered to herself. Raven looked over at her “Kitsune’s are damn lucky! You only get 3 &1/2 months of pregnancy, Wolves get 5months!”  she said pouting.

Nyima let out a laugh “hmm Rave whats the time?” Raven looked at her watch “damn its 12 already.”  Nyima nodded and sighed. “buhad bump bump bum dada buhna what the fuck duuuuuuude this is a ringtone…ah yeah-” “hello?” Nyima picked up her phone with raven laughing about the random ringtone she got Jamie and Jamie’s twin brother Kyle to record for her.

“Nyima! Where the hell are you! Kyle’s gonna fucking kill Sky!” Jamie’s worried voice came from the other side. Nyima’s eyes widened “NANI!!! Jamie where are you, are you guys still in school?!”   Nyima asked in desperation. Raven looked at her friend worried as Nyima’s phone was always on so loud she could hear every bit of the conversation.

“No were near the park! Get your ass over here and talk some sense into him! Im his twin and hes not even fucking listening to me, so I want you to try, you’re the only other person who he listens to!” Jamie panicked voice replied.

“ok me and Raven are on our way! Just try and keep him calm and away from sky’s house!” Nyima said. “I’ll try but-AH OWCH! KYLE YOU ASSHOLE GET BACK HERE!” Jamie Shouted when Kyle had bit into his arm to get outta his grip lock.

Nyima hung up her phone and dragged Raven with her and started running to the front of the park. Once they reached there they saw Jamie on the floor licking his arm, and no sign of Kyle. “Raven stay with Jamie, I’ve gotta catch up to Kyle before he does something stupid.”  Raven nodded and squatted down with Jamie.

Nyima Ran off in the direction of Sky’s house. When she got there she saw Kyle Shouting his head off At Sky. “ WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TREATING HER LIKE THAT SKY! SHES BEEN YOUR BEST FRIEND FOR GOD KNOWS HOW LONG AND YOU THROW HER TO THE SIDE LIKE SOME OLD TOY YOU DON’T WANT TO PLAY WITH ANYMORE!”  Kyle shouted in Sky’s face. “HEY YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO COME AND TELL ME SHIT AT MY FRONT DOOR. YOU HAVE NO CLUE ON WHAT IVE BEEN TREATING NYIMA LIKE!” Sky yelled back. Kyle gave a low warning growl. Nyima ran and jumped on Kyle’s Back knowing he was about to attack Sky.

Kyle turned around ready to attack the person who dared jump on his back until he heard a little “kyle stop it” “Nyima?” “yes its me” Nyima said. She felt herself being pushed off kyles back and then being helped up. She breifley looked over at Sky only to look away again with hurt in her eyes. “ Kyle please im not worth all of this, especially if he doesn’t remember me, just leave it ok, ill be fine, and maybe one day ill forget him like he did me.” Nyima said knowing that no matter how hard she tried she wouldn’t be able to forget about Sky.

Sky saw the hurt in her eyes when she looked at him and heard the hurt in her voice when she spoke. Even though her words hurt him and hit him like a knife though the heart, he couldn’t blame her, what she said is exactly what he did and he was ashamed off it but he knew that no matter how hard he tried he wouldn’t be able to gain back the friendship he cherished between them.

“Nyima i…I’m sor-” “DON’T SAY IT!” Nyima shouted at Sky, “of all the things you can say to me don’t say that, because I know you don’t mean it, you wouldn’t have said the things you did, you wouldn’t have done the things you did and you wouldn’t have hurt me so much if you meant it, so don’t tell me you sorry, because sorry really…isn’t enough…” Nyima said, with a croak in her voice, but no matter how hard she tried, no matter how hard she wanted, she just couldn’t cry, she was out of tears.

“Nyima…” Sky started but couldn’t finish, he saw the anger the sorrow and the hurt all at once in her eyes. “Sky, don’t. Goodbye.” Nyima stated as she left the front of his house, Kyle glaring daggers at Sky and following her.

Sky looked there retreating backs, sighed and looked down “what have I done…?”

End chapter 1