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Sculpt: Luts Kid Delf Ani
Hayato is a Happy Go lucky person, hes a tad self centered and also tends to say alot of things without meaning to, even though he always means the best. He loves to chatter away so when you see him not talking or sitting in a corner quietly thinking to himself, you know somethings wrong. He also loves dressing up in girls clothes as he says it make him look cuter. Though if you get him angry, he will throw a bitch fit. Beware of the bitch fits….

Sculpt: Doll Family Wind
Seungs a quite boy, though he tends to be harsh when speaking to others. he wants to have more friends but because he is harsh in things he says, it never seems to work. the only person that he usually trys to impress and doesnt usually speak harshly too is Takuya.

Sculpt: Luts Kid Delf Cherry
Personality: Miku is an odd boy, he loves to stand out of the croud and look DIFFERENT.  He is from france yet he tends to speak with a mixture of Japanese, French & English as he live in Japan for most of his life but was taught all the languages. he has an attitude of wanting to get into everyones business and know what everything is.

Sculpt: Volks White Rabbit (Recast)
Personality: Besides being blind, Yuuta is a rather cheerful boy. He trys to get get along with everyone. He loves his big brother the most (Hayato), however Azul comes in close second. He has a weird sixth sense that makes him able to know whose in the room and where they are.

Sculpt: Doll Family Lance
Personality:Kyouya is a loving person, even though he lived on the streets for the magority of his life, he is the epitome of kindness. Because of the acident he get scared whilst in a car, or when he is close to one. He doesn’t know why, but Arrogent people irritate him extremely.

AJ (Atsuo)
Sculpt: Unoa Female body(legit) (modded to male) Unoa Sist (legit) & Unoa Lusis (recast/modded) face plates alternated

Sculpt: Unknown modded MiniMee Head (no body yet)

Sculpt: Kid Delf An (soon to be modded)


On Way:

Peakswood Vampire Sir Tin

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Takuya is a fun going person, who is really into the Visual-kei & J-rock Scene. he tends to be a curious person, which Also make him a little suspicious of new people.

Personality: Azul is an asshole who only ever thinks about himself. he is self centered and a playboy. He genuinely doesn’t care about anybody as far as we know of anyway. He doesn’t trust people, and hate anyone who is happy-go-lucky. (aka Hayato)

Sculpt: Crobidoll Ys B type
Personality:Nao is a sweet guy that would do anything to protect his loved ones. He loves Music more than anything, the only thing he loves more than music is Kai. He has a tough side & sporty side that really contrasts with his cute & adorable side. He love Animals. he also tends to be rather blunt with things too.

Kai is a fun loving girl that seems not to get out much. She likes to have fun but be geeky at the same time, which usually means she stays in her bedroom. Her favorite thing. She seems to have Nao wrapped around her little finger, but she doesn’t take advantage of it as she thinks it to be a bit unfair.

Sculpt: DollZone Megi
Jae-Hwa is has a very quiet personality, however his personality can get dark when drunk, or h’es in a haze of lust (as Miku should know *wink*) he is also very protective of his boyfriend, as he knows the troubles miku can get in.

Sculpt: Doll Family Samuel
Miguel is a badmouthed warm hearted guy, whose words come out harsh and rude, but once thought through understandable and good.

Sculpt: LutsJunior Delf TERRA
Daisuke is a rather… permiscuoius and disturbed boy. Being adopted by a guy whose main goal in life is to screw up everyone elses does that to a person.

Sculpt: DOC Homme KRILL
Riku is the more level headed of the too twins, sure he liked his fun too but he understands when yuichi is about to take it too far, he is usually the one to stop yuichi and hayato from doing something stupid, like face painting Azul whilst he sleeps.

Sculpt: DOC Homme KRILL
Yuichi loves his tricks, he is more prone to doing things on impulse, he and his twin Riku are both quite by nature, but if you knew them personally you knew to stay clear, especially when they teamed up with ther boyfriend…. They were the ultimate trouble threesome. Yuichi is prone to be more agresive than his twin… which is how you can tell them apart usually.

Sculpt: LittleFee Luna
Personality:Kiyomi like her brothers tends to be quite brash, however, she usually notices how rude she is and apoloogises for it. The one person she is never rude to is Yuuta, No one knows the reason why the three siblings are never rude to Yuuta, its just something that is.

Sculpt: Pipos Rooney
Essa is a Bunny who this shes a Cat. Shes trained in the ninja arts of pilfering sweets and hanging from celings and other inanamate objects with blue tac and lazing in the sun.

Sculpt: DOT Camine
Yukio is a lot like Kyouya in personality, hes kind and caring, however he tends to over think everything. He loves his Father and Brother and is cutely submissive when it comes to his boyfriend Sho.

Sculpt: DOT Homme DUCAN
Personality:Sho is a quiet kinda guy, he has an intimidating aperance, and if you anger him he becomes a wild animal… much like he is in bed (as Yukio would know ^^) he like little kids as he finds them entertaining to watch, so he tends to always be the first choice for a babysitter.

Sculpt: Soom SWEET
Personality: Kaleb being brought up away from his elder brother in America, is rather spoiled and tends to want everything his way or no way, however, hes lazy so if its too much effort he genrally will sit down and nap. He likes Kyon a lot and loves to snuggle up to him at nap time.

Sculpt: DOT ISIS
Solice is a odd girl. She likes so many thing to do with the occult. How she ever became friends with Kai is a mystery to bth Herself and Kai, and Hiroshi.

Personality:Hiroshi is a Quite kinda guy, but get him mad and he shall beat the crap out of you. Hes doesn’t say much but he is very overprtective of Solice and Kai, Though he does like Nao as they have similar interests.

Sculpt: Honey Delf CREAM
Kyon is a shy type of boy, who tends to only stay near Takuya and Seung, who he mistakes as his parents, not that Takuya and Seung actually mind. Hewants to go and play but being the shy boy he is, he usually sits in a corner playing with his blocks or cars…

Sculpt: Honey Delf CREAM